Did you have an anal lift today?

 After carrying a thermos mug, soaking wolfberries in beer, and sticking plasters to go to the dick, there is another item in the young people’s punk health list: remember the levator if you have nothing to do. Most people keep their concerns about anal health very secretive, but once there is pain, no matter how difficult it is to talk about, they should be honest and accountable on the table.
  On Douban, more than 28,000 “levator ani youths” gathered together to form a community, and they clocked in together every day.
  On Weibo, #提安徽运动# is already a health topic with millions of readers. Below the topic, various forms of microblogs such as clocking in, recording, and popular science abound. Although vague, more and more people are joining the ranks of the levator ani.
  So what exactly is the role of the levator? How effective is it? Is it true that everyone is suitable for the levator?
After 90, the girl started to lift the anus due to hemorrhoids

  The post-90s girl Jiang Jiang (pseudonym) is a sedentary interaction designer. She sat motionless for a long time. She found hemorrhoids in a physical examination two years ago. At that time, the doctor not only prescribed ointment, but also reminded her She can do some levator ani exercises appropriately.
  ”From then on, I occasionally mentioned that when I think of it, after sitting for a long time and standing up, I will also unconsciously exercise the levator anus, and I usually exercise to lose weight. I feel that many movements involve the levator anus, but I don’t have to. Deliberately. ”
  How do you operate the levator ani movement? Jiang Jiang said that at the time the doctor described it in the most straightforward terms: the feeling of pinching the stool. This sense of power can be mastered almost without training.
  Regarding the effect, Jiang Jiang bluntly said that because of her slightly fat body, compared with other people, the effect of her levator anus is more obvious, and she has not suffered from hemorrhoids in the past two years. “In our sister group, friends who have already given birth will also do it, and for them, the levator can really improve the quality of life to a great extent.” Jiang Jiang said, there are people who are willing to spend money to buy some special The training ball and training device help to find the feeling and assist the movement.
Benefits of levator ani exercise

  Although the levator can be performed regardless of time and place, it is difficult for most people to develop a fixed habit. From a professional doctor’s point of view, levator ani movement does not require special rules.
  Chief physician Chen Bangfei, director of the anorectal surgery department of Zhejiang Hospital, said that levator anus exercise can actually be regarded as a kind of coordinated exercise of the whole body. . It’s just that now everyone has taken it out to discuss it alone, and it has become an independent topic.
  ”The levator ani exercise is to contract the anal muscles regularly and in a controlled manner, exercise anal function, and assist in the treatment of some anal diseases, relaxation, etc. In fact, if you feel it carefully, you will find that sometimes you stand up from your seat or stand up. When you stand on tiptoe, the anus will contract and relax. This is the simplest levator anal exercise.”

  The benefit of levator anus exercise is to strengthen the function of the entire pelvic floor. “First of all, from the perspective of anorectal department, exercising anal sphincter in the levator anus can improve blood circulation, prevent and relieve hemorrhoids, prolapse and other diseases. For some anal functions, there are Problems, such as patients with frequent bowel movements and poor bowel control ability, can help them develop regular bowel habits. These benefits are the same for the urinary system. People with poor urinary sphincter function may suffer from urinary incontinence. Especially women, due to differences in their physiological structures, sometimes “leak urine” when they cough or even laugh after childbirth. The levator anus can enhance the control of the urethral sphincter. Another is postpartum rehabilitation for women and the repair of pelvic floor muscles. , The improvement of vaginal sphincter function can help improve sexual function.” Chen Bangfei explained.
  At the same time, Chen Bangfei said that it’s best to lie down and do levator anus exercises to coordinate with breathing to increase the coordination of pelvic floor muscles and body movements. “When a person is upright, the pressure is concentrated on the spine. At this time, the pressure on the anus is the greatest. At this time, the levator must overcome a lot of stress to proceed. When lying down, the position of the anus and the heart are almost at the same level. At this time, the pressure on the anus is much less than that of the upright state. , So it will do more with less
  effort .” Chen Bangfei reminded that levator ani exercise is not suitable for everyone. “People with healthy anus can use levator exercises to prevent some diseases, but if there are problems in the anus, they must follow the doctor’s advice. For example, patients with thrombotic hard hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids prolapsed, the levator anus will be counterproductive. If there is a circumcision wound around the anus, the doctor will also remind you to relax, do not lift the anus casually, or it may cause problems such as post-healing anus stenosis. ”
  If you have any discomfort in the anus, you must consult a doctor as soon as possible. Don’t rely on personal experience. Feel free to judge. In daily life, the maintenance of the anus is also very important.
  ”Healthy living habits must come first. The diet must be balanced. The intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains must be ensured to help form healthy bowel habits. One or two bowel movements a day or one bowel movement a day or two are counted. Normal. There are many young people with constipation. Constipation can easily lead to hemorrhoids. Don’t underestimate the use of the toilet. Then there is exercise. In fact, any exercise is good. As long as you move and don’t maintain a position for a long time, it will be good. Sexual exercise can improve the blood circulation of the whole body, and it is the same as the levator anus exercise.”
  In addition, Chen Bangfei also emphasized the importance of digital anal examination in the physical examination. “There are some abnormal hyperplasias inside and outside the anus, polyps, nodules, abscesses in the middle and lower rectum, etc., can be preliminary judged through digital examination, and not only in the intestine, but also if the uterus, prostate, etc., outside the intestine, have problems affecting the intestine, It can also be felt through the finger examination. Everyone can treat it as an ordinary examination, and there is no need to avoid taboos.”