7 principles of high uric acid daily diet

Gout is considered to be a disease of modern civilization. In recent years, with high protein, high purine diet, alcohol consumption, high blood pressure or long-term use of diuretics for patients with heart disease, gout has become a relatively common disease, especially in men. According to the data, nine gout patients are male, but postmenopausal women should also pay attention to prevent gout.

Gout is caused by a disorder of purine metabolism. The main feature is increased blood uric acid. Excessively high uric acid in the blood will deposit gout stones at the joints of the body. It was just one or two joints at the beginning of the onset, and forbearance passed away, often not being valued. However, if it is not controlled, gout stones will be deposited around the joints, which will deform or mutilate the joints. If the treatment time is delayed, resulting in renal failure and uremia complications, it may indirectly lead to death, so do not save minor illnesses into serious illnesses. It is worth mentioning that although gout is harmful, dietary control is effective. Since there are records of gout, there have been many examples of dietary therapy, and modern medicine has confirmed this. In this regard, it is recommended that gout patients should pay attention to the following points-

1. Limit purine intake
Patients with gout should limit the intake of purine for a long time. Animal internal organs such as liver, waist, pancreas and mackerel, sardines, shrimp, gravy, broth should be strictly restricted. In the acute phase, trace purine foods must be strictly selected, while in the remission phase, moderate amounts of purine foods and trace purine foods can be used alternately.

2. Limit total calorie intake
The study found that obesity is an important cause of hyperuricemia and gout, so weight control is very important for gout, and the total daily calories should be about 10% lower than normal people. However, weight loss should be done step by step, otherwise too fast fat breakdown can easily lead to ketosis and affect the discharge of uric acid.

3. Proper protein intake
The protein should be mainly plant protein, and animal protein can use milk, cheese and eggs. They are rich in high-quality protein and contain less purine, which is beneficial to gout patients. Because purine is easily soluble in soup, lean meat and poultry can also be boiled in small amounts and discarded after eating soup.

4. Sufficient water every day
It is recommended to drink 2,000 to 3000 milliliters of water per day (optional boiled water, tea, mineral water) to increase the amount of urine, so that the body’s uric acid is quickly discharged, and also reduce the concentration of uric acid, prevent the formation of urethral stones, and delay the progressive damage of the kidneys. In order to prevent nocturnal urine concentration, it is recommended to add water at night. It should be reminded that strong tea, coffee, cocoa and other beverages have the effect of exciting the autonomic nervous system, which may cause gout attacks, and should be avoided as much as possible.

5. Quit drinking
Alcohol easily accumulates lactic acid in the body, inhibits the discharge of uric acid, and easily induces gout. Especially beer and wine contain a large amount of purine, which should be limited. An excessive drinking, if accompanied by a high-purine, high-fat meal, may cause acute gout attacks.

6. Limit fat intake
Fat will prevent the kidneys from discharging uric acid, so the intake of fat should be limited to 40 to 50 grams per day. The cooking method should be steaming, boiling, boiling, stewing, etc., and avoid eating fat content such as fat, frying, and frying. For high foods, it is recommended to use vegetable oil instead of animal oil.

7. Eat more alkaline food
Vegetables, fruits and milk foods contain more sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other elements. After metabolism in the body, they produce alkaline substances, which can improve the solubility of urate, accelerate excretion, and prevent the formation of stones. Patients with hypertension are given sodium restriction. Watermelon and winter melon are not only alkaline foods, but also have obvious diuretic effect, which is more beneficial to gout patients.

Gout is a very harmful disease, so pay more attention to your daily diet and lifestyle. In addition, gout can also be prevented through nutritional supplements.

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