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Many people think that “headache” is an excuse for children to avoid homework, but in fact headache and migraine are one of the most common children’s health problems. A study in the United States found that students are more prone to headaches when they start school. Many parents mistakenly think that this is a bluff for the child to escape from homework. In fact, changes in sleep patterns, getting up early to school, staying up late to study, skipping breakfast and lack of drinking water, and weather changes are all factors that cause children to have headaches at the beginning of the new semester.

LED Visual Water Thermometer

When the child is bathed, the adult feels that the water temperature is appropriate, but when the child enters, the child will be scalded and cry. Babies with delicate skin are much more sensitive to temperature than adults. How to do? A water thermometer called Zhinuan V2 LED can solve this problem. As long as it is installed on the faucet, it can quickly capture the water temperature and update it in real time. The temperature is accurate to 0.5℃ and the measurable temperature range is 5~85℃. It has a built-in water flow generator to generate electricity through water flow. The clarity of the LED display is high, and it can be seen in a dark environment.

It’s okay for the daughter to marry an alien

One day, I accompanied my mother to watch a TV series at home. In the play, the heroine fell in love with a foreign man. All kinds of opposition at home, and the two ended up breaking up. So I tentatively asked my mother: “If I marry a foreigner, would you object?” My mother looked at me up and down and said seriously: “If you can marry, don’t say foreigners, foreigners Stars are fine!” What makes me more sad is that when my mom said so, my dad kept nodding hard.

Reusable drinking straw

Straws are often used in daily life, but commonly used straws are basically disposable plastic products, which are neither environmentally friendly nor have hidden safety risks. Now, a glass straw from German designer Benjamin is both environmentally friendly and safe. It is made of borosilicate glass, each group of 3, the thickness is different. The color of each set of straws is also different, with a dedicated base and a transparent cover. This straw is reusable and can also be placed on a desk or desk as a piece of art.

Flying fingertip top

Fingertip gyro is a toy that both adults and children like, but it is very easy to hurt people and easy to break when it touches hard objects. The Flynova fingertip gyro designed by a US company is safe and fun. It uses a blade protection cover design, which eliminates the hidden danger of injury. When thrown towards the sky, it can be returned to the hand like a boomerang. If it is not caught, it will be fine, because it is very resistant to falling. There is a gyro motor inside, and with intelligent algorithms, it can maneuver the flight speed with various skills to stabilize the flight trajectory. When covered with both hands, the gyro can stop immediately.

See if you still go out to play

Affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the Philippines implemented a home isolation policy. A 12-year-old boy was particularly uncomfortable. On the third day of isolation at home, he started shouting to go out to play, and he didn’t listen no matter what his parents said. Finally, his father asked his wife and daughter to catch his son, started a haircut with a pair of scissors, and after a while, all the hair above the son’s head was cut off. Seeing this ugly Mediterranean hairstyle in the mirror, the boy cried. Proclaimed loudly: You will not go out to play when you die.

Overweight is easy to get metabolic diseases after delivery

Experts at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada, found that women who gained weight during pregnancy from 3 to 12 months after childbirth maintained their blood lipids, blood pressure, and other physiological indexes at standard levels. And those women who continue to gain weight within one year after delivery have worse diastolic blood pressure, insulin resistance, and blood lipids, and are more likely to suffer from metabolic diseases. Postpartum is a key window for the risk of metabolism and cardiovascular disease. Compared with the weight of pregnant women, it is very scientific to use the weight of a year after delivery as an indicator to predict whether metabolic diseases will occur within the next 15 years.