Chapter 8. Landslides

“Huh?” Zhang Ma wanted to trample lying on the ground of Liu Qiang, but he suddenly found Liu Gui was even that kid to kill, and this kid actually killed to their own.
    “A little bit of meaning, I heard Liu Gui talk about, you were originally a scholar, this practice a month of effort, since you can kill Liu Gui, it is not simple.” Zhang Ma’s foot did not step on, but the station Liu Qiang in the side of the staring at Huang Xiao said.
    See Huang Xiao just staring at their own, did not say anything, Zhang laughed and laughed: “I am afraid that is the way, if you put this secret to me, I’d be able to spare You have a life.
    “Is it?” Huang Xiao sneer asked.
    “Of course, you are not cottage people, I let you leave is nothing.” Zhang Ma laughed. Originally Liu Gui and he talked about the “snake hand”, but his mind did not much care. After all, this foreign power law even Liu Qiang can get, that can be what good law. Their own ‘Tigers’ in the rivers and lakes, although not inflow, but these meritorious exercises, boxing, leg law, palm or the like or a lot of. Of course, there is only one of the internal strength of the heart, and the disciples under the door is also in accordance with the strength of the head to teach them a few layers. Zhang Hu he naturally can not pass all the law to the disciples under the door, which is certain.
    Now he found that Huang Xiao only practiced for a month, by virtue of the “snake hand” can even practice for decades of Liu Gui kill, although there are Liu Gui’s underestimate the enemy and the cliff here, but also can see Out of this “snake hand” some not simple.
    “Let Liu brother to leave, I will teach you law.” Huang Xiao said.
    “No, Liu Qiang’s head, but the value of two thousand two hundred and twenty silver, I can not let him. Besides, this time I came to the purpose of him.” Zhang Ma shook his head.
    “Huang brothers, you do not control me, you quickly fled!” Liu Qiang struggled to stand up and said.
    Zhang saw Liu Qiang stood up, not the slightest concern, do not say is now seriously injured Liu Qiang, even if Liu Qiang intact, he did not put in the eyes.
    “Liu Big Brother, do you think I can escape it?” Huang Xiao some smile, he does not believe that Zhang will let go of their own, even if they really will power law to tell, I am afraid that will die faster.
    “Well worth it, the brain is so good, no wrong, I have no intention to let you live. Oh, yes, I had to solve the two of you, the way will be that Liu Gui treatment, but now he died , And can be considered to save me some hands and feet. “Zhang Ma laughed.
    Huang Xiao Liu Qiang Liu Qiang with his eyes to indicate a bit, and then he rushed to the Ma, at the same time, the original side of Zhang Zhang in the face of Liu Qiang suddenly crashed into Zhang Ma. To now, the two may only have a little hope.
    Zhang Ma on the joint of the two is not surprising, of course, he does not care about the two, even if two people how can it?
    “Liu Qiang did not Zhang Ma shot, but with their own hands tightly clinging to Zhang Ma, Zhang Ma hands fist fiercely hammer in the back of Liu Qiang.
    “Huang brothers, brisk walking, brisk walking ~ ~” Liu Qiang did not want to join hands with the meaning of Huang Xiao, he knew that with their own two are playing Zhang Ma, “If you have the opportunity, please revenge for us ~ ~ ~”
    Liu Qiang had already been seriously injured, and now in the fierce attack Zhang Ma, the mouth is blood spray crazy.
    Huang Xiao had thought about running away, but even if he wanted to escape, with Liu Qiang state simply can not hold Zhang Ma, so he did not escape, but with “Wolita” want to hold Zhang Ma’s arm.
    But Zhang Ma, after all, is not Liu Gui, Huang Xiao’s capture of the law is simply ineffective.
    “So that the strength would like to trap me?” Zhang Ma laughed, “really naive.
    Zhang Ma suddenly a force, then Liu Qiang to dumped out, and Huang Xiao is to take this opportunity to prepare for the taste of Zhang Ma whole body.
    “It is a bit of a tricks, but the law of this capture is also to see who is casting.” Zhang Ma see that “Wolch” really wonderful, if you can learn, then the strength of his promotion is also helpful The
    “Tell me” Wolita hand “power law, I can let you leave, this is not lie to you!” Zhang Ma shouted.
    “You never think!” Huang Xiao will not tricks, in addition to “Wushi hand” tricks, that is, and Liu Qiang learn a few sets of boxing, but now is clearly not a hand.
    “Well, this is a good job, and I can find a way to get a lot of money.” Zhang Ma said, “Well, this time you can really send you on the West.
    When Huang Xiao and Liu Qiang and so on when the cliffs on top of the head came a burst of roar.
    Huang Xiao do not know what happened, but Liu Qiang is a big change, shouted: “bad, landslides ~ ~ ~”
    Do not say that Liu Qiang, Zhang Ma face is also showing the color of panic. The landslides often occur on the Yanwangling, where the cliffs on the main Yanwang are very steep and the cliffs have many exposed rock with cracks. These rocks who do not know when the collapse will be rolling down, you can say that all encountered in the Yan Wang Ling landslides encountered, then the fate of Jiujiu is death.
    Zhang Ma heart some struggle, he would like to personally take Liu Qiang head, so he can get the king’s reward, but he knew that if their own hesitation, I am afraid you have to be rolling down the rocks to drop into the meat.
    When Huang Xiao came to understand what happened after his heart began to panic, but thought he would have died in the hands of Zhang Ma, which is dead anyway, how to die there is no difference.
    He saw Zhang Ma panic look, so Huang Xiao thought did not want to rushed to the Zhang Ma.
    “Huang brothers, fast on the stone wall, fast back ~ ~ ~” Liu Qiang see Huang Xiao Chong out, they hurriedly shouted, and now the best way to life insurance is to rely on the Shek Pik, if the stone walls are concave, basically Can avoid this robbery.
    Zhang Ma ready to flee, suddenly found that kid actually suddenly toward his own, he wanted to avoid, but the surrounding is full of rock, at any time may be killed.
    In his hesitation, Huang Xiao has been fighting with him in the together.
    “Get out, you court death?” Zhang Ma now did not kill Huang Xiao mind.
    “Die? You do not want to kill us, then die together?” Huang Xiao cold laughed.
    “You madman ~ ~” Even if the martial arts than Zhang Xiao Gao Gao much, but in this case, his martial arts has become insignificant.
    “Die together ~ ~ ~” Huang Xiao hands tightly buckle Zhang Ma, and then pushed back to push back.
    Zhang Ma did not care about Huang Xiao, he will focus on the head to avoid the endless drop of stone, after all, Huang Xiao or his life, and those boulders can let him die without burial.
    However, when the footsteps of Zhang suddenly back the time, he found himself unaware that he was launched by the Xiao Xiao trail.
    “Ah ~ ~ ~”
    “No ~ ~ ~” Liu Qiang want to run out, but the front of the boulders can not let him out, and even if he went out, but also save back and Zhang Ma disappeared along the cliffs of Huang Xiao.