Lonely economics

A colleague asked me, “What is the lonely economy you talk about?” I replied to her: “Extreme point is that there are some people who may not like to communicate with people in daily life such as shopping and eating, they prefer A person to complete this matter, it is best to even talk with the waiter or the clerk are not the opportunity for this part of the group derived from the economic chain even if the lonely economy.
My colleagues say that this is not an autism. “Of course, in my opinion, this part of the autistic patient is only a small part of this economic group, the main force is undoubtedly the intermittent autistic patients The Like colleague A said, working too busy every day, so after get off work, wanted to have their own private space, a person later. But the next colleagues B and C have expressed disagreement about autism.
They think that one of their own people can also be very hi, I above the so-called extreme conditions, for them fully applicable, but they are not autistic. B said, “Sometimes, others call me, I will not pick, just do not want to speak, but if you ask me in the WeChat, I will be happy to answer.” C said, “When I am sick, I hope who do not talk to me, do not call me, send a micro letter.”
Remember some time ago GQ lab has an article “single dog: I do not like someone in the room”, loneliness has become a disease of the times. Do not know when, the people of this world are used to loneliness, and even can safely enjoy and praise lonely.
However, the most sensitive is the entrepreneur and capital, they have long been in this piece of “money King” prosperity of the area to open up the territory. Sprout NewSeed (ID: pelink) to virtual “little Wang” classmates as the hero, take you to experience the entrepreneurial tide in the lonely economy.
Lens: a person’s basic necessities
As a new era of addiction girl, Xiao Wang and sleep late last night. When she got up yesterday morning, she told her that she would have to sleep earlier at night, but she could not control herself.
Last night, finished the class to go home, she had intended to play a while werewolf killed, the results of the first game on the fiasco. She refused to accept, so they went to the road of no return, a bureau and then a bureau.
Morning, after several ringing masterpiece, Xiao Wang finally got out of bed. She was a little sleepy, and bought a cup of coffee at the coffee in the company’s office, which was a self-service coffee selling facility with a cash dispenser, eliminating the need for communication costs. Xiao Wang is like this one self-sufficient way of life. So, her lunch comes from the delicious meal machine.
Today, Xiao Wang wish to get off work on time, and she intends to go to the cinema to see “a dog’s mission.” When she got to the cinema, there was still some time left. She chose the mini-KTV friends to cheat their own entertainment to go through this fragment time. This is the first time she experienced this type of mini-KTV. She felt that if the door can be buckled from the inside, the glass is designed to be completely opaque like. Otherwise, she always felt that passing by people will rush in to make their own noisy.
Watching the film out, about 21:00, Xiao Wang decided to go to the gym for half an hour, sitting down the day, limbs are stiff. She is not a regular exercise of people, not used to group in the gym group or find private education. So, she is more willing to choose the super orangutan’s self-help gym. Every time there is a need, directly in the WeChat on the appointment time and place, the past to do the movement just fine.
Unfortunately, when she came up with a cell phone ready to reserve a fitness room, and found the phone almost no electricity. While vetting to find a stranger to help the strategy at the same time, she saw the caller’s self-service mobile energy sharing platform terminal. She paid the deposit by micro-letter, borrowed a charge treasure.
Finished the movement of small Wang and once again obsessed with the phone, and today she did not kill the werewolf to kill, she chose to see live. From last year’s mobile broadcast set off a boom began to eat, live daze in this content has a lot of fans onlookers. Some people say that loneliness is the first productive force of direct broadcast. Xiao Wang does not think so, she felt, watching live just like watching the show like a variety, but a kind of relaxation and entertainment.
Before going to sleep, Xiao Wang’s mother to her call a fixed wedding call, my mother earnestly said: “You do not get married, so old, how do you a person!” Asked many times this question Xiao Wang, not as silence as usual, and whether the mother can understand, she replied, “so I am old, how have to be 30 years later.” At that time, artificial intelligence mature, I find a companion The robot is not finished. ”
Hung up after the phone, Xiao Wang thought, this is really a best time ah.
What is the lonely market?
At the beginning of the year, an article “Discrimination of single dogs? They are your god of wealth! “Caused a small discussion. The author of this article said, “Behind the single, is the development of urbanization and technological change, they gave birth to changes in social structure, and social behavior change is the real business opportunities where the future of urbanization, will lead to Single popular. ”
Although, in the lonely economy of the big market, not only narrowly include the single crowd, but the development of urbanization, is indeed changing the behavior of the whole community changes. In the increasingly fast pace of the environment, people from the crowd and the people farther and farther, accustomed to this change and accustomed people, while feeling lonely, but also began to accept and enjoy this loneliness, and this change , Is bound to bring changes in consumer behavior. Not only in the above mentioned a variety of self-service machines, one person food, one tour, a person doing anything will become a mainstream scene.
It can be said that a major change in social behavior, is the capital of the help and the excavation of entrepreneurs quietly spread. Just look at the above mentioned wolf were killed, friends sing, super orangutan, rice and the United States, coffee zero bar and other companies the latest financing memorabilia, you can see:
February 22, Friends of singing announced 60 million yuan A financing;
February 22, the super orangutan announced access to 50 million yuan B round of financing;
February 27, coffee zero it announced the completion of A + round of financing;
March 2, the werewolf to kill APP won the Loess Fund of millions of dollars A round of financing;
March 7, Amoy United States announced the acquisition of foreign assets of tens of millions of dollars A round of financing;
With the loneliness and loneliness as a normal phenomenon, the economic market for this crowd will continue to expand, difficult to estimate. A “new lonely” way of life, in the popular at the same time, will also bring a torrent for the venture.