Chapter 5. Yan Wang Ling

“This time we get the exact news, the king once a year will give ‘Tigers’ own honor, although do not know how many, but every year probably no less than two thousand silver.” Liu said here, his eyes shine, he This time is hesitated for a long time, after all, such a big thing certainly very seriously, the power of this guard is also very strong. But, in recent years, he is more or less to find out some of the Royal escort habit, so with this action.
    “Xiao two silver?” Huang Xiao was surprised, so much money, but he did not see, in the past his family had some ancestral house, there are dozens of acres of land, count a total of 200 two silver (1 two = 1000 coins, a coin is equivalent to the current one dollar).
    “Yes, at least one thousand two, I think we have been so go is not the way, if this success, we have to live the money, and then another place to live safely live.” Liu said, “and, This time or ‘Tigers’ head of sixty birthday, I am afraid that this king’ s filial piety will be more.
    “Big Brother Liu, before we all robbed of food and the like, these losses for them is nothing, so they are sent a few people or ten personal escort, but this time I am afraid not so simple, you can Can not be reckless. “Huang Xiao mind worry about Road.
    “I know that this time some adventure, but these years I have not been idle, although the Royal’s guard than before certainly more, but this time I still have some grasp of course, in order to just in case I will prepare tomorrow First time to go to their must pass by, Yan Wang Ling, step on the point .This time, I decided to stockade fifty brothers all shot, and the king of the past also sent up to 30 people, even if this time more important, then Should not be more than 50 people.If we have mental arithmetic in advance, they have to go through the Yanwangling ambush, the great chance of success. “Liu said.
    “50 pairs of 50, have mental arithmetic, coupled with ambush, looks really occupy the absolute advantage, but you have thought about the strength of both of us? Stockade, in addition to you, really practiced martial arts will also a dozen , The other can only be used to make up the number of how the king is a hegemony, his family’s guard family Ding, all are practicing family, even if you are not, that can not be underestimated.Therefore, this time is to ‘tiger’ I would like to say that this action is very unwise and too dangerous. “After Huang Xiao analysis, shook his head and said,” I would like to say that this action is very unwise and too dangerous. ” The
    After hearing Huang Xiao’s words, Liu Qiang’s face is also a slight move, these minds are thought of it, but he deliberately avoided, because in his heart is a great adventure once, after all, as long as this success, then do not have So sneaky to live.
    “Huang brothers, I know this is more dangerous, but we all agree, I do not have the heart to let everyone down this time I check out the location I think you also accompany me to travel it, see if I consider whether the whole, you Readers, ideas, measures are also many. “Liu said
    Huang Xiao did not hesitate to shook his head and said: “Liu Big Brother, you are too high to see me, to read reading words, I was stronger than you, what plan strategy, I never thought.However, I still You go together, after all, this time I feel my “Wolita” is also a small achievement, maybe in other areas can help a little busy?
    Liu Qiang pondered a moment, and then smiled and said: “Yes ah, have to say, you really have the qualifications of practicing martial arts, just a month or so even my strength of eight points in the stockade, your strength should be able to row to the Three, that is, the youngest can pressure you one.Of course, not a few days, you will be able to exceed him, more than me is a few months time only Well, then go together, we can not things Think so bad.
    The next day, Liu Qiang did not bring any man with a stockade, and Huang Xiao both went to the tens of miles outside the Yan Wang Ling. This number of miles if the road for the road that is not far away, but this area of ​​Yan Wang Ling, but the road is unusually rugged. Huang Xiao and Liu Qiang enough to walk more than 5 hours, from the stockade out of the time, the sky has just let go, which went to the sun in the mountains of the sun almost dawn of the sun.
    “This road is really hard to go, for a month ago, is to give me three days time, I can not get here.” Huang Xiao gas with gas, foot in a small cliff outside the boulder, toward the mountain To see the mountain has been played a thin mist, the foot of the mountain has been unclear.
    “Of course, before you that body plate is really fragile, of course, can not climb this Yan Wang Ling. You can know the origin of this Yan Wang Ling?” Liu Qiao laughed.
    “Yan Wang Ling, Hades? I think most of it is dangerous with it? Here mountain is small, steep and difficult, and the edge is the cliffs, the foot of the empty words there is the danger of falling cliffs, which is Hades reminders Local ah. “Huang Xiao guessingly said.
    “Huang Brothers deserves to be scholar, basically this is the meaning of this Yahong Ling below the abyss do not know how much swallowed the human life, here is the place where Hades reminders.” Liu Qiang admits Road.
    “It is strange, so here is so difficult to worry, why Wang also from here? To the strength of the king, even if not clear to take the road, but also can choose some other trails.” Huang Xiao some doubt Road. This time the king is certainly not going to the road, after all, this property is not unusual, if so blatant, so that some people in the rivers and lakes up distraught, then the royal family of the family is not their opponents, so most of them are secretly to avoid everyone The line of sight, choose some remote trails.
    “You do not know, this Yanwang Ling Although extremely odd, but from here to the provincial capital ‘Gaozhou City’, can be shorter than other places for more than half a month.Therefore, there are usually a lot of people choose to go here This time the property is expensive, presumably they do not dare to spend time, so they will certainly choose from here. “Liu Qiang explained that the king can go to the ‘Tigers’, through this trail can also shorten the time of seven or eight days Road.
    “It seems that they have a lot of opportunity to go through here, we hurry to see where the place is suitable for ambush.”
    “This time as long as we succeed, set the king of the old thieves vomiting blood three liters, think of this, my heart on the happy ha ha ~ ~” Liu Qiang laughed, “yellow brother, you come with me, this is also familiar with Yan Wang Ling, I Take a look at some of the places where I have chosen.
    Not yet wait for Huang Xiao loudly, only to hear a laughter in front of not far from the sound.
    When Liu Qiang and Huang Xiao Wen fond to go when the front saw two people, Huang Xiao see to understand, one of them he also know, but another person, but he is not know.
    “Liu Qiang asked, he said the second child is the villagers in the cottage Liu Gui, Huang Xiao is also aware of the. Liu Qiang is Zhaizhu, martial arts best, and this Liu Gui’s martial arts only under Liu Qiang.
    “Hey hey, you are the rapier head Liu Qiang, the father of the mouth of the hard stubble is you? It looks like it?” Liu Gui side of the man hey a laugh, “You do not have to see what ambush I see, here is your bones.
    This person’s words, Huang Xiao hear clearly, Liu Qiang also heard to understand.