Treat guests with craftsmanship

  The craftsmanship I understand is always thinking about how to do something that I am good at better.
  Once I went to buy shoes, there were a lot of people in the store, and the pair of shoes I fancy was in the warehouse, so I had to climb several floors to get them. When the clerk was about to pick it up, a girl passed her and stopped when she saw it.
  From their brief conversations, I know that the girl who asked more questions just got off work after the handover.
  She said, I’ll get it. After taking the shoes, she left, and waited for her boyfriend (or husband) to leave at the door of the store.
  This is the spirit of craftsmanship. She served more than 10 minutes more, caring for customers and assisting colleagues. People’s feelings are linked to the brand. How can customers who meet this kind of clerk dislike this brand?
  To be a clerk, the threshold is extremely low. Whether there is the spirit of craftsmanship, whether there is the idea and ability to do things better than others, can distinguish people.
  Just as anyone can chisel a stone, only Michelangelo said, I saw an angel in the stone, and I have to work hard to release her.
  Once again, I went to a specialty store of a big brand. A customer in front had just left. A clerk was packing up clothes while mocking her face. She said to her colleague, “He was scared away by the price!”
  She did not shy away from it. I am the customer standing in front of me. Her colleague was silent.
  I was thinking at the time that this company was too sloppy to hire such a clerk. This was a smashing of its own brand. A clerk thinks he sells high-end goods, he is superior to others, this is the worst clerk. She’s sorry for her employers, her brands, her colleagues, and her customers. This is the opposite of the craftsman spirit.
  What have you been doing? Have you wondered how to do better? It is estimated that real craftsmen are always thinking about it.
  I have seen an entrepreneur talk about his inviting guests, and I am very impressed. It seems that it is difficult to discover new ideas about the treat: arrive on time and take care of the tastes of the guests. Anyone can do it. In addition, those who consider convenient parking and smooth roads are already at the master level.
  The entrepreneur said that as the host, it is not enough to arrive on time, and 10 minutes early is not enough. I usually arrive 30 minutes early. During this period of time, I asked the waiter about the location of the charger and socket, familiarized myself with the route to the bathroom, and experienced it; of course, the Wi-Fi situation should also be mastered.
  When your friend arrives, your cell phone is out of power, Wi-Fi is connected, and you go to the bathroom. These are all likely to happen. You, the host, tells you that it is obviously warmer than shouting “the waiter”.
  Good craftsmen will improve things that are accustomed to them.
  The above example shows that high emotional intelligence does not conflict with being principled. “I must do my job better than others”, this is a principle, not flattery. It just touches the need to be respected deep in people’s hearts. Behind this is strict self-discipline and clever art. Even things like selling shoes and entertaining guests are not new, they can also make them as fresh and wonderful as love.
  As long as you are doing things, the craftsmanship spirit is everywhere. Discover together and practice together.