Hong Kong entertainment tycoon Lin Jianming misses tens of billions of postpartum licentious lives

On January 8, 2021, the famous Hong Kong entertainment tycoon Lin Jianming died of lymphoma. His family issued an obituary on the same day. However, what made the media sniff out was that his half-brother Lin Jianyue did not visit him during Lin Jianming’s illness and hospitalization. Suddenly, the two giants’ grievances were raging, especially when the battle for tens of billions of inheritance was revealed again. According to media reports, in fact, his father Lin Baixin had properly resolved the inheritance problem before his death, and Lin Jianming also accepted his father’s arrangements frankly.

Retreat as progress
In the 1930s, Lin Baixin from Shantou, Guangdong moved his family to Hong Kong and founded the Lai Sun Group with the support of the banker’s father Lin Xianzhi. After 20 years of development, the assets reached millions of yuan, like most families. Like enterprises, Lin Baixin hoped that as the eldest son, Lin Jianming, would take over the business, he sent Lin Jianming to the UK to study business management.

In fact, Lin Jianming looked down on his father’s business, he just wanted to study law and enter politics. Mother Lai Yuanfang knew her son’s ambitions, but she still persuaded her son to accept his father’s arrangement. In desperation, Lin Jianming had to go to England alone.

Without the fetters of his father, Lin Jianming, who had just grown up, began to wander the nightclub and had his first time with a dancing girl. After that, he searched for flowers and asked Liu many times, and was intoxicated in the tender country of women.

Four years later, Lin Jianming returned to Hong Kong. After he returned from school, he expected his father to entrust him with important tasks, but his father arranged for him to enter the workshop and become a garment worker. After going to work, Lin Jianming was frustrated and made mistakes one after another. The supervisor did not open the door because of his special status.

After two years in the workshop, Lin Baixin promoted Lin Jianming to sales manager. Escape from the workshop gave Lin Jianming full of confidence, but he was in a lot of sales, and he was actually defrauded by a customer of tens of thousands of yuan by exploiting contract loopholes. Being deceived by others, Lin Baixin can blame Lin Jianming for not having enough experience and forgive him, but what he really can’t accept is that Lin Jianming is too conservative in business and he does what he tells him to do, without innovative thinking. Lin Baixin was really not at ease when he handed over the company that he had worked hard to manage.

After Lin Baixin publicly criticized Lin Jianming many times, Lin Jianming sensed a crisis. Even as the eldest son of the family, his strict father could deprive himself of the right to take over the company. Lin Jianlin thought about it: If he could give birth to his father’s first grandchild, the father would have more hope of competing for his father’s company with the price of his son.

Lin Jianming quickly met Zhuang Suming through a friend’s introduction. Zhuang Suming’s father is also a businessman, and the two are very close to each other. With the approval of both parents, the two married for half a year. After getting married, Lin Jianming immediately invested in the creation plan, but Zhuang Suming has not been pregnant for the next two years. By chance, Lin Jianming discovered that his wife had been taking contraceptives without telling herself. Faced with Lin Jianming’s hysteria, Zhuang Suming said that she did not want children, let alone be the birth machine of the Lin family. Seeing that he was about to miscalculate, Lin Jianming was extremely annoyed, and what made him even more unacceptable was that many men were chasing Zhuang Suming. He felt that he had been cuckolded and resolutely filed for divorce.

After ending his marriage with Zhuang Suming, Lin Jianming quickly got together with Lin Peichang. Although Lin Peichang did not have a prominent family background, she became pregnant six months later. Lin Jianming married Fengzi, but to his disappointment, Lin Peichang gave birth to a daughter. Before Lin Peichang could take care of her body, Lin Jianming made her pregnant again, but this time she still gave birth to a daughter. The successive births of daughters made Lin Jianming not disappointed. He complained that Lin Peichang could not give birth to a son. For a time, household chores became the fuse of the two quarrels. Lin Jianming simply didn’t return all night, twisting flowers everywhere, and finally got divorced.

When the marriage changed again, Lin Jianming was disappointed with the marriage. He just wanted to find a woman to give birth to a son. How could it be so difficult. Soon, Lin Jianming met Wang Wei, a college student. Under Lin Jianming’s passionate pursuit, the two became lovers. After being pregnant with Lin Jianming’s child, Wang Wei hopes to marry a wealthy family, but Lin Jianming directly told her that it is impossible to marry her. If she can give birth to this child, she can pay for the cost of studying in the UK. Wang Wei was sad for a while and reluctantly accepted Lin Jianming’s condition. However, Wang Wei still gave birth to a daughter. Fortunately, under Lin Jianming’s huge promise, Wang Wei finally gave birth to a son for Lin Jianming a year later.

Lin Jianming told his father Lin Baixin the news of his grandfather for the first time, but his father was not very happy. He neither went to the hospital to see Wang Wei nor gave his grandson a big red envelope. Disappointed Lin Jianming had to raise a sum of money to pay Wang Wei. Half a year after giving birth to his son, Wang Wei went to England. Lin Jianming gave the two children to the nanny to take care of him.

In 1994, Lin Jianming was dating a dancing girl in a villa. He was stunned and left a large number of nude photos, and the other party demanded a million dollars for the hush money. Lin Jianming began to secretly negotiate with the other party, and talked about the hush fee of half a million US dollars. However, when a lot of inside information was reported by the media, Lin Jianming’s face was discredited, and his father Lin Baixin and the Lixin Group were also involved. Lin Baixin, anxious, refused to pay the money. Lin Jianming simply broke the jar and directly released his nude photos to the media. Seeing Lin Jianming become the laughing stock of the outside world, Lin Baixin was extremely disappointed with this “unable to support A Dou”. At one point, he said that he would sever the relationship between father and son, but finally gave up after the persuasion of the second room wife Yu Baozhu.

Failed to fight for property, bohemian
In fact, Yu Baozhu had his own selfish intentions in doing this. Unlike Lin Baixin’s wife, Lai Yuanfang, who has no desire for the Buddha, Yu Baozhu has shown a strong side since his marriage. She was born in poverty. As the right arm of Lin Baixin’s career, when he moved to real estate, he left a piece of clothing. Orb takes care of it. When Yu Baozhu gave birth to his son Lin Jianyue, it was at the peak of Lin Baixin’s career, so Lin Jianyue has been favored since childhood. After graduating from high school, Lin Jianyue was sent to the UK to major in business, and Yu Baozhu began to pave the way for his future.

Yu Baozhu’s goal is first of all Lin Baixin’s three-bedroom wife Gu Ruiying. Gu Ruiying was born as a dancer and gave birth to Lin Baixin’s son Lin Weijun and daughter Lin Mingzhu one after another. Lin Mingzhu, who loves art, used Lin Baixin’s name to borrow one billion to build the apartment “Zhi Mansion”, but he owed a large amount of money beyond his budget. The loan was not approved by Lin Baixin, so Yu Baozhu took the opportunity to provoke, and finally made Lin Baixin take Lin Mingzhu and Gu Ruiying to court. Lin Mingzhu knew this was Yu Baozhu’s tricks, but her father’s disregard for blood relationship made her very sad, so she took her father to court for defamation. Lin Baixin originally wanted to teach her daughter a lesson, but she didn’t expect her to understand her own thoughts so much. In an interview with the media, Lin Baixin referred to Lin Mingzhu as a “rebellious woman” and completely severed the relationship between the two.

After Gu Ruiying was dealt with, Yu Baozhu shifted the target to Lin Baixin’s four-bedroom wife Cai Yanru. She turned out to be an actor. After giving birth to her daughter Lin Shuling, Lin Baixin began to train her in business. Yu Baozhu used his contacts to make Cai Yanru’s business unsuccessful. After persisting for a few years, Cai Yanru knew that she couldn’t beat Yu Baozhu, so she ended her marriage with Lin Baixin and remarried to another country, completely distinguishing her relationship with Lin Baixin.