Chapter 11. The fruit is cooked

Has been more than two months, Huang Xiao still did not find a way out. And that golden wing Dapeng birds every morning will breathe an hour, Huang Xiao down also surprised.
    Once upon a time, Huang Xiao went out to prepare not to return to this pool, but three days later he was caught by the golden winged pagoda bird to continue his barbecue career.
    In fact, at that time, if this Dapeng birds did not catch him back, he probably also thirsty death. Because this way through the past, he did not find other places there are water.
    After two months of struggle, Huang Xiao some frustrated, and he found himself is not get out of this cliff at the end of the. This is nothing to do, he can only practice “Wolita hand”, after this time of practice, it touches on his martial arts sophisticated a lot.
    Huang Xiao believe that to their own strength, can deal with three two months ago their own.
    “How does this fragrance become so rich today?” Huang Xiao’s nose moved, and then he turned his eyes on the two unidentified fruits that were taller. This time, Huang Xiao has been observed, in fact, he is not deliberately whom, mainly the fruit of the aroma of more and more concentrated, so that he does not pay attention to not work.
    Two months ago, these two fruit is yellow in a little red, and now almost red through.
    “Mature?” Huang Xiao heart Road, but Huang Xiao this is still no idea, this fruit is not he can get. And he did not know what this is the fruit, although the smell is very fragrant, but do not know can not eat
    Sure enough, Huang Xiao will see that golden wings Dapeng bird appeared in the fruit of the two next
    “It seems not yet fully cooked!” Looked at the golden wings Dapeng birds waiting for the way, he knew that the fruit had to wait a little time, if completely ripe, this Dapeng bird probably had to swallow it.
    Huang Xiao do not care about these, pondering from the “snake hand” moves.
    Has not yet wait for him to make a set of moves, I heard the top came the golden wings Dapeng birds crying loudly.
    This makes Huang Xiao was surprised, he and this Dapeng birds get along for so long, have not heard such a voice. He can hear that this voice with panic, anxious, panic, anger, anyway, all kinds of negative emotions.
    When Huang Xiao looked up and found that Dapeng birds in a direction is very alert, not for a while, Huang Xiao will hear not far from a burst of roar, which is mixed with a lot of rock broken The sound of the cliff bottom.
    “Mother ah ~ ~” Huang Xiao body quickly back dozens of steps, he was horrified staring eyes, the front of the scene is really terrible.
    I saw a black and white python in a blink of an eye to the Dapeng bird’s feet stopped. This python is at least ten feet long, it is the bucket of the thickness of the snake is so terrible.
    “Snake demon ~ ~” Huang Xiao found his heart thump thump straight jump, although this golden wing Dapeng bird is the case, can be called fine, but how there is no snake to terrible. Do not say such a big snake, even if it is a snake, people are also fear of heart, it is innate fear, can not change.
    “This is what the snake? This head even there is a crown?” Huang Xiao see this black and white python’s head has a crown, this meat is showing the different color of the red light.
    The original three feet high gold wings Dapeng in the Huang Xiao seems to have been extremely large, but compared with the front of this python, the golden wing Dapeng bird also appears to be smaller on the 1st.
    This python toward the golden wings Dapeng birds spur the huge snake letter son, at the same time the mouth issued a ‘hissing’ sound. Similarly, Dapeng birds are not screaming screams.
    “It seems that this big python is also running the two fruit from the.” Huang Xiao found this python in the arrangement of gold and wings Dapeng birds, the eyes will be cast into the two pieces of the fruit of the furnace, The huge snake’s hair is greedy.
    Huang Xiao suddenly burst of scared, he found himself alive these days is really too lucky. Obviously, this python should also be at the bottom of this cliff, before they are still around to find a way out, thanks to not encounter it, or else they certainly bones without deposit. Think of several times by the golden wings Dapeng birds to force to catch back, it now appears, I am afraid Dapeng birds are not entirely let their own barbecue, but for their own safety.
    ‘Chi Chi Chi ~ ~’ that the python’s saliva drops on the rocks, that rock suddenly pulled a black gas.
    This makes Huang Xiao heart is horrified, if this drops in their own body, that he was afraid of the bones without it, it is too toxic.
    Two big animals big eyes stare small eyes, could not move toward the other side roar, want to push back each other, but the current situation, no one wants to give up. Of course, here is also automatically ignored by Huang Xiao.
    Huang Xiao atmosphere did not dare to stare at the top of the movement, and finally gold wings Dapeng birds first launched an attack, the two fruit is the earliest discovery, and then has been waiting for a long time here. Seeing this fruit will be mature, did not expect even attracted such a python.
    That python is also no fear, the plate with a huge body, high from the skull, toward the air hovering golden wing Dapeng birds can not roar.
    ‘Brush ~ ~’ Dapeng birds wings together, the body quickly fall, that sharp huge claws directly to the giant python of the seven inches. However, the python can be so easy to be caught in the key, I saw it a huge snake tail suddenly pumping, that gold wings Dapeng birds want to shine, but because the speed is too fast to change the direction, even directly Pumping in.
    ‘Bang’ is heard, Dapeng bird that was shot out of the huge figure, hit the back side of the cliff, the huge impact that makes the cliffs of the rock directly shattered, even the top is also shattered countless The boulder.
    Screaming, Dapeng birds wings flying on the air, wings waving, falling under a lot of messy golden feathers.
    Compared to Dapeng birds anger, that python mouth issued a hissing sound, seems to be proud of ridiculing Dapeng birds.
    This time pumping, although not to Dapeng bird by what a major injury, but after all, the other to hit the fly, how can we see that this python should occupy a little advantage.
    To know, Peng birds, eagles, these are will prey on snakes, it can be said that the python on the Dapeng birds congenital weakness, of course, this is also in the case of considerable conditions. Like now, this python’s size is even greater than the Dapeng birds, even Dapeng birds are not opponents.
    Dapeng bird obviously can not stand such a humiliation, it continues to dive down from the air, caught to the python. Python is not the effect, it suddenly curved body suddenly bounce, this thick snake body to lightning speed wrapped in the Dapeng birds.
    ‘Bang ~ ~’ wrapped around the Dapeng bird’s python from the top of the rock fell down, heavy fell to the bottom of the cliff.
    Although the python will Dapeng bird entangled, but the Dapeng birds naturally will not be on hand, and then desperately fluttering a huge wings, suddenly the two beasts will be in the cliff at the end of the rubble can not live on the roll.
    Not a moment, a few feet within a few feet covered with messy feathers, there are python body that black and white scales.
    Standing a few tens of feet outside the Huang Xiao some scared, his heart is very fear, this python is really terrible.
    Huang Xiao see, although the Dapeng birds in the desperate struggle, but the python’s body is more and more tight, I am afraid it will not take long, Dapeng birds will be alive to strangled.
    Python in the roll at the same time, open the Xuepentaikou constantly want to bite the golden wings Dapeng bird’s neck, but are avoided.