Those who know themselves do not blame others, those who know fate do not blame heaven

   On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, I saw a letter written to me by a child on the backstage of Weibo. The letter was handwritten, full of four pages of manuscript paper, and sent in the form of pictures. The pen writing on the letter is very delicate and regular.
   I was a professional editor when I was young, so I have a natural affinity for handwritten text. In these four pages of manuscript paper, he tells his own life experience and story, neatly and well-versed in art and science. The life he described is very unfortunate: growing up in the countryside, he was discriminated against when he was a child, the family atmosphere was very unpleasant, and even family members committed suicide, and so on.
   After reading this letter, I briefly chatted with him via Weibo private message. I asked him how he is doing now. He said that he went to a bank after graduating from university and worked for four years. It was not very happy and he could not realize the value of life. It happened that there was a company in Beijing recruiting people, so he came to Beijing. It was a small loan company, basically relying on fraud to maintain operations. He couldn’t cross this hurdle in his heart, and the company’s promised salary was not honored. He wrote this letter to me when he was very depressed. I told him that our Guanfu Museum is developing an app, and he can try it.
   A few days later, he told me that he tried it and felt that those positions were not suitable. I asked him what major he studied, and he said statistics. I said that developing App just needs someone who studies statistics. Would you like to try it? He felt that he was incapable of doing the job, so he politely said “thank you” and the matter passed.
   A month later, still in the backstage of Weibo, I received a message from him. The content was: “The Sri Lankan is dead, thank you for comforting him at the last moment of his life.” At that time, my heart sank to the bottom.
   I eagerly wanted to get in touch with his family through all possible channels, but I didn’t get in touch. Finally, his Weibo was permanently closed and the content was emptied.
   This child, with just a good handwriting, has endless value. I also thought at the time that such people who can do transcription work are needed-we have a lot of letters, and handwriting is more cordial than computer printing.
   If he can cross this hurdle, his world will definitely be broader. Therefore, the ancients said that “the one who knows himself will be great, and the one who overcomes himself is strong.” Every one of us must be a hero in our lives.
   Many young people envy me, but I feel that nothing is as good as being young. As long as you are young, there are unlimited possibilities in the future.
   The goal of life is not necessarily ambitious. Some people can only feel happy after they have achieved what they want. For me, many goals are simply not achieved, but I have been working hard.
   Xunzi said: “Those who know themselves do not complain, and those who know fate do not complain.” Fairness is relative. When you feel unsatisfactory in life, study, and work, you must calm your mind and understand yourself as a whole in society. The structure only occupies a very small place, so that your heart can be strong.