Chapter 1. The most useless is a scholar

“You are evil servant, dare to snatch the owner of the property, not afraid of my newspaper it?” A thin body of thin clothes plowing from the ground struggling to climb up, refused to take the body to the soil, A similar age, but the stature than his sturdy a lot of servants shouted.
    “I said Huang Huangcai, where barren hills, where you reported to the reporter? Besides, here, I was three to kill you, and no one will know.” Huang three laughed.
    “You dare !!” Huang Xiucheng hear their evil slave words, the hearts are some hair virtual, the other really played a kill heart, throw their own wilderness, I am afraid no one really know. Before the light of his copy of the trail can be shortened for several days, this choice of this wilderness trail, and now regret too late.
    “Hey!” Huang three turned over in the hands of the parcel, took out a few two pieces of silver, there is a white and white jade pull, laughed, “tut tut, silver is a little less, but this jade pull, but You wear from small, good good jade, how value is also a few dozen silver, look at the money in this, I also around your life.
    “No, the money can give you, but jade pull can not!” Huang Xiucai who can take away their jade pull means, although this jade means that is not a treasure, but after all, his father asked himself, must be well preserved, Be the relic of his father. Therefore, the scholar was shouting toward the yellow three flutter, but he is strong and evil slaves opponents.
    Huang Xiucai not close, the other side of a kick, he was kicked down to the ground, Pooh said: “You do not know whatever the outcome, but you do not have the power of the chicken, but also want me Do not show your face, but today you spare your life, that is the uncle in good mood, and your shit saints articles, but also to you.
    Finished, came forward in the Huang Xiucai who fiercely kicked several feet, and then dropped only a few pieces of clothes wrapped, there is a big bag carrying his body, this big package is still on the ground, Which fell out of several books.
    Huang Xiucai named Huang Xiao, 16 years old this year, this is a scholar, this is to go to the provincial capital to participate in the township test, but unfortunately the name of Sun Shan.
    Huang Xiao is his parents old child, but his appearance is not the same as the old two, there are a lot of gossip around, saying that he is not his own parents and the like. In this regard, Huang Xiao naturally heard, but he did not care about what. Two years ago two old died, leaving tens of acres of land, so his life is also worry. But he concentrate on reading for the expedition, so sit mountain, to now is the home of the field to sell, with a slaves of their own exams. Unfortunately, after the defeat, the servant is also from the mind, only won his only two silver.
    Pick up the parcels on the ground, Huang Xiao dejected, originally this time he participated in the township test full of confidence, thinking to be able to make people, so even if they dump their property is also does not matter, but he still do not understand the world, no money to clear those Examiner, let your article write how good is useless.
    Huang Xiao Leng Leng sitting in place for a long time, only long sighed and said: “The most useless is the scholar, the ancients honestly do not bully me, and now I penniless, no means of living, nothing more, Why should I do it again?
    Huang Xiao packed up a book, and then the whole people are some unexamined, defeated with the now penniless sad, in this barren hills do not know the way, had to follow the trail forward.
    “Stop, this road is my open, this tree is I planted, in order to have since left, buy Lucky!” Do not know how long, the road next to a few silhouette jump out, toward Huang Xiao shouted.
    This shouting let Huang Xiao back to God, when he looked up to see when he has stood in front of a hand holding steel knife, iron fork, sticks, iron sword and other weapons of the Han.
    Huang Xiao know that they encountered robbers thieves, and instinct to some of the hearts of chilling, but he suddenly remembered, and now he is almost no way to go, starved to death and was killed by the robbers, then what is the difference?
    Think of it, his courage suddenly big up, toward the front of the robbers roared: “You these thieves, the show is a dignified scholar, how can you yield to these wicked, gallbladder to kill me!
    “Huh?” Lead a bandit is obviously a little accident, he did not think the front of this little boy even have such courage.
    “Three masters, this kid is a scholar!” The edge of a bandit whispered to the lead said.
    “I did not think you kid is not small, I ask you a word, if the answer is good, perhaps you can spare your life.” Three headed home toward Huang Xiao said.
    “Well! To kill to kill, why should the words?” Huang Xiao is completely forced to go.
    “Are you really a scholar?”
    “How can there be false?” Deep inside, Huang Xiao on the identity of his scholar is still very important, after all, as a scholar, not to get fame? Even if he just said ‘is the most useless scholar’, in fact, he still care about.
    “That’s good, take away!” Three when the family face smile, hand wave.
    Huang Xiao has not figured out the situation, I saw the opposite of the two Han one left and right he racked up.
    “You want to do?” Huang Xiao know that the front of these robbers do not seem to want to kill their own, just that momentum suddenly gone, so instinctive fear and fear back to the body.
    “Boy, count you lucky, we have a big home please.” Mounted Huang Xiao a robber hey laughed.
    Huang Xiao Although struggling a bit, but by virtue of his strength, in the hands of these two big han, simply can be ignored.
    Half an hour later, Huang Xiao was brought to a mountain valley, where to build a simple cottage looks like. Huang Xiao found here is not completely fierce evil robbers, cottage there are many old and weak women and children, and he also found that these robbers came back, the face of the ferocious look also disappeared. Huang Xiao think about it, here is their cottage, there is no need for such a vicious sample.
    “Big masters, and see what I brought to you?” That three headed with Huang Xiao walked into the middle of a cottage shouted.
    It seems to bring their own to see the head of this robber, and Huang Xiao mind some apprehension, do not know what the bandit to do their own, but no matter what, there is no good thing.
    “Old three, you come back, ah, have said, go home do not have to call any big masters, and shout out on the line.” House out of a middle-aged man laughed, “Huh? This little brother?
    “Yes, big brother, he is scholar.” The youngest said.
    “Hideka?” This brother heard, his face a hi, walked quickly in front of Huang Xiao.
    Huang Xiao fear to retreat back, shouted: “You these thieves, evil, there will be retribution.
    That big brother to see Huang Xiao some panic look, said quickly: “The little brother do not misunderstand, we are not really robbers robbers, but because it can not live, this in the mountain road looting some for the rich benevolent landlords, We will not hurt the old man, you are not taking the scholar brothers what?
    “How can it? Look, this is his two parcels, I gave him holding it. Look at his appearance, although not as we in the past that the poor acid scholar, but also not where to go.” Youngest will hand Of the two parcels on the feet of Huang Xiao.
    Huang Xiao looked at the two, the hearts of some doubts, are these two people really not really robbers? Or they are deceiving themselves, but they do not seem to lie to yourself it Although so think, but Huang Xiao heart can not fully believe them.
    “Big brother did not let the youngest continued to go on, see the old three left, he looked at Huang Xiao finishing the package, and then smiled and asked,” little brother, you can rest assured that we Are ordinary people, not those who squeeze our landlords old things, we will not grab.
    “Things are in.” Huang Xiao replied.
    “That’s good, my name is Liu Qiang, is the cottage of the village.” Liu Qiang said.
    “Liu Zhaizhu, since you are not thieves robbers, then let me leave?” Huang Xiao said.
    “Little brother, I just hope you can stay in the cottage for a few days, help me a little busy, a few days later, I will send you out.” Liu said.
    “What do you want me to do?” Huang Xiao did not know what he was able to help.
    “In fact, for you is very simple, I do not read the word, there is no literacy in the cottage, so I would like to ask you to help me to explain the meaning of a book.” Liu Qiao laughed.
    “It is so simple?” Huang Xiao froze a moment, he really did not think that Liu Qiang to help themselves is the case.
    “Yes, for your readers is very simple, but we do not read these words, that is more difficult than the day.” Liu Qiang smile a bit Road.
    “Well, I can help you.” Huang Xiao Road.
    “Really grateful.” Liu Qiang laughed, but he immediately asked a question, “little brother, you will not martial arts?”
    “Martial arts?” Huang Xiao startled startled, and then asked, “If I will martial arts, how will you be brought here?”
    Liu Qiang some embarrassed smiled and said: “This time more offended, little brother also please forgive me, yes, little brother, how do you call?
    “Huang Xiao,” Huang Xiao said, “Well, you give me the book, I explain to you.
    “No hurry, no hurry, this weather is late, you first stay, tomorrow is not late.” Liu said.
    Since Liu Qiang have said so, Huang Xiao naturally arranged by him.
    That night, Huang Xiao is ready to sleep when the door is ringing the door sounded.
    When Huang Xiao opened the door when they found a girl standing outside, the girl about eleven years old look, although the body is wearing a rough coat, but can not cover the appearance of handsome.
    “You are today invited her husband Huang Huangcai only Big Brother?” Not yet so Huang Xiao loudly, the girl looked at Huang Xiao first asked.
    “It is, do not know the girl?” Huang Xiao should be in the mouth, but his heart is muttering, and today they are not invited, but was taken captive.
    “Then you know a lot, you can teach me to read it?” Hear Huang Xiao admitted, the girl asked happy.
    “This?” Huang Xiao hesitated a moment, although he did not know the girl surnamed who, but he also knows that most of the daughter of Liu Qiang home. I can not live here long, naturally can not teach her anything.
    “Big Brother, okay?” The girl looked at Huang Xiao Pakistan blinked big eyes hope.
    “Huang Xiao certainly will not promise, and so tomorrow to help Liu Qiang explain his book can not read, he left here, whether it is not a robber nest, it is not related to their own.
    Girl is undoubtedly he, or very happy to replied: “Well, yellow brother, you have a good rest, yes, my name is Liu Qin, Zhaizhu is my daddy.