give you a handwritten letter

  Life comes and goes, and time flies.
  During the winter and summer, many lonely figures shuttle between subway stations and office buildings. There are also many people whose eyes are blocked by thick lenses, hidden between textbooks and submerged in the sea of ​​questions. They have lofty ideals in their hearts, but their steps are hesitant.
  And I only want to slow down in the hustle and bustle of the world and seek a place of tranquility and comfort. I wrote my story one by one, and exchanged my thoughts with strangers in the distance for comfort.
  In the spring of my first year of high school, my family moved from a bungalow to a community building. Adults are reluctant to leave the old house that they have lived in for so long. I am the only happy person in the family, because I can finally make pen pals at ease, and finally don’t have to worry about the intricate alleys that will make the postman unable to find the exact address of my house.
  On the first day I moved into my new home, I went downstairs to search for the specific location of the mailbox, and copied down the zip code in the upper left corner of the mailbox. Since then, I have finally started the “handwritten letter” career with satisfaction.
  But when I was sitting at the writing desk and writing, I was puzzled. Who should I write this letter to? How to send it out? I suddenly realized that I didn’t know anything about these things, and my blood was half cold. I began to search around the Internet like a headless fly, and I didn’t pay the painstaking efforts. I finally saw a platform for making pen pals – Pen pal bar.
  The moment I clicked in, I was overwhelmed with joy. So, I sent out a post on “2001 High School Students Seeking Penpals Online”, but I didn’t receive a reply after waiting for days. I seriously edited the post, wishing I could put my details online, hoping to attract a pen pal with a soul-mate.
  In fact, I actually found it. There was a fiery smell in the air that scorching afternoon, and it was only a breeze to cool it a little. I opened pen pals as usual, and found that someone sent me a private message. From her description, I learned that this is an older sister who shares my interests and hobbies. We talked very much, so we exchanged correspondence addresses and agreed to send the first letter within a week. In this way, on that hot afternoon, I met my first pen pal, Qing Huan.
  It was the first time I wrote a letter to a stranger to express my heartfelt feelings. It was a wonderful feeling. It was a bit like eating popping candy when I was a child. At first, the candy jumped in my mouth to stimulate my taste buds, and finally it was sweet. I wrote, stroke by stroke, the things I had never told anyone about, the trivial things in the class, and the little things that made me happy recently.
  I wrote eloquently until the end, only to realize that a whole piece of paper was already written, but I didn’t have the sense of accomplishment I imagined, but my heart was full of apprehension. Because when I re-read the letter, I felt that there was neither logic nor writing, as if it was a combination of things. I was thinking of writing a new one, but when I wrote it, I found that the passion I had when I first told it was no longer there. So, this letter mixed with my uneasy mood embarked on its journey over the weekend.
  The waiting process was extremely torturous for me as a teenager. After the letter was sent, I felt like a year at school. In my spare time, I always think of that letter. Has it been in Qinghuan’s hands? Will it be lost? I always have a hint of worry.
  When I finally looked forward to coming home from school for the weekend, I was no longer greeted by a comfy sofa, but by a letterbox full of hope. really! A white postcard with a bear pattern lay there quietly.
  Qinghuan told me in the letter that she was in her third year of high school, and there were two months before the college entrance examination. The reason why she chose to write postcards was to relieve anxiety and stress by communicating with strangers. In the letter, she also shared her current situation, and at the end there was a sentence “Grow flowers in your heart, and life will not be barren”. In just a dozen or so words, I sketched in my mind the appearance of a literary girl who was confused and anxious. I suddenly had an idea, I want to accompany her through this most tormenting day, and use my words to give her a little bit of strength.
  It was the first time since I was in high school that I was seriously looking for inspirational quotes from the Internet, and I wrote them at the beginning and end of each letter. In addition to sharing my current situation, I will deliberately search for some short stories of warmth and healing to write in the letter. I hope that Qing Huan can gain a moment of ease and firm strength while reading this letter.
  In her reply, Qing Huan also patiently and meticulously gave me some suggestions as a past person to help me get out of my psychological predicament. Those difficulties that I thought could never be overcome at the time could be easily resolved by her writing.
  I enjoyed this hard-won warmth and immersed myself in this mutual healing tranquility. That short spring and summer was unforgettable for Qinghuan, and it was also unforgettable for me. At that time, the thing I looked forward to most every week was to see if I had a reply from her, and the happiest thing was to send her a handwritten letter.
  Although we gradually lost contact after Qinghuan entered the university due to the inconvenience of sending letters and other reasons, I will always remember how I clumsily wrote the first handwritten letter, and I will always remember that in such a hustle and bustle world, I was with a stranger. People heal each other.