Chapter 10. Breathe

The next day, Huang Xiao was awakened by the wind at the end of the cliff, because it is cliff bottom, and both sides are cliffs, so the wind between the cliff is still relatively large. But today the wind is bigger than yesterday, to wake up Huang Xiao.
    Huang Xiao looked around, the bottom of the cliff is still relatively dark, in fact, even if the day off, the bottom of the cliff is not so bright, where the sun can not, and the top fog around, the following is even more dark.
    However, Huang Xiao looked at the light through the fog above, he knew that the sun should be fast up.
    As Huang Xiao looked up at the top, he found a breathtaking scene. He saw the golden winged pagoda bird now standing on the rock from the cave above a few feet high spit out the rock, saw its wings with the breath when the stretch and sometimes Shoulong. This is not the most surprising to let Huang Xiao, the most surprising is that, with the Dapeng bird’s breathing, a huge golden bird beak slightly Zhang, the mountains of those fog swept over to its mouth, over For a while is spit out a lot of white mist.
    With the breath, this radius of nearly a hundred feet within the formation of a whirlwind, which is the feeling of the summer of Huang Xiao feel.
    “Good magic! So terrible swallow!” Huang Xiao heart praise Road.
    Such a scene is not described in the book of those animals to breathe, to absorb the world aura, the appearance of the sun and the moon?
    “Huang Xiao heart Road, in fact, even if it did not see this Dapeng bird Pauna produced by the vision, he was also aware of yesterday, such a large Dapeng bird is a special existence, into the fine no good Strange.
    “Do not know this internal force is not so practice it?” Huang Xiao mind suddenly flashed such an idea, but soon he smiled and shook his head, he did not know what is the internal force, do not know how Kind of. Liu Qiang also told it that this internal force is produced in the pubic region of the human body, and then spread all over the body meridian run a mysterious gas. In this regard, Huang Xiao no concept, after all, he even in the body where the pubic region are not clear. He has such an idea, nothing more than to see the magic of Dapeng bird breathing, and think of internal forces also known as infuriating, then he imagined into these fog.
    Huang Xiao Jing Jing looked for more than an hour, that golden wing Dapeng bird was back to the cave.
    And Huang Xiao naturally began to explore the bottom of the cliff, hoping to find out the road.
    Along the bottom of the cliff Huang Xiao groping for a long time, he found the cliff at the end of narrow, at least they did not see the end, and both sides is high enough to see the cliffs. Huang Xiao also tried to climb up, but he climbed nearly Baizhang, only to find themselves do not know when to the top, but the following is almost not see the end of the. Consider some, Huang Xiao or give up the idea of ​​climbing out, back to the bottom of the cliff.
    In fact, climb the height of Baizhang, Huang Xiao is almost exhausted, and this cliff did not rest on the place, and then climb up I am afraid that the last can only be exhausted to death.
    Finally, Huang Xiao back to the edge of the pool, because only here there is water. Of course, Zhang Ma that body has long been buried by Huang Xiao, although he wanted to kill himself, but he died, this grudge can be considered a hundred, and always can not let him die without burial place, and, Huang Xiao do not want to drink This is filled with the body of the water.
    Huang Xiao sitting in the pool side of some depressed, he spent a day did not find a way out, and the way did not find anything to eat, this cliff is a lot of flowers at home, but obviously can not eat, as birds and animals, that Basically disappeared, insects are there, but can not eat.
    Now think of yesterday’s rabbit, it seems that their own luck, and this luck is not every day.
    This day do not eat will not starve to death, but Huang Xiao heart is also a sense of crisis, if tomorrow, and then can not find the food, I am afraid that will be alive to starve to death.
    “Tomorrow, looking for directions in another direction, hoping to find a way out.” Huang Xiao heart sighed. He could not help but think of Liu Qiang, do not know if he has not escaped landslides, but even survived, Liu Qiang heart is also more difficult than dead it That people in the stockade are probably not in the loss of loved ones I am afraid that people will be desperate pain. Of course, Huang Xiao Liu Qiang also afraid to do stupid things, that is to find the king revenge, so impulsive fate Huang Xiao do not want to know.
    ‘Boom ~ ~’ sudden sound and the eyes of a wild boar scared Huang Xiao a big jump.
    “Fortunately, he will find himself wrong, because the golden winged pagoda bird also appeared in front of their own.”
    Dapeng bird will paw on the wild boar, and then kicked it in front of Huang Xiao, and then it waved the huge wings toward the bunched rabbit yesterday, that pile of bonfire left the charcoal fingers.
    “Roast the wild boar?” Huang Xiao soon returned to God, and then asked.
    Dapeng birds called a few times, and then waved his wings, nodded toward the yellow Xiao.
    “Shut down stop, well, I baked, you do not fan!” Huang Xiao squinting shouted, this Dapeng bird a wings, which around a storm from the wind, blowing Huang Xiao are not open eye.
    Huang Xiao see that this Dapeng birds through language, but think about it can be so long, must be born animals, this supernatural powers Huang Xiao is not very surprised.
    Huang Xiao heard the words, this Dapeng bird stopped, and then pushed the push at the foot of the wild boar Huang Xiao.
    “Do not worry, I get.” Huang Xiao some helpless, in front of this Dapeng bird’s request can not refuse, and he did not have the courage to refuse.
    Baked the wild boar than the baked hare effort do not know how many times, thanks to their own learning “Wolita hand”, or really maybe this wild boar.
    During the barbecue, the golden winged penguin has been quietly standing on the edge.
    “Well!” Huang Xiao patted and said.
    Golden wing Dapeng birds whispered loudly, and then a wild boar Diao in the mouth ready to fly back to the hole. But it just launched, hovering a bit, saw it with a claw in the wild boar on a row, a wild boar legs will be cut down.
    Huang Xiao then wild boar legs, that Dapeng birds toward Huang Xiao Ming called a few times, and then fly back to the hole.
    Looking at the hands of the wild boar legs, Huang Xiao Leng Leng, and then laughed: “Fortunately, this count it? No matter, this will not be starved to death.”
    The next few days, Huang Xiao has been looking for a way out, but the last is a failure. And this only golden wings Dapeng birds every day to catch birds and birds to let Huang Xiao help baked. Such as bison, goats, and one of them even caught a huge black bear. But also thanks to the golden wings Dapeng birds, or else Huang Xiao was starved to death.
    Huang Xiao see that this golden wings Dapeng birds seem to fall in love with this barbecue, but for him, of course, this is a good thing, and by virtue of the barbecue friendship, this person a bird is good to get along well.