Chapter 7. Aking micro step

“Give Lao tze let go ~ ~ ~” binge Liu Gui, increase strength, however, yellow Xiao hands still try to withhold his arms.
This let Liu Gui some angry, he thinks his strength is weaker than liu, in others, he is never afraid of.Not to mention this scholar, a month before his move finger can take their lives, but a month later, he could even desperately grasped his arms, let oneself is also difficult to throw off, such a shift makes him some think impassability.
Liu Gui idea is not wrong, although he had power and liu sent some, but also not many.Liu this month, however, is also not idle, although the wind snake hands are not suitable for him, but he is also a reference to get a lot of benefits, improved the strength.In today’s Liu Gui completely is no match for liu.
And liu acknowledge, huang Xiao now has eighty percent of its power, so, huang Xiao strength at least not worse than Liu Gui.To say almost, then against the lack of experience.
Liu Gui face flushed bright red, but also good edge no others see, or his face but go toward where put?He roars a, a leg kick to the footwall of yellow Xiao.
Yellow Xiao hand a loose, then shape quickly retreated a few steps, avoiding the Liu Gui one feet.And the Liu Gui because yellow Xiao give up suddenly, body fiercely toward reeled back several paces behind him back strike it stopped on the cliffs.Also try very hard to force back before he want to break free of yellow Xiao lo, no thought of huang Xiao suddenly let go, let him not to react.
But he is lucky, he is behind the surface cliff rather than a few steps outside of the abyss.
Stared at the yellow Xiao Liu Gui face ferocious, just the hard hit, let him back burning pain, injury, though not very heavy, but enough to make him angry.
When yellow Xiao and Liu Guidou the trot, liu form is dangerous.
So within a short span of a few recruit, liu is the bloodied.
“Weak, it is too weak, this is the fist? Is light, is this your niangs tokenistic gesture?”Zhang ma a handbreadth buckle liu punches, and then hand slightly hard, liu will bellow a voice, he struck to fly out again.
“Hey hey, I’m liu died in today do you have internal force such a player hands is to die for, enough but the stockaded village hundreds of lives, I died disappointed ah ~ ~ ~” liu had some crazy hey hey smiled and stood up, and rushed to the hemp.
“Master? I just just understand internal force, will tell to you these things, of course, nature is superior. Lao tze also don’t have time for your consumption, thus addressing you.”Zhang ma said flatly.
“Well?”Zhang MaYuan wanted another slap in liu’s chest, but that liu had form a slight twist, avoided his palm, and then suddenly rushed to the front of him, his chest is big.
“Go to dead ah ~ ~ ~” liu won’t miss such a good chance, of course, as your biggest strength, hammer blow hard to the right of the hemp chest.
“Fuck!”Although be liu to avoid a palm, let zhang ma some accident, but after all he has internal force, not liu such sheer brute force can be compared.
Zhang ma hands quickly recover the overlapping one punch of liu in the chest, then, he instantly palm claw, buckle to the liu’s wrist.
But this time is for zhang ma was confused, at the time when he himself will withhold liu wrist, liu’s hands was uncanny slip away, and slid open at the same time, a slight lift his fist, lateral blow to his temple.
“You don’t push your luck!Two miss, let zhang ma heart irritated, deal with such a person without internal force was so trouble, this let his self-esteem suffered serious damage.
Zhang ma with a left hand clenched fists, a pendulum arm, vertical in the left near the temple, and liu violent blow struck a hemp above his left arm.
Hit at the same time, zhang ma left arm out a pressure, feet close to the liu, taking a step forward and then see his right arm is a song, right elbow to slamming in liu’s chest.
“Peng ~ ~” liu sturdy body suddenly struck to fly out, be was fell to the ground.
“Cough cough cough ~ ~” liu struggled to climb up, but he now has some difficult to establish, cough only, but also several mouth spitting blood.
“So all undead?”Zhang ma paused, and then laughed, “now I can boast you two sentences to you fix for external work, in the river’s lake is the ace of one party, unfortunately, today I met a hemp.”
“Liu Dage ~ ~ ~” yellow Xiao saw liu, his heart is very worried, but he still face Liu Gui blocking, even without Liu Gui, even myself, I’m afraid, is no match for that piece of hemp.After all with liu skill in front of him, also have no chance to struggle.
“Do you have any idea to teach others?”Liu Gui drink a way, he also found that this show now and there is a big difference in their minds, at least as their each other’s strength.
“You give me get out of here!!”Yellow Xiao teeth.
“Ha ha, funny!”Liu Gui sneer at a track.
Yellow Xiao took a deep breath, and then eyes became some fierce.He knew that liu can’t afford to drag, oneself also can’t afford to drag, now must Liu Gui resolve as soon as possible, and then himself and liu two deal with hemp, and perhaps a little bit of hope.
“Smelly boy, who frighten you?”Meet with a fierce look yellow Xiao face, Liu Gui heart some hair, but he sounded natural weakness.
“Scare? I want to your life!”Yellow Xiao harsh voice way.
“You come ah ~ ha ha ~ ~ ~” hear huang Xiao, Liu Gui is laughing.It sounded to Liu Gui is too ridiculous, even if their mistakes, underestimate the power of yellow Xiao, but he also don’t think the yellow Xiao can kill themselves, most everyone is equal.
Yellow Xiao said nothing, while Liu Gui laughter, between his feet suddenly with the pace of the bizarre, but the pace although some weird, but the blink of an eye will flash to the front Liu Gui.
Liu Gui laughter suddenly stopped, he thought that yellow Xiao how strangely immediately appeared in front of his own, he completely to see each other just now that the pace of the bizarre.
“Late!!!!!”Huang Xiao cast is in “wind snake hands” a recruit, it should be said that is not all the moves inside, but he was leaning style, inside their study figured out a ‘crawling micro step.This’ crawling micro step though strange, but wins in can improve their speed, like fleeing serpent, instantly without trace.And, of course, yellow Xiao failed to reach that level, but there is no question of speed increased.
Yellow Xiao quickly to withhold Liu Gui joints of the arms, and then I heard he drink, face suddenly flushed bright red, to the whole body strength are condensed on the hands.
“Ahhh ~ ~” Liu Gui think impassability yellow Xiao hand how can have such a big strength of the hand, now he wants to resist is impossible, because his hands were yellow Xiao in a buckle hold method, he never come into contact with their arms twisted, completely don’t want to.Now he knew that this would be the wind snake hands in style, his some regret, oneself how didn’t go to look at, perhaps oneself also can practice.
But these are only think, yellow Xiao hands with a twist, only hear Liu Gui arms from the number of the sound of “click” sound, then immediately was Liu Gui sad cry to drown.
“You ~ ~ since you ruined my arms, I ~ ~ I want to kill you ~ ~” brokeback pain let Liu Gui some lost his head, he growled the whole body into yellow Xiao.
Yellow Xiao slightly on one side of the body, however, at the same time, a horizontal, his right leg come Liu Gui was a foot to trip him up, the whole people, lost balance, plus he has the two broken arms, more difficult to balance the body, stumbled toward the front.
“Ah ~ ~” when Liu Gui see the front, he was fearful.
“Go to hell!!Yellow Xiao fly up a foot, ruthlessly trampling on the Liu Gui back.
“No ~ ~ ~” Liu Gui the shrill cries sounded in the cliff, but was soon to silence in the silence, because his body directly out of the path, falling into the abyss.
Solve the Liu Gui, yellow Xiao forgetting her breath, hurriedly ran toward the liu.

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