Chapter 2. Winker hand

The next day, Liu Qiang with a thin book to find Huang Xiao.
    Huang Xiao took over, looked at the cover read “wrapped around the snake”, the heart could not help but said: “This is what book?” He also read a lot of books, Confucius book naturally read the most, but other There are many, did not seem to have heard such a book, and the title and the book they read is also a world of difference.
    Liu Qiang see Huang Xiao staring at the book launched a stunned, he could not help asking: “Huang brothers, is not the book what is the problem?
    “Oh, no, I was the first time I saw such a book, and I have read the book are different, some curious, sometimes some God.” Huang Xiao laughed and laughed.
    “Haha ~ ~ This is certainly different, certainly different ~ ~ This is ~ ~” Here, Liu Qiang suddenly stopped and stopped.
    “What is this?” Huang Xiao did not notice Liu Qiang changes, see him stopped, not by the interface asked.
    Liu Qiang hesitated for a while, although the book did not know anything, but he also know that this is a martial arts secrets, which he was inadvertently get. But he does not literally, naturally do not know what the book in the end, not to mention how to practice. So he always wanted to find a literacy can help explain their own. But he did not want others to know this martial arts secrets, especially martial arts, after all, this is what he got, if someone else saw, it is not cheap other people? So he thought should find a martial arts will not help themselves to see themselves, this literacy is mostly scholar, so he told the brothers if the mountain to see scholar and other scholars have to be invited.
    But they are already ordinary people gathered together, with many people are also dare only in the secluded trails to grab some landlord old fortune of the property. Did not dare to go to the road robbery, if that do, attracted the official wanted, then trouble. So has not found a literacy, until the emergence of Huang Xiao.
    “In fact, this is a martial arts secrets.” Liu Qiang finally put the truth out, he knew that even if they do not say, when Huang Xiao read inside the content, even if not martial arts, will know that this is a military Learn secrets.
    “Huh? This is the martial arts secrets?” Huang Xiao surprised Road. Although he is a scholar, before all read the saints, have not seen any rivers and lakes, but still know some. Such as the book there are records of ancient assassins, Ranger children, etc., these are the so-called rivers and lakes.
    “Yes, also asked Huang brothers to understand, can tell me how to practice inside the martial arts?” Liu Qiang asked.
    “I can not grasp, after all, I do not understand martial arts, of course, if I read the words, naturally all will tell.” Huang Xiao this is not deceive Liu Qiang, he really do not know if they can understand the martial arts secrets, he can Did not touch these.
    Finished, Huang Xiao opened the book, seriously looked up.
    “Wolk hand, outside the house lock human power, shaped like a long snake Smart around the force if the snake lock body wrapped around the winding of the law, lock the human surgery, trapped can not move the territory … …”
    Huang Xiao enough to spend two hours, only the eleven pages of the “snake hand” Gongji secrets read it again. He was a scholar, the book of the word naturally know, and the narrative of the text is also very simple and clear, unlike the previous reading of those saints book profound.
    The book probably means, Huang Xiao see to understand, the heart is naturally clear, but it also involves a lot of martial arts terms, he did not understand, so really want to understand it is not easy, he is now some confused.
    “Huang brothers, how?” See Huang Xiao close the secrets, Liu Qiang quickly asked.
    Huang Xiao long long breath, face apology said: “Liu Zhaizhu, this book is a power law is not false, called” snake hand “, is a capture of the surgery.
    “After listening to, Liu Qiang heart extremely excited, when he was young, had learned Wu, know some moves, put down three or five ordinary Man absolutely no problem, but he also understand that he will be a little fur only, there is no good move.
    Now hear the words of Huang Xiao, heart naturally very happy, the art of capture, which no matter how the law, if learn to capture the art, then his strength can certainly greatly enhance.
    “Huang brothers, how to practice, you tell me.” Liu Qiang quickly asked.
    Huang Xiao face not help reveal the embarrassment of the color, whispered replied: “Liu Zhaizhu, you do not worry, I do not know how to practice!
    “What? How could this be?” Liu Qiang face a change, which is undoubtedly a thunderbolt. Huang Xiao had just given him a big good news, and now that do not know the practice, this is completely a desperate blow.
    “Liu Zhaizhu, you listen to me explained.” Huang Xiao said hastily, “I mean now I do not know how to practice, it is because there are some I did not understand, you know, I will not martial arts, so inside Some have to pondering, but I am sure, give me some time, I can tell you the law of cultivation.
    Huang Xiao heard the explanation, Liu Qiang finally relieved. Spend more time is nothing, after all, they have been waiting for so long, not anxious for such a moment.
    “Huang brothers, just my hurry, but I can not ask, how much time this time?” Liu Qiang asked.
    Huang Xiao think a bit, and then said: “more than ten days and a half months.”
    These words just finished, Huang Xiao Liu Liu will pay attention to a change, so he quickly said: “As little as three or five days, I think Liu Zhaizhu should understand martial arts, then some of the martial arts inside the words with you The savior may be better.
    “Well, well, good, my kung fu though not how, but more or less know some, you say, there is nothing to understand, that I listen, maybe I can give you some explanation.” Liu Qiang Quickly nodded his head.
    After the exchange, Liu Qiang, although to explain some of the Huang Xiao, but the vast majority, Liu Qiang is also inexplicable, so the rest can only rely on Huang Xiao help pondering.
    Until Liu Qin came to call two people to eat, Huang Xiao and Liu Qiang from the discussion back to God. Huang Xiao found himself even unwittingly immersed in them. This is different from their own sage book, it is for the expedition, even if it does not understand that the contents of the mind must be remembered. And this martial arts exercises are different, he did not dare to have a careless effect, according to Liu Qiang said, this practice is full of dangerous, once obsessed, ranging from serious injuries, But Liu Qiang also shows that this is for those who practice the internal forces of rivers and lakes in terms of people, like him no internal strength of the people, but also do not have to worry about obsession
    Of course, even if not obsessed, once the law exercises practice errors, then how much will cause harm to the body, if serious, then hurt life is also some.