The best parents choose to be role models for their children

With children, we always want to be a child and a woman, but many children are very resistant to this expectation from their parents. Because while we asked them, we slacked off ourselves. Today’s children are very clever. Compared to actions, language preaching is often pale and weak.

There is such a paragraph: the child was again scolded by his mother as a stupid bird because of poor grades. The child said unconvincedly: “There are three kinds of stupid birds in the world, one is to fly first, and the other is too tired to fly.” Question: “What about the third one?” The child said, “This is the most annoying. I can’t fly, so I lay an egg in the nest and ask the next generation to fly hard.” The best parent-child relationship is not to stand on the side and watch the child run, nor to pull the whip to let the child run fast, but to walk on the track with the child.

Dong Qing said this when she talked about being a mother: “What kind of person do you want your child to be? It’s very simple. What kind of person do you want to be yourself first.” She hopes that herself is excellent in the eyes of children. So after giving birth, she re-entered the workplace and became the host and producer of “Chinese Poetry Conference” and “Lang Reader”, once again proving herself with strength.

my country’s first national family education survey report “National Family Education Survey Report (2018)” conducted a survey of more than 110,000 fourth-grade students and more than 70,000 eighth-grade students nationwide. When surveying students’ most respected role models, “parents” came first. The earliest education that everyone receives from birth is family education, and the parents who are the most affected are parents. Parents’ word-and-body churches have a direct and subtle influence on their children. Outstanding parents use their own excellence to influence their children. When parents live in a beam of light, the child will naturally try to follow suit. This is the best education for the child.

Liu Guoliang’s daughter won the World Star Junior Golf Championship World Championship at the age of 8. Liu Guoliang felt strange, before his daughter always asked him repeatedly: Dad, when you were 8 years old, how old is the world? He didn’t know why, until the moment his daughter won the championship, he realized that the daughter always regarded him as a role model and always wanted to exceed him.

The famous scholar Yang Jiang once said that he was only influenced by his parents and teachers, so he liked to study. “Dad speaks in a reasonable way, exports into chapters, and “Declaration” comments one after another. It’s awe-inspiring and full of sound. I learned from them and found my father’s book to read. It was really interesting. From then on, I read a good book and fell in love with it.”

The essence of education is that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul summons another soul. This sentence by the famous German philosopher Yaspers has a profound meaning. The best parents always set an example for their children. Such role models are intuitive, real, concrete, and approachable, and can make children more emotionally and psychologically easier to accept and more resonant.