Chapter 12. Bite you

Huang Xiao heart struggling for a long time, and then took out the ‘cut God’ toward the two big animals.
    Whether it is golden wings or the python are to see the Huang Xiao Xiao, but they are now attend to the Huang Xiao. And Huang Xiao body suddenly jumped, they jumped to the python’s body, and then along the python that barrel thick snake body, display ‘snake micro-step’ even in the rolling snake who can hold, no time , Then to the six inches of the python.
    The original python is not concerned about Huang Xiao, in its view, such a district villain is simply not a threat to it, but when Huang Xiao to its seven inches, it immediately on the alert, after all, it is it The most deadly place.
    Huang Xiao naturally choose to help Dapeng birds, anyway, this golden wing Dapeng birds and get along with them for so long, it did not hurt themselves, and if this giant python killed Dapeng birds, then I am afraid I will be This python killed or swallowed, he would not believe that this python will let go of their own.
    So, now he has only one choice, that is, and gold wings Dapeng birds kill the python, or is his death.
    With the python’s roll speed and strength of the increase, Huang Xiao some hard, but he by virtue of the “snake hand” moves tightly held in the snake body. Huang Xiao suddenly found that their own “snake hand” Although the practice was more skilled, but just combined with the melting of the python of the law, it touches on some of his sentiment, that white this “snake hand” is to imitate the snake to catch prey Of the winding surgery and created. So, to see this authentic winding of the surgery, so that Huang Xiao has sentiment is very normal, especially such a fine into the demon’s python cast, but also let him benefit.
    The python found himself how can not afford to hang in his seven inches at the human, but it is also gradually do not care, after all, even if this man in his seven inches, but also can not hurt himself, and now he is mainly to deal with Own the golden winged pagoda bird.
    But soon it made a hissing scream, a burst of pain from its seven inches came.
    With the power of Huang Xiao is Kankan to be able to keep their own body of the six-inch python, the python is no harm. But the hands of Xiao Xiao there is a handle ‘cut God’ dagger, Huang Xiao waving this dagger, knife to tie down, but this is not the first knife inserted into.
    This makes Huang Xiao surprise, but to know that they know that ‘cut God’ sharp, that time, their gently on the rock plug, dagger will all into the rock, leaving only a knife handle. And now their own hard, but it is the python scales down, this scales how hard.
    A blow not, Huang Xiao did not give up, just the strength is not his greatest strength, the main he did not think this scales even so hard.
    The second time, Huang Xiao hard after all, and finally let half of the dagger into the python of the seven-inch, this let the python eat pain.
    Python is more crazy to twist the huge body, Huang Xiao death to seize the dagger of the knife handle, let the python how to toss, he is clutching did not let go.
    No time, the python did not continue to roll violently, because it found that the more violent flip, the dagger to bring it more severe pain.
    And Huang Xiao see a little python a little stop, then once again put the force will be inserted half of the dagger completely stabbed into it.
    Between the pain, the giant python leap Dapeng bird’s efforts are obviously some loose, Dapeng bird took the opportunity to use it is also a huge golden bird beak bitter pecking giant python’s body. Each pecking, can tear off the python big flesh and blood, suddenly let the python issued a mournful screams.
    Although these can not hurt its vital, but this wound more, or let it down a lot of strength, but for now, gold fin Dapeng birds still can not break away from the current difficulties.
    “Bad ~ ~” Huang Xiao suddenly found this python suddenly with their own and that golden wings Peng Peng hit the next to the rock wall, it should be said that this is the main purpose of their own, because of their own in the python Of the seven inches, so the python’s tail sweep their own, and they can not throw themselves, so wanted to hit himself on the wall, directly killed.
    Huang Xiao reaction is not slow, figure leap, even jumped to the giant python giant snake head above. His hands clutching the head of the python head, in case he was thrown off.
    This time, Huang Xiao found the body of the python reaction even more intense, even before their own stabbed with a dagger it, its reaction is not so violent.
    “Can not be thrown off !!” Huang Xiao heart very understand that if they were thrown out, then it will certainly be python to tear.
    So he is more hard to buckle in the meat on top of the crown is not like the python of other scales covered by the place so hard, but it is unusually soft.
    Continued tossing nearly a time, Huang Xiao found his hands strength is getting smaller and smaller, high strength of force, so that he was exhausted, but this python is still full of energy, no slightest signs of weakening.
    “Killed you, killed you ~ ~ ~” Huang Xiao no other way, his dagger ‘cut God’ is also inserted in the python of the seven inches, in fact, even if there are ‘cut God’ in the hand, Huang Xiao can not Sure that he can dagger from the python head into the top. Then no dagger, and now Huang Xiao can only use their own teeth to do the weapons. This is the only way to make him bitter, that is, this soft meat crown.
    This suddenly a bite, Huang Xiao was found that the meat seems to be more fragile than their own imagination. Flesh crown a bite that is broken, Huang Xiao felt a hot hot flow rushed to his mouth, he did not react when the heat flow was burst into the throat, flowing into the stomach.
    “Well Wu Well ~ ~ ~” This heat sink about the stomach, the stomach came a burst of fire like a burning pain, because Huang Xiao mouth is also biting the python’s crown, so he can only issue a hum Hum, want to cry is not shouting out.
    This is not enough to let Huang Xiao pain in the past, but he still stick to it, because he knew that he can not be thrown off, this python is now struggling more powerful, and the mouth of the screaming can be described as resounding, that Huge tail ‘crackling’ four pumping, whether it is the cliff at the end of the rock or the cliff on both sides of the cliffs are flying, earth shaking.
    “To death, boring, and whether it is falling to be killed or killed, or swallowed by this snake blood poisoning, anyway, are dead, forget it, had fallen from the cliff did not die, “Huang Xiao heart in the illegal channels, the stomach of the kind of fire-like pain has begun to spread, and now, he can clearly feel the number of burning gas in their own body Rampage, this pain as much as their own flesh and blood shredded.
    “Really poison the blood ah !!!!” Huang Xiao naturally think this snake blood is toxic, or how to make themselves so painful.
    Huang Xiao had already reached the limit, and now the body’s pain so that he can no longer make any effort.
    ‘Crashed ~ ~’ Huang Xiao’s body was finally pythons to the head from the dumped down, his body in the rubble on the heap of a dozen feet far stopped.
    Python hissing toward the Huang Xiao, it is the eyes of this man is hated, did not think this is not their own eyes in the human, even to their own caused a fatal injury.

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