Chapter 4. A month

“Liu Zhaizhu, I now comprehend this move, I think you should be right? The next few moves, I may still have some time.” Huang Xiao said.
    “Do not hurry, no hurry.” Liu Qiang replied, paused, and then sighed and said, “Honestly, this” snake hand “for me to help.
    “Huh?” Huang Xiao some doubts.
    “Do not be surprised, this” Wolita “heavy skills do not force, and I learned not a way, want to learn” Wolita “is some difficulties.” Liu said.
    “Maybe there are some moves behind?” Huang Xiao asked.
    “In fact, after discussing with you yesterday, my heart on the” snake hand “will have a general understanding, it really is not suitable for me to practice, did not think it is easy to get the power law, turned out to be so, really upset. , People can not be too greedy, learn from this power law, it touches on my strength can be further. “Liu Qiang sighed,” Huang brothers, before you talk about, you have sold all the property and fields, right?
    Huang Xiao nodded his head, and Liu Qiang before talking about this matter.
    “Then I have a thought, as you left it?” Liu Qiang asked.
    I heard Liu Qiang, Huang Xiao some hesitation, if he must be a direct refusal, but now he is to understand, in fact, Liu Qiang they are not really robber bandit, is also an ordinary people, but those who landed too strong Live, and this came to this mountain is no longer subject to those exploitation.
    “Of course, I can not ask you anything, but this” Wolk “You practice, there should be achievements. Maybe a few years or decades later, your strength is certainly more than me.You know, This stockade there are so many old and weak women and children, not a few martial arts in the support, do not say that the master of the master of the thugs, as well as other mountain thieves robbers can also have their lives. “Liu said.
    “Of course, after all, you are scholar, this time not admitted, the future can still test, say, you even if there is no place to live back home, might as well stay in the cottage.If you can practice at the same time, you can also teach children to recognize Do not say anything to test fame, to know a few words than we open these eyes blindly right? “Liu Qiang Oh smile continued.
    Huang Xiao thought, and then nodded his head. Liu Qiang said yes, what can I go back now? Their own nothing, if lucky, you may find the point of teaching live, teach people recognize the word, after all, how is a scholar. Now he came into contact with this martial arts, his heart has another goal.
    See Huang Xiao nodded, Liu Qiang laughed: “This is so great, if we stockade out of the champion, it is even more incredible.
    “Champion Liu Zhaizhu, you do not shabby me, I did not even mention a person was admitted.” Huang Xiao smile shook his head and said.
    “Things in the people Well, this time failure is nothing, and ah, if you will” this snake hand “practice well, then how can be considered a player, the time may be civil and military double na.” Liu Qiao laughed.
    “Do not believe it, by virtue of this” Wakayer “exercises, get to the depths, even if you get a martial art is also possible. This world martial arts how much, can have a popular law that is less Less. “Liu Qiang see Huang Xiao or some unbelieving look, they continued.
    “That disturb the Liu Zhaizhu, and labor things I do not understand, but to teach the children in the stockade to read and write or no problem, this is when I eat and live here, right?” Huang Xiao asked.
    “Where you can eat a person, but I still have to first thank those children for you. And you do not call me what Zhaizhu, do not mind, then call me big brother Liu. Times is really sincere thanks. This year, martial arts Fortunately, this fist kung fu a lot of people have practice, of course, these are not secret recipe, purely fist. But the words of the people on the less, this ordinary people do not even have enough food, where the money to read the word reading. Reading is basically the power of some wealthy homes.
    “That I am also blunt, Liu big brother!” Huang Xiao laughed.
    Blink of an eye, Huang Xiao in the stockade to stay for more than a month. During this time, he took a little time every day to teach children in the stockade reading words, of course, Liu Qin is one of them.
    The rest of the time, he spent in research “Wolk” and practice on the. According to Liu Qiang said, Huang Xiao now the strength is too small, in order to “Wolk” to play a power, then we must carry out the basic strength training.
    These training tools, stockade Daoshi there are many, such as stone lock Lian arm force, negative practice practicing, after half a month’s time, Huang Xiao found himself no longer so weak in the past look like the wind. At least now his strength a lot of big, coupled with the “Wolita hand” moves skilled, and now Huang Xiao show this set of capture surgery to Liu Qiang is also some surprise.
    With Liu Qiang’s words, and now Huang Xiao full effort to show him, then he would have to use the body nearly 60% of the effort to break free, according to this speed down, probably up to a few years time, Huang Xiao’s strength will be able to exceed him.
    In this regard, Huang Xiao naturally very excited, although this “snake hand” in the martial arts secrets be regarded as ordinary, but for their own people, it is definitely worth the treasures of the daughter. For Liu Qiang, his heart is also some admiration, such a martial arts secrets to make such an outsider practice, of course, they can understand this secrets is also a reason. Therefore, Huang Xiao in their own moves after the move, there is no meaning of possession of private, but to the stockade to some of the villagers.
    During this time, Huang Xiao and Liu Qiang, who also went out several times. This is out of nature is to rob the robbery, Huang Xiao followed to also have a purpose, although in the stockade, he basically can be sure Liu Qiang and others should not lie to themselves, they only occasionally to grab some, and will not hurt ordinary people. But this is not his own eyes to see the real, so he and Liu Qiang, who participated in several times.
    In general, Liu Qiang in advance are sent a lot of stockade villagers out to inquire about the news, get those landlords heroes take the goods, they will see the opportunity to act.
    “Huang brothers, tomorrow I go out, you go do not go?” When Huang Xiao in the hospital just finished a set of “snake hand”, Liu Qiang came in asked.
    “This is the city which is it?” Huang Xiao naturally understand the meaning of Liu Qiang words, which go out, naturally it is a fancy to what property or goods.
    “Wang, but this time is to check out the location in advance for the next to prepare.” Said the king Liu Qiang some teeth.
    Huang Xiao understand that the villagers in the stockade was originally the same village, and they are basically the village of rented the king of the field, this year plus rent, plus natural disasters, so that they can not afford, and finally can only The village moved to the valley. Wang is considered this ‘Yongshui City’ in a hegemony, the main king and the nearby ‘Tigers’ closely related, with the ‘Tigers’ support, even if the county magistrate had to give the royal family of the royal part of the face. Therefore, the king in the vicinity can be described as numerous, do not know how many people get broken, his wife scattered.

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