Chapter 3. Practice

After dinner, Huang Xiao back to the residence, cross-legged sitting in bed, according to Liu Qiang said the meditation of the people in the rivers and lakes to do the law calm heart.
    With the inner calm, Huang Xiao naturally thinking in the minds of the “snake hand” in the puzzled. Two hours later, Huang Xiao closed eyes open, this meditation let him comprehend a lot.
    “This martial arts of the law is really different from the previous book, like a road maze, poke a layer, comprehend a layer, but there is another obstacle in front, but after the understanding of the surprise and joy, people are some unable to stop “Huang Xiao got up and opened the window, looked up and saw a moon hanging in the air, moonlight spilled into the house looked hazy.
    “Today’s moon gives me the feeling and some different from the past.” Looking at the moon in the night sky, Huang Xiao murmured.
    “Different?” Huang Xiao suddenly heart of a move.
    This martial arts is and their own before completely different, “Wolk” should be an ordinary martial arts, according to Liu Qiang said, power law is divided into several categories. Simple can be divided into two categories, that is, whether the difference between internal and external forces.
    Huang Xiao also know to Liu Qiang’s strength, I am afraid do not know more martial arts mysterious, he did not practice the internal force, and this force is not to practice can practice. No internal strength of the heart, it is basically impossible. And want to learn the internal strength of the law, can only be sent to those rivers and lakes martial art, but also to a certain degree of strength to be qualified to practice.
    Those who do not have the internal forces of rivers and lakes, are attributed to the inflow of the column. However, this is not inflow is also the strength of the points, which Huang Xiao understand, and this is probably Liu Qiang is among the lower.
    “Really want to know what kind of internal force in the end, Feiyan wall, broken gold stone martial arts master, that is what style?” Huang Xiao found his heart some desire.
    “Huang Xiao sighed,” did not get the fame of the scholar really useless, in addition to their own books, other means of life will not, and now the property has been sold out, then they have to consider how to live Martial arts, power, internal force, master, perhaps this is a different road.
    To the cottage before, Huang Xiao really want to find the meaning of death, but now he found himself interested in things, never had the desire to feel before.
    “If the general power law I can not enlightenment and excitement, then become a master that is not the castle in the air?” Huang Xiao clenched fist, the hearts of the decision.
    The next day, Huang Xiao soon got up, in the yard, according to the book said, in accordance with the routine practice “Wolk”. Although Huang Xiao did not fully understand the practice of which, but there are some moves that can be first practice.
    “Hee hee, yellow brother, you twist to twist, so weird, what is this?” Liu Qin came here to see Huang Xiao is practicing look, not help laughing.
    “You ah, I am practicing.” Huang Xiao laughed.
    “Practice is not like my dad practice is not the case.” Liu Qin said with seriousness, “Dad out of the foot that is full of strength, which is like you, hands and feet, there is no strength, how can there Martial arts
    “Oh?” Huang Xiao laughed and laughed, “other martial arts I do not know, but this martial arts is so practice, yes, you find me something?
    “Find you to read words ah!” Liu Qin laughed.
    “Xiaoqin, you do not disturb the yellow brothers.” At this time Liu Qiang is over, said.
    “Liu Zhaizhu, so early?” Huang Xiao see Liu Qiang, laughed.
    “This is not thinking about the” snake hand “it?” Liu Qiang replied, “You just make those moves is the” snake hand “routine?
    “Dad, I have to let the yellow brother taught me to literacy?” Liu Qin dissatisfaction Road.
    “After you learn, and now you are busy big brother, right, your mother to find you, go help.” Liu Qiang Liu Qiao after the walk, the Huang Xiao said, “This” snake hand “is so practice ?”
    “It is so right, I am according to the book said, Liu Zhaizhu, you are practicing Wu Wu, you see this martial arts how?” He said Huang Xiao own heart is not the end, after all, he did not contact These martial arts, do not know their practice in the end is right or wrong.
    “I am not afraid of you laughing, I am practicing these years is only a few minor strokes, simply not on the table, you just these tricks I first met, do not say how in the end, but one thing I am sure that this “Wolita” and my fist is different ways, my fist is straight and straight, making it quite strong, while the “Wolita” should be walking to Rouke just to weak strong road Number. “Liu Qiang said.
    “Yes, you do not know, I can not determine whether this practice is effective.” Huang Xiao said.
    “This is simple, we can test it, you use the” snake hand “moves and I have a few strokes.” Liu said.
    “What?” Huang Xiao froze a moment, said, “Liu Zhaizhu, you kidding, I just practiced a few strokes today, are not yet skilled, how could you and the move?
    “I do not really want to play, I just want to try this” winding snake hand “moves.” Liu said.
    “Only move?” Huang Xiao asked.
    “Yes, moves, you will” Wusho “in the moves toward me drill, so I can learn it.” Liu Qiang Road.
    Huang Xiao nodded and said: “Then try.”
    “What is this move?”
    Huang Xiao’s hands tightly tied Liu Qiang several major points, Liu Qiang some surprised to ask. However, Liu Qiang a little hard will Huang Xiao’s hands to collapse.
    “Huang snake rush.” ​​Huang Xiao replied, “Liu Zhaizhu, how do you think this move?
    “What else to try again.” Liu Qiang asked.
    So Huang Xiao will be aware of their own recipes are made to Liu Qiang again, waiting for Liu Qiang’s comments.
    “Powerful, this secrets on the martial arts is extraordinary.” Liu Qiang sighed.
    “Liu Zhaizhu, you did not say this before the” Wolita “is the general power law? And also outside the power law. Now how?” Huang Xiao asked. His heart is still very puzzled, after all, from Liu Qiang before the words he knew that “Wolita” is not what the profound power law.
    “Huang Brothers, this is what you understand the fork, and I said,” Wolk “can only be regarded as the general power law, after all, it is only outside the power, but one thing you may not understand, after all, you have not come into contact with martial arts. So that it can be recorded in the book of martial arts exercises are not simple, as I learn these fist effort, there is no qualification when the success of the law was recorded in the book.I said before it is only the general power law , In fact, relative to the internal power law in terms of. In fact, as long as it is recorded by the power law, in the arena are extremely valuable. “Liu Qiao laughed.
    “But I did not think this” Wolita “What is the powerful, I made these moves in the hands of Liu Zhai main move with a move are unable to stand.” Huang Xiao said helplessly.
    “Yellow Brothers, this is sure. You now make only moves, nothing to shape it, there is no power. Even if the” Wolita “is a high-level capture of the law, to Rouke just, but this is just beyond your restraint You have not come into contact with martial arts, coupled with your scholar origin, compared to the general people’s strength is also a lot of small, and I have practiced for decades after the martial arts, naturally can easily crack these moves If you can get your strength up and down, then you will be able to raise up to three hundred pounds of boulders, and you will be able to do so. Easy to lift the meager boulders, then I want to crack this “Wolk” I am afraid it is difficult. This is the power of the powerful. “Liu Qiang explained.
    “Three hundred pounds?” Huang Xiao some dumbfounded tongue.
    “This is nothing, you have to know, those who master the internal force of the master, those who raised the boulders like a meal as simple as we do not have these internal forces, to reach 500 pounds is the limit, and this is the power and The difference between internal strength, but unfortunately to learn internal strength, it is too difficult, unless you have a good martial arts qualification, by those martial art value, and then have the opportunity to learn the internal power law. “Liu said.
    Huang Xiao just want to say that the internal strength is very magical, and my mind is not much of the concept, and now Liu Qiang so clear comparison, let him know that the same martial arts people, there is no internal force, the strength of the two men can not imagination. In addition to this surprise, there is the power of surprise. Like Liu Qiang said that if they have the power of a hundred pounds, then by virtue of the “snake hand” and Liu Qiang had been over the move. This power law can enhance a person several times the strength, and this is the general power law, those powerful power law is not more powerful.