Chapter 6. Martial Tricks

“Stockaded village Liu Gui, you ~ ~ you to sell?”Liu drink a way.
“Sell? Be right, so what? I which point Liu Gui is not as good as you? With what you are castellan? Is it not you that you damn fool,” torre is the original village head?”Liu Gui towards liu loudly way.
“Is just for this? You go to take refuge in the wangs the group of a bastard? Don’t forget, you kiss your uncle is killed by their teeth.”Before liu know Liu Gui some defy myself too, but he is not thought of this liu you do such a thing.
“Nature and I don’t want to nest in this ShanWoWo forever.”Liu Gui sneer at a track.
“Liu Gui, if you want to be a castellan, I can for you.”Liu Jiangshen took a deep breath, and sank.
“Good to me? You are really generous, but no, now I’m not rare this castellan, wait me rich, where not comfortable?”Liu Gui sneer at a track.
“Money? How much money they give you?”Asked liu pressure to the anger of his heart.
“Five hundred and twenty silver, to say, I also pretty heart, of course, your head is quite valuable.”The man beside Liu Gui laughed.
“Liu Dage, we had to get back to the stockade quickly.”Such a thing is really surprising, since Liu Gui betrayed you, certainly is also the location of the shanzhai exposed, then the wangs is certainly need, now both yourself and liu, I’m afraid all the villagers in the stockade is very dangerous.
“Get back to the stockade?”Beside Liu Gui people continue to say with smile, “now I’m afraid there’s nothing that stockaded village.”
“Liu Gui, you bastard, you damn it!”Liu looks ferocious, he knew each other not to deceive oneself, hundreds of villagers, I’m afraid the stockade are bad according to the wang, and all this is caused by Liu Gui.
“I don’t care who you are, today I must will you resin ten thousand pieces!”Liu howled.
“Listen up, the big ye is’ tigers’ sent ‘ ‘black tiger boxing zhang hemp, this grandpa but you listen to much, but unfortunately, finally said to see a terrifying.”Zhang ma a laugh track, “I also know from Liu Gui mouth, your strengths is practiced for a few years boxing, in my eyes that’s just a few action tripods cat achievement method.”
“Tiger pie?”Yellow Xiao heart in a surprised, “tigers sent several counties in the surrounding is very powerful, he from liu that there is some.
, of course, the ‘tiger sent in river’s lake can only be regarded as a lousy factions, united fighting skill of the highest in nature is a tiger of parada, makes one hand “tiger boxing”, then he got a internal work experience, capability, created the’ tiger sent before.The parada capability are said to have a little bit, but he haven’t been out for a hand, a lot of river’s lake middleman speculation he capability century.the third-rate ace.This is at least a decade for the internal force of it.
A disciple of ‘tiger pie, so, this person fighting skill is not weak, at least for liu and yellow Xiao, that is superior.
“It was liu pleasure, didn’t I think of will also be able to make ‘tigers sent.”Liu laughed, with tears in his eyes, because he knew that did not have their own stockade, the villagers have certainly didn’t, family, nature and everything is in front of people can’t get away.
“Yellow brothers, this thing has nothing to do with you, etc. Will you find the opportunity to flee!”Liu after the laugh, whispered to yellow Xiao way.
However, liu’s words although very light, but the opposite zhang ma ears move, and then laughs at a way: “who fled? You two today also can’t escape.”
“Zhang ye, that acid show it to me?”Liu Guiwang to yellow Xiao way.
“Ha ha ~ ~ you casually, liu, I’m in a good mood today, and will accompany you two, I’ll let you know, what is despair.”Zhang ma smiled.
Liu long breath a sigh of relief, some regret for yellow Xiao way: “yellow brothers, this time really hurt you, only next life to repay.”
Today, he also understand themselves must be planted here, Liu Gui he afraid, but this zhang ma he has no clue.
“Liu Dage, where words, also can only be a desperate now.”Light yellow Xiao mouth said, but his heart is jumping.Although he will wrap the snake hands, but they haven’t really compete with people, even against liu before, it is play with each other.Now but muscle in life and death, this for yellow Xiao, no experience at all.
“Hey, practice for a month with you David technique also want to fight with me?”Liu Gui see yellow Xiao alert, not mocking the sentence.
“Can’t fight with you, is not lip service.”Yellow Xiao know now decided to not panic, and this momentum can’t weak.
“Go to dead, an acid scholar, still dare to daring?”Say that finish, Liu Gui a step rushed to the yellow Xiao in front, followed by a leg sweep into the yellow Xiao waist.
Yellow Xiao hands furiously at the waist a block, however, Liu Gui this foot strength is very big, his hands are directly related to the earthquake to the waist, waist immediately there was a pain, also good with hands block, or if be play real, can you stand up is the problem.
While Liu Gui back foot gap, yellow Xiao hurried toward the edge move a few steps, then slightly shook the hands be shock of pins and needles.
“A bit, to the next one of my feet.”Liu Gui didn’t and yellow Xiao dealing, did not know huang Xiao strength.And, of course, he is also know that this yellow Xiao lian liu get kung fu secrets to the wind snake hands “.He was also want to learn, but he makes the imlet and liu, is that straight to straight to completely by bullheadedness moves, found around the snake style doesn’t fit his hand, so more ignored Xiao huang.
Start yellow Xiao tension in the heart, but now he is static under heart, staring at the sight of Liu Gui with rapt attention.
Liu Gui towards yellow Xiao laugh a track: “this will send you into oblivion.”
The color of yellow Xiao eyes flashed dignified, on the face is not the slightest panic.See Liu Gui this switch to the fist bomb to the other yellow Xiao.
See their fist struck the yellow Xiao face, Liu Gui is a cruel smile on his face.
This time yellow Xiao is moved, however, see his hands up quickly, and then on the Liu Gui hands on his arm.This let Liu Gui cannot response speed, and, when he is ready to yellow Xiao hands off, yellow Xiao hands like snakes around move, between the double hand, yellow Xiao buckle took Liu Gui arms.
“Well?”Liu Gui heart jump, he slightly a hard, want to use their arms from yellow Xiao hands free, but to his surprise, he didn’t escape.
“This boy how can have so much strength?”Liu Gui natural don’t understand the wind snake hands badly, he comes down to this yellow Xiao strength, or else how can withhold his arms?