Chapter 13. Qingnao Taoism

Huang Xiao whole body are moving incredible, and his mind some fuzzy, can not see the surrounding situation, naturally do not see the python of the situation, and now the python head of the crown has no, it should be said that only a thin layer Thin dry flesh.
    Seeing Huang Xiao will have to be buried in the mouth of the python, the golden wings Dapeng birds suddenly broke the shackles of the python, and then clawed the giant python of the seven inches.
    This time, the python was not able to avoid, was the golden wings of the birds of the double claws tightly pressed on the ground, followed by, Dapeng bird that golden giant beak suddenly pounded in the python snake head.
    This goes on, the python whine, suddenly snake head there will be a big hole, which broke the white flowers and with the slightest color of the snake brains.
    Although the snakehead was broken open, but this python’s snake is still desperately pumping the ground cliff, but, as time goes by, with Dapeng birds pecking pecking plus pawls, Python half an hour later, finally broken gas.
    Dapeng birds finally be relieved, it is now looks like the embarrassment of the body, the feathers are chaotic, and many places are exposed inside the flesh and blood, of course, the wound is also very scary, in general, compared to death The python, it is lucky. It stretched out the claws in the snake body a stroke, they took out an egg-sized dark green snake bile, and then swallow it down.
    Then it went to the side of Huang Xiao, and now Huang Xiao body could not help convulsions, his mouth has been shouting the sound, has not that effort, and can only issue a subtle hum hum.
    Huang Xiao’s body skin began to crack, the blood outflow from the cracks, and instantly put the body of the clothes dyed red blood.
    Dapeng birds directed at Huang Xiao Xiaomeng, it is the giant wings gently brush in the body of Huang Xiao, seems to want to reduce the pain of Huang Xiao. See Huang Xiao look, Dapeng birds are some overwhelmed, it walked around Huang Xiao several laps, that look is also anxious anxious.
    Dapeng birds, after all, has been human nature, it can survive today is a loss of Huang Xiao, and this time, it and Huang Xiao is also a friend, therefore, Huang Xiao now dying, it is anxious.
    Suddenly, Dapeng birds will look to the cliffs on the two red fruit, and then a wings to pick up one of them.
    Back to Huang Xiao’s side, the Dapeng birds with a huge claws carefully clinging to the size of the grape fruit, which had to be careful, after all, Dapeng bird’s claws is too big, it will be a little hard This fruit is crumbled.
    Red fruit was stuffed into the mouth of Huang Xiao, the original consciousness of some confused Huang Xiao because the aroma of the fruit suddenly awake a lot, he saw the Dapeng birds will be into the mouth of their own fruit, then he naturally Do not hesitate to bite the red fruit.
    Huang Xiao know that his life soon carry, and this since it is fruit, maybe the magic of the effect, can only bet on a.
    A bite, the fruit will be turned into a fragrance of the juice, at the same time Huang Xiao could not help playing a chills.
    You know, now Huang Xiao, but the whole body burning extremely hot, that snake blood makes him like exposure to the lava, the pain intolerable. But the fruit of the juice into the stomach after the yellow Xiao found his stomach had a strange cold of the gas, this stock is also the beginning of the gas suddenly spread toward the whole body.
    Hot and cold, Huang Xiao do not know where the strength, miserable cry, they fainted in the past.
    Dapeng bird was shocked, it saw Huang Xiao no movement, hurriedly at the nose of the Huang Xiao sighed and found that Huang Xiao is still breath, but the exception is weak.
    Standing on the side of Huang Xiao for a while, Dapeng birds fly again on the cliffs will be the remaining pieces of fruit swallowed the stomach, swallowed the moment, it is also trembling body, and then bird beak slightly, Spit out from the inside of the turbidity, but these spit out the turbidity encountered outside the fog, those fog suddenly began to condense, even in the radius of several hundred feet floating in the snow.
    After the interest rate, the Dapeng bird fell to the side of Huang Xiao, and then a claw will Huang Xiao grabbed, and then flew to the python body next, will be inserted in the seven inches at the handle of the dagger pulled out, the last double Wings a show, they rushed to the air.
    “This luck is good, even taken to a five hundred years of Ganoderma lucidum.” A carrying a basket of children wearing a blue robe hair half of the long road walk in a mountain trail.
    “Went out for half a month, finally came back.” Looked up and looked to the mountains, sighed heart sighed.
    Suddenly his heart was shocked, the head came a burst of abnormal sound, when he wanted to look up, a huge figure has been standing in front of him.
    Road long exclaimed, quickly back five steps, and then stared his eyes, Leng Leng staring at the sudden appearance of their own in front of this huge golden pagoda bird.
    See so much has been Dapeng birds, who is shocked, but the old road surprised after the accident, he quieted his heart, he saw this only Dapeng birds seem to be injured to see the body of the feathers messy, and Who also carries a lot of wounds and blood.
    Not wait for the old road to say what, Dapeng birds toward him a few times a few times, and then pointed to his feet with his feet.
    Road long bow a look, it was found, in the giant Peng birds huge claws next to, is lying alone, this person who has a lot of scratches, flow a lot of blood, resulting in his body was red , Looks a bit terrifying.
    “I did not expect there are personal.” Road long heart Road, just his mind was attracted to the Dapeng birds, and for a time did not notice lying on the ground Huang Xiao.
    “You want me to save him?” Road long guess guess asked.
    Dapeng birds quickly nodded his head, and then wings folded his chest, bowed toward the old road bowed.
    Old road long looking at some funny, heart Road, this Dapeng bird touches human nature, although the winged bow some funny, but it is in the imitation of people Baoquan look.
    “Do not worry, Pindao is the monks of the people, it was distress, will help, but watching the little brother injury is not light, Pindao can not guarantee to keep their lives, all look at God.” Road long said.
    Dapeng birds loudly heard, and then wings fly away.
    Lovers quickly approached, carefully explored the feelings of Huang Xiao, heart: “strange things, although covered with blood, but this trauma is not heavy, the body seems to have two breath in the collision, evidently not like the internal force , Strange, strange !! ”
    Finished, he did not hesitate to hold Huang Xiao, speed up the pace toward the mountain ran, saw him a step will have a ten feet far, not dozens of steps will disappear in the mountain trail.
    “Master, are you back?”
    There is a temple on the top of the temple, called ‘blue cattle concept’, but this view some dilapidated, it should be some years without repair.
    And now out of the same is a priest, but his age 30 up and down.