Car Dealership America: A bitter fun with traffic police

Hit the wall everywhere
In June 2017, at the age of 34, I went to Columbia University in New York as a visiting scholar in journalism. Because it is very inconvenient for me not to have a car in the United States, and the news organization with which I have a working relationship is in Washington, the first major event after arriving in the United States , Is to test driver’s license.

The first weekend after I got my driver’s license, I was excited to drive a second-hand Nissan that I just bought to a friend’s house in Washington. Knowing each other in his hometown, he talked with each other very happy, and it was 11 o’clock in the evening when he returned. Due to the high wind and darkness, I focused all my attention on the steering wheel. As a result, I didn’t see the street signs clearly and accidentally drove the car onto a one-way line. As we were about to turn our heads, a few flashes of light suddenly flashed in front of us, and three police cars roared from different directions to surround us. This scene made me stunned. I had to wait for the traffic police to arrive honestly, as prescribed by the traffic regulations.

Less than a minute later, a tall white traffic policeman appeared in front of me and said sternly: “Take your hand out of your pocket! Show your ID!” In the United States, when caught by the traffic police, the owner of the car cannot walk out of the cab. Instead, sit still and put your hands on the steering wheel, otherwise you will be suspected of attacking the police. Although this truth is well known, I panicked and put my hand in my jacket pocket.

After embarrassingly taking my hand out of my pocket, I tremblingly handed my driver’s license over. After glancing at the traffic policeman, he asked me to show the car’s information again. day! My car had just completed the transfer procedure the day before yesterday, and the relevant information was placed at home in New York. So, I patiently explained: “I came to the United States for the first time, lack of experience, and did not put the transfer information in the car, please be accommodating?”

However, no matter how I explained it, the white traffic police still ignored it. He ordered me to wait in the car for disposal, and then turned back to the police car. About 20 minutes later, he came out again and handed me two tickets: one for 80 dollars, the ticket went retrograde; the other was 40 dollars, which failed to provide traffic information to the traffic police.

The first time I met, I touched my nose, and I was shaking with anger. After that, I drove carefully everywhere and vowed never to see the ugly American traffic police again.

But after driving for six months in such a smooth way, the accident still happened. One night, I drove home. Before entering the Lincoln Tunnel, it was found that a police car blocked the way, and it bypassed the sidewalk. But I had just passed the traffic lights, and the police car followed again, and pulled up the lights. I looked at the dashboard, there was no speeding, or no red lights, why followed me? I simply parked to the side and tried to understand.

Shortly after stopping the car, a black traffic policeman came over and said seriously: “Hello, your left front light is broken. You have to fix it before you can hit the road.”

“The headlight is broken, who can find out who is driving?” I was very dissatisfied and complained: “Now the car shop is closed, where can I repair it?!” After a stalemate, the black traffic police still opened a No amount of fines: “You will find a car repair shop to fix the lights tomorrow, and then take the repair invoice and the fines to the traffic police department for filing, otherwise you will be fined.” A fine for a broken headlight! I took the ticket very tangled and drove away. No wonder Americans joke that they dare to scold the president publicly, but dare not be rude to meet traffic police.

Fight wisely
I have been dealing with the traffic police cautiously for a long time, and I have also figured out some magic weapons for the struggle. The following spring, two friends and I traveled to Utah. When we arrived, we rented a car and walked along the endless Gobi Desert.

When we passed a small town, there was a car always following. I subconsciously felt that people were too slow for me, so I stepped on the accelerator and caught up with the white car in front. Zhengyouzai drove freely, and suddenly, the white rear light of the car in front of him “flickered” into a blinking police light, and at the same time, the siren was made. God! I woke up suddenly: I was caught by the traffic police.

After slowing down and stopping the car, I sat in the car and waited for it to leave. A few minutes later, a young white traffic policeman showed up. I took my driver’s license from my backpack and handed him: “Am I doing something wrong?” The traffic policeman looked at the driver’s license and said, “You are speeding!” “Overspeeding?” I groaned in my heart. Before entering the town, I must be speeding in the vast Gobi, but after entering the town…I was worried about whether I was speeding, how to defend myself when I was speeding, I suddenly remembered one thing: I followed him just now! So I straightened up to the young traffic policeman and said, “But I followed you. If I speeded, then you will speed too!”

“You followed me?” The sentence made the young traffic policeman who had no expression on his face laughed. “Of course.” I bite. This time he was confused, because he couldn’t prove that I didn’t follow him. Perhaps the situation is somewhat funny, and the young traffic policeman smiled: “Well, where are you from?”

An unexpected and special chat started like this. Standing on the side of the road, I talked to him about my journey, the beautiful scenery along the way, the food… After being immersed in my depiction for nearly half an hour, the young traffic policeman gave me my driving license back: “Thank you for sharing such a beautiful Feel. The speed limit of the small town you just passed is 40, and your speed is 53. You need to be more careful in the future!”

When fighting bravely with the American traffic police and fighting for punishment, I have always regarded them as “enemy”, and never thought that one day I would benefit from them. But in the New Year of 2019, I really enjoyed some special treatment, and my views on them are more comprehensive.

On the eve of Christmas 2018, my friend Haining moved to a new home and invited me to go to his home to celebrate the New Year. Relying on the bravery of skilled people, I drove off by myself. Unexpectedly, Haining’s new home was not easy to find. I was lost when I walked. In a panic, I forgot to look at the roadside sign and drove a one-way street in retrograde.

At this moment, the sirens behind him made a big noise. I was in a state of chaos and stopped the car immediately. After a while, a black traffic policeman ran over, saluted and asked seriously, “Miss, do you know you are retrograde?” Lost and caught, it made me annoyed: “Sorry, I I don’t know. My friend invited me to his new house for Christmas, but I got lost.”

Upon hearing this, the black traffic police wanted to cross Haining’s address and said politely: “I’m sorry to hear about your encounter. Your friend lives only two streets away from here, but you went in the wrong direction, and this is a one-way street. You It’s too dangerous to go retrograde, so, wait for me to seal the road, let the other cars stop, you turn around, and then drive with me.” After that, he and his colleagues sealed the road in tandem. After I adjusted the front of the car, they opened the road in front and sent me directly to Haining’s house. Before leaving, the two traffic policemen smiled and said: “Miss, I wish you a happy party and a happy Christmas.” Instead of being punished, I was given preferential treatment, which made my Christmas very happy.

After Christmas, I returned to New York and started a busy study life. There was a small bald traffic policeman on the road I had to go through every day. He was very dedicated. He came back to law enforcement early and late, and was caught by him with little chance of escape. Therefore, my friends and I are very afraid of meeting him. When we pass by, if we know that he is there, everyone will flash each other to say hello to avoid hitting his muzzle.

However, it is inevitable that people who drive are dealing with traffic police. When I went home one day, my car had a flat tire. I parked the car on the side of the road and took out the jack. This is summer. I squatted in a suspender skirt and changed my tires. It was embarrassing and dangerous.

At this time, the bald traffic police came over, he said nothing to stop the car, put on the warning lights, and then took over the spare tire in my hand, while changing, but also enthusiastically told me which repair shop changed the tires to save money . Before leaving, he handed me a business card: “If there is anything to run errands, you can come to me.” After that, he sighed softly: “I know everyone thinks that I stare too tightly, but you know, There have been many car accidents on this road before, and many people have died, so I have to do this. I can earn without money, but only once in my life.

This is the first time I heard the traffic police’s heartfelt words, and because of this sentence, I have a 180-degree turn in the attitude of the US traffic police. No matter how much responsibility is given, perhaps respect for human nature and respect for life are their most fundamental. Responsibilities.