sunset that year

  Standing still, looking into the distance, thinking in the distance.
  The sunset was so beautiful.
  The thief of time entrusts the beauty of the day to the sunset, just like entrusting happiness to love. The sunset is just as unbridled beauty, wantonly squandering the infinite beauty of the sunset. Yes, it should be beautiful, it will not faint, will not fall, it will shine at the junction of heaven and earth, charming and serene.
  That year, the righteous spring grass first grew, and the spring water was born. Everything is fine in the grasslands, the troops and horses are about to rest, the weapons have been put into storage, and there is hope for the good days of the frontier.
  Wang Youcheng took an errand and went to the frontier to express his condolences to Master Wang who had just won and stabilized the frontier. All the way to hurry and hurry, the mood is beautiful, starting from Chang’an, all the way to the west, just to the plug, it is dusk and sunset.
  All sounds are quiet, there are geese returning to their nests between heaven and earth, the vastness of the Gobi, the independence of the hills, and the solitary smoke straight into the sky. At this time, the sunset was dim, the light was faint, and the sun was soft, hitting the ground and the poet, very soft, not dazzling or dazzling at all.
  The sunset is round and there is no wind at all. The sunset is so good, at this time, everything is gentle. The wasteland is not desolate, and there is no cold light flickering on the sleeves, only the straight solitary smoke and the blush sunset, standing there, it is very beautiful if you don’t speak.
  That year was the Kaiyuan period of the Tang Dynasty. Chang’an is prosperous, all countries come to the dynasty, it is the prosperous age of the Tang Dynasty.
  That year, when Wang Youcheng was on a mission to the frontier fortress, he happened to meet the early spring, and he happened to walk to the fortress. It was sunset and dusk.
  That year, the sunset was “the desert is solitary and the smoke is straight, and the long river sets the yen”. There are deserts, solitary smoke, long rivers, and sunsets. Quiet, magnificent, and broad, Wang Youcheng was deeply moved, and he was also amazed by the tide of poetry.
  Later people, reading it, all sighed at the gorgeous sunset at that time.

  In autumn, in the south of the Yangtze River, guests are like clouds.
  That year, Tengwang Pavilion was really lively, and the guests and hosts were all noble and elegant from the southeast.
  Wang Bo, a scholar, happened to meet this great event. After drinking and eating, the sun must be about to slant in the west.
  The sunset in the south of the Yangtze River should be like this. The sunset and the solitary bird fly together. In the autumn of Poyang Lake, the water is clear, and the sky is high like the blue sky, which amazes the writers and the readers.
  That year, a teenager passed by Jiangnan, just in time for the grand event. It happens to be the autumn of the southern country, and we travel all the way and visit the mountains and rivers all the way. The mountains and rivers are beautiful, the lakes and mountains are beautiful, all of them are entangled in the young man’s heart, and they have turned into a dazzling spirit in the universe.
  The fishermen on Poyang Lake sang homewards, singing loudly, the setting sun shone on the water, the intersection of water and light, sparkling, warm and clear, all made people sigh at the beauty of the mountains and rivers.
  That year, it was the prosperous years of the Tang Dynasty. The mountains and rivers are beautiful, and the years are quiet. Everyone is busy with their own affairs, busy with fishing, busy with crops, and busy with writing on the chest. The sunset is so beautiful. On that autumn day, the scholar hit the road and was amazed by the poetry of the early Tang Dynasty.
  The sunset that year was really beautiful, the articles were beautiful, and the artistic conception was beautiful. The rain in the south of the Yangtze River gradually disappeared between the mountains and rivers, and the dense clouds also became faint, as pale as tulle, and the particles of light penetrated with a light poke, glowing with colorful light.
  The sentence “The sunset and the lonely bird fly together, and the autumn waters are the same color for a long time”, which depicts the sunset scene as if it were in the middle of a painting.
  The sunset, the glow of the sun, the solitary eagle, the autumn water, and the light of the lake appear in my heart.

  In the evening, I walked a few steps along the riverside, and gently spread the sunset on the river.
  The people are independent, the scenery is independent, and the afterglow of the sunset falls on the river water, which is picturesque and poetic, which makes people have infinite reverie. The setting sun is about to meet the edge of the earth, the blood-red halo reflects all things one by one, and the cards of time remain in the depths of memory frame by frame, which is the initial appearance of beauty.
  At dusk that year, Bai Juyi was not the Sima of Jiangzhou, but he still wore a green shirt, and went all the way from Chang’an to the south, walked through many mountains and waters, and was about to arrive at Hangzhou, the destination of this foreign post.
  At this time, it is right in the south of the Yangtze River in autumn. The water of Taihu Lake is rippling, the breeze is in my arms, the sun is slanting to the west, and the thin clouds of the western mountains are blocking the night. The setting sun penetrates and sprinkles on the lake. The river water is half crimson and half green. .
  The sunset was beautiful that year, and the mood was also beautiful. There was no intrigue in the courtroom, and there was no fear of walking on thin ice every day. The wind was brisk, and the sunset light could soothe the hard work of the boat and car.
  The light of the setting sun spreads to the bottom of the eyes, the afterglow spreads well, and there is a bright, blush in the drowsy, and the sparkling water waves are a poetic fantasy.
  It was extremely quiet and beautiful. The sunset that year was “a setting sun spreads across the water, half the river is full of serenity and half the river is red”.
  The sunset that year, the east corner has passed away, and Sangyu is not too early. It is a beautiful scene of sunset with lakes and mountains. There was infinite sadness in his chest, and at this time, the scene had already disappeared with the smoke without a trace.
  The sunset that year, a passerby, a journey of mountains and rivers, a journey of lakes. There was a period of quiet time without melancholy, and I was at ease in the river water with the afterglow of the sunset.