Air conditioner blowing cool wind

In the middle of the night, Aunt Wang, who had finally fallen asleep, was woken up by the heat. She opened her confused eyes and felt that the bedroom was surprisingly quiet. She sighed softly: “What’s wrong with the air conditioner? What’s wrong with working on a hot day?” She turned on the night light, grabbed the air conditioner remote control on the bedside table, and pressed the start button with her thumb. She gently pressed the start button, and then she heard a crisp sound of “di”. After a while, along with the sound of the air conditioner, a cool breeze will blow into the hot and dry space from the air-conditioning port. But tonight, the remote control in his hand didn’t respond at all for a long time. She pressed it several times in a row, and the remote seemed to be asleep, but it didn’t make a “squeak” sound. Aunt Wang thought that it should be the battery problem. She thought that the battery was just replaced this summer, and it was too useless. She opened the drawer of the bedside table and found two AA batteries to replace. She put the remote control at the air conditioner on the wall and pressed the start button hard. Hey, the remote control in her hand and the air conditioner still ignored her. “What can I do? Don’t want to sleep peacefully tonight.” Aunt Wang said to herself helplessly. At this moment, she thought of her son, but it was already zero o’clock. The son of the CEO of the company was very busy all day. If she called her son to wake her up these days, she, as a mother, could not bear it. She would rather keep her eyes open until dawn than disturb her son. At this moment, she thought of her husband again, and scolded in her heart, “You bastard who doesn’t live up to his expectations, he will leave me alone before he is seventy. If the old man is still alive, he will be better than me, at least the air conditioner in the living room is broken. It should have been fixed long ago, so I can at least spend the night on the sofa in the living room.”

The air conditioner in the living room has been broken for more than half a month. My son wanted to call someone to fix it or get a new one. In fact, my son hasn’t been seen for half a month. The daughter-in-law has spoken, and asked her to move in with her, and she can also help take care of her grandson who is in elementary school. But Aunt Wang refused, saying that she was only in her 60s and was alone. She could chat with the old people in the community, play mahjong, dance square dance, and go to a senior university. Stop walking and talk about it.

Aunt Wang went to the living room and moved the floor-standing electric fan into the bedroom. Aunt Wang, who was accustomed to the air conditioner, could only sleep half-awake until dawn with the noise of the fan.

After getting up in the morning, she went directly to the coffee table in the living room to find old newspapers before taking a shower. She put on reading glasses, and found in the gaps in a “Morning News” article “We come to repair air conditioners and other electrical appliances, and are always on call.” ” text ad. Aunt Wang silently recited the mobile phone number below the text ad while pressing the number on the phone screen. Aunt Wang quickly asked: “Do you come to repair air conditioners?” The other party replied: “I’m Xiaoqiang, a repairman. Do you need me to come to your door? Please tell me the time and address…”

Aunt Wang reported the address and asked him to come to repair the air conditioner at around ten in the morning, because in the afternoon she had to go to the University for the Elderly to paint.

Putting down the phone, Aunt Wang immediately thought of hanging up her son and asking him to come home at ten o’clock. After all, she is an old woman at home, and strangers are always worried about entering the house. The son complained on the phone: “Mom, why did you hang up the phone and call a stranger? You should tell me that I can find someone to repair it at home.” Aunt Wang said with a “sigh”, “I wake up in the morning and I am confused. Did you find an advertisement in an old newspaper? You keep saying that you are busy, but Mom dares to bother you, you can come home at ten o’clock.” The son said, “Mom, I really can’t be separated in the morning. , I have to meet an appointment with a client in a while, or else, I will meet the client first and then ask my assistant to continue the contact, I will try to rush home at ten o’clock, and call me anytime if there is anything.”

Doorbell rang. Aunt Wang looked at her watch. It was exactly ten o’clock. She thought that she was on time, but is this the air-conditioning repairman named Xiaoqiang or her son? Aunt Wang didn’t open the door right away, she narrowed one eye and looked out the door through the cat’s eye on the door. The face outside the door was obviously the air conditioner repairman named Xiaoqiang. She opened the door, and the young man standing outside the door was in his thirties. He was just over 1.6 meters tall and his face was dark, but his thin face with sharp edges and corners showed some handsomeness. It was just those narrow eyes that reminded Aunt Wang of “triangular eyes”. ” title. With a toolbox on his shoulders, he bent down slightly and asked Aunt Wang, “Are you the head of room 901? I’m Xiaoqiang, an air conditioner repairman, can I come in?”

“Oh, come in, come in. There are a pair of slippers here, you can put them on when you go in.” Aunt Wang let Xiaoqiang in.

The air conditioner in Aunt Wang’s bedroom is installed on the upper wall on the left side of the bed. To check the air conditioner, you need to step on a square stool or step directly on the bedside table next to the bed to get it. Xiaoqiang proposed to bring a stool or chair over. Aunt Wang said no, the bedside table is stronger than a wooden stool, I will give you a newspaper and you can just step on it. Aunt Wang said that she brought the “Morning News” that had just been turned over on the coffee table in the living room and put it on the bedside table. A thin layer of sweat had already seeped out on Xiaoqiang’s forehead. He wiped his forehead with the back of his hand, and opened the toolbox with a “pop”. Aunt Wang glanced attentively. In addition to the red and green electric coils, there were pliers, scissors, screwdrivers, and an iron hammer. The iron hammer that came into view made Aunt Wang’s heart tighten, and she secretly scolded why this ghost son didn’t come home.

Xiaoqiang stepped on the bedside table with both feet. Aunt Wang looked up at Xiao Qiang’s back against the wall. The grey jeans wrapped Xiao Qiang’s flat buttocks and two thin legs tightly. Aunt Wang’s eyes slowly moved down, until she moved to the heels of Xiaoqiang’s feet, and then she moved her gaze to the bedside table under Xiaoqiang’s feet. The bedside table has upper and lower drawers. Aunt Wang knows exactly what is in the upper and lower drawers. If you open the upper drawer, you can see thousands of yuan in cash. She usually uses cash for grocery shopping. You also need cash to play small mahjong. The contents in the lower drawer are not ordinary. There is a rectangular iron box inside, which is just a cornucopia! As long as you open the lid of the tin box, you will see a bankbook worth 100,000 yuan, gold rings, gold necklaces, gold earrings, jade bracelets and other treasures, oh! There are also more than 1,000 dollars that the old man exchanged for traveling abroad during his lifetime. She wanted to give the dollar to her son, who told her to keep it for herself when she traveled abroad.

Aunt Wang thought about the iron box, and her heart tightened for a while. At this time, there was a faint voice of “grinding scissors, cutting kitchen knives…” from the window. Aunt Wang pricked up her ears and listened carefully. It should be the shout of the master who came to the community for more than ten days to sharpen the knife. It seems that the knife sharpening business in this community is not bad, and it has only been more than ten days to come and shout again. I remember that day Aunt Wang couldn’t help laughing when she heard the long-lost cries of “grinding scissors, cutting kitchen knives”, which reminded her of the old Peking Opera model drama “Red Lantern”. That day, she pushed open the window, stuck her head out of the window, rolled her hands in a circle in front of her mouth, and shouted downstairs: “Master of kitchen knives, come up to the ninth floor, I have kitchen knives, scissors, and fruit knives, you can sharpen them. enough.”

The tip of the ear downstairs, I heard clearly, shouted to Aunt Wang: “Big sister, go downstairs, I’m waiting for you to rest.”

Aunt Wang put two kitchen knives, one fruit knife, and two scissors into a plastic bag. After stepping into the elevator, she reached out and pressed the first floor key, and then pressed the door closing key several times in a hurry. It’s like rushing to the theater to watch a model play.

When Aunt Wang handed a bag of knives and scissors to the sharpener, she smiled and said, “Why don’t you go upstairs? I can make you a cup of tea on a hot day.”

The knife sharpener first put the ruler in front of the long fruit knife and squinted a few times, and wiped the blade with his finger belly, and said, “Well, it’s blunt enough to be used as a ruler.”

The knife sharpener put the fruit knife on the grindstone, dipped it in water, and started his “knife sharpening”. At this time, women in twos and threes gathered around with knives and scissors. After sharpening the fruit knife, the sharpener said to Aunt Wang intentionally: “It is taboo for us to sharpen the knife to enter other people’s houses. The more lively it is in the aisle, the better.”

At that time, Aunt Wang hadn’t fully grasped the meaning of the sharpener’s words, and now she had a feeling of “sudden realization” when she thought about it. She subconsciously dialed the phone for her son: “Hey, son, say ten o’clock. Come home, what time is it, why haven’t you seen anyone yet?”

The son said, “I’m a mother, I’m here in a hurry, but the leaky roof happened last rainy day, my car slammed into someone else’s car, and the other party stopped it and waited for the traffic police to deal with it. It’s annoying!”

Xiaoqiang suddenly jumped off the bedside table with a thud. Aunt Wang, who was listening on the phone, took a step back subconsciously. Xiaoqiang said, “Auntie, the wire is shorted.”

Aunt Wang asked, “Are the wires aging?”

Xiaoqiang said: “It won’t be caused by aging, maybe it’s been visited by a mouse, and it’s possible that it’s bitten.”

“Ah, can there be mice on the ninth floor of my house? No wonder I heard a rustling sound in the middle of the night.” Aunt Wang said in surprise.

Xiao Qiang smiled and said, “The mouse doesn’t care which floor you are on. It can go up anywhere people can. Auntie, there is a small part in the air conditioner that needs to be replaced.”

Aunt Wang said cheerfully: “This air conditioner has been installed for more than ten years. You just need to repair it. You should just replace the wire parts. Anyway, I’m just as old as the wires. Don’t pay attention. gave me the money.”

Aunt Wang deliberately put “money” more seriously. Xiaoqiang found a screwdriver and a circle of green wires from the toolbox, and inserted a pair of pliers into his waist.

When her son called to ask about the situation, Aunt Wang held the phone and said angrily, “The accident hasn’t been dealt with yet, so don’t you care about your mother?”

The son said, “Why don’t I care about you? Who told your son to meet a difficult ghost today.”

Xiaoqiang turned his head and said to Aunt Wang: “Auntie, it sounds like your son was in a traffic accident? Otherwise, don’t let him drive home. Do you think this will work? I turn around, no, I Come down, take a photo of my face and send the photo to your son’s phone.”

“This…” Aunt Wang took a while to realize what Xiao Qiang was saying.

Xiaoqiang jumped off the bedside table with a thud. Aunt Wang staggered back again in horror, and then said to Xiao Qiang with a half-smile, “How come you are like a monkey, and your movements are too agile.”

“It’s okay, I look like a skinny monkey, you just hurry up and take pictures.” Xiao Qiang urged with a smile.

“Well, I’m sorry, I’ll take a photo!” Aunt Wang pointed the camera at Xiaoqiang’s thin and angular face and pressed the camera button.

Aunt Wang glanced at the photo and said, “The young man is a little handsome, very photogenic, but his eyes are narrowed into two slits.”

Xiaoqiang laughed again and said, “Is it because I laughed? If I didn’t laugh, I could still find two eyeballs.”

Aunt Wang was amused by Xiaoqiang’s words and laughed.

Xiaoqiang turned around and said, “I often encounter this kind of thing in my line of work, and I know it well, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Last time I went to a house to repair the air conditioner, I arrived a little early, and the eldest sister called me. I waited outside the door for more than half an hour before her husband rushed home and opened the door to let me in, I understand.”

Aunt Wang listened attentively. She really didn’t know how to answer the conversation. She wanted to send Xiaoqiang’s photo to her son, but when she opened the screen of her phone, she only sent her son a WeChat message: “It’s okay, you Don’t rush home.”

Not long after WeChat was sent out, Aunt Wang’s phone rang, and it was her son’s reply: “I know.”

After a full hour, the line was connected. Xiaoqiang also replaced the aging drain hose that was leaking a bit. Xiao Qiang called out to Aunt Wang who was washing rice in the kitchen: “Auntie, it’s done, come and try it.”

Aunt Wang agreed and went back to the bedroom. Xiaoqiang held the iron hammer in one hand, and pressed the remote control in the other hand, and then the cool wind blew out from the air-conditioning port of the air conditioner.

When Xiaoqiang put the iron hammer into the toolbox, Aunt Wang suddenly said, “Oh, I almost forgot, the air conditioner in the living room has been broken for a while, please repair it too.”

Xiaoqiang replied “Okay,” and bent down to carry the toolbox, but just as he straightened up, he suddenly grabbed Aunt Wang’s shoulder. Aunt Wang exclaimed: “What are you doing?”

Xiao Qiang let go of his hand after a long while, shook his head a few times, and said, “I’m so sorry, I scared you, Auntie, I was dizzy just now.”

“Oh, Xiaoqiang, are you suffering from heat stroke?” Aunt Wang’s anxiety disappeared instantly, and she asked with concern.

“It’s okay, Auntie, I’ve fainted a few times recently, I’ll be fine in a while.” Xiaoqiang said a little shyly.

Aunt Wang realized that it had been an hour since the air-conditioning repairman came to the house, and it was the first time she blurted out to call him “Xiaoqiang”, and a feeling of pity could not help flooding into her heart. She said in a caring tone, “Xiaoqiang, you’d better lean on the sofa for a while. The air conditioner in the living room is not in a hurry to repair.”

Xiaoqiang refused, saying that he was fine now and that he was not dizzy at all. He picked up the remote control of the air conditioner and pressed it, and the air conditioner responded quickly, sending the wind into the living room with a “wheeze”, but there was no trace of coolness. Xiaoqiang smiled and said, “Auntie, it’s time to add refrigerant. I’ll add it now, and there will be a cool breeze in a while.”

“No wonder, I said why this air conditioner is getting hotter and hotter, so I just don’t turn it on.” Aunt Wang giggled.

When the air conditioner in the living room blew a cool breeze, Aunt Wang realized that since Xiaoqiang entered the house until now, she has not even provided a glass of water. Aunt Wang felt apologetic in her heart. She went to the bathroom and took out a dry towel and handed it to Xiaoqiang, saying, “Xiaoqiang, wipe the sweat and rest for a while. Auntie will pour you a glass of water.”

Xiaoqiang wiped the sweat on his forehead, cheeks and neck with a dry towel, and said, “Auntie, please pour a basin of water, and I will help you clean the filters of the two air conditioners. It seems that they haven’t been washed this year. Bar?”

Aunt Wang smiled and said, “I don’t know how to do it. In the past, it was the old man who washed it. In the past few years, my son did it. No, my son has been busy for almost two years.”

Xiaoqiang dropped a few drops of detergent into the basin and cleaned the filter. The water in the basin turned cloudy in an instant. Xiaoqiang raised his head and said to Aunt Wang, “Auntie, look, this filter is as dirty as the lungs of a smoker.”

Aunt Wang looked at it and said, “Isn’t that right? I sucked all the love into my lungs.”

After cleaning the filter, Xiaoqiang got up and reinstalled the filter, and said to his aunt, “Auntie, I have to go. There is another family waiting for me to repair the air conditioner at noon.”

As if she was about to lose something, Aunt Wang hurriedly persuaded Xiaoqiang: “You kid, don’t rush to leave, you were dizzy just now, just sit for a while and then leave.”

Seeing Aunt Wang’s sincerity, Xiao Qiang sat down on the sofa and carefully sipped a cup of hot tea in his hand.

Aunt Wang asked Xiaoqiang: “Xiaoqiang, how much should my aunt pay you? Just say it, you’re welcome.”

“Give me two hundred.” Xiaoqiang lowered his head and sipped the hot tea and said the number.

Aunt Wang went to the bedroom and opened the drawer on the bedside table, took out three hundred-yuan bills, and handed them to Xiaoqiang in the living room, saying, “I fixed two air conditioners for Auntie this morning. Auntie is not used to using her mobile phone to make money. You can use these three-hundred-yuan bills in cash. take it.”

Xiaoqiang hurriedly stood up and blocked his hand and said, “No, no, two hundred yuan is already a lot, I don’t dare to ask for more.”

“You’re quite a stubborn child. It’s a reward from your aunt. Take it.” Aunt Wang pushed the money into Xiaoqiang’s hand.

Xiaoqiang is really stubborn, and why is he unwilling to charge more than 100 yuan, it was Xiaoqiang who pushed around and put forward a request, and asked Aunt Wang: “Auntie, do you have iced mineral water in your refrigerator? I want to freeze my throat.”

“Oh, look at my memory, there is a mine-sized melon in the refrigerator, and Auntie will cut it for you.” Aunt Wang opened the door of the refrigerator compartment and took out the mine-sized green watermelon on the table. He turned his head and shouted at Xiaoqiang: “Hey, don’t look at this watermelon, it’s small and sweet. You young man eat one just right. Do you want to cut it and eat it, or cut two pieces and eat it with an iron spoon?”

Xiaoqiang walked up to Aunt Wang and said, “Auntie, let me cut it. I used to sell watermelons on the streets and alleys, but I was always chased by the city management. In the ditch, a cart of watermelons fell and smashed into pieces. Later, I learned to repair electrical appliances. I have a bit of a foundation for this job. My dad used to be an electrician in the village. ”

Aunt Wang suddenly felt that the dark, narrow-eyed young man in front of her was quite talkative, and what he said was also quite catchy. Aunt Wang, who has lived alone for several years, is of course eager to chat with people who can talk. Aunt Wang continued with Xiaoqiang’s words: “The city management is really powerful now. I think when Auntie was a child watching popcorn on the street in the city, the children covered their ears and waited to hear the round black belly. The tin can finally made a ‘bang’ sound, and the aroma of a pot of fluffy and crispy popcorn rushed into my nose. At that time, there was no urban management to take care of it.” Aunt Wang said and took a ruler with a wooden handle. Handing the long fruit knife to Xiaoqiang, I thought to myself, seeing the iron hammer in Xiaoqiang’s toolbox an hour ago, I was still nervous, but now I handed a sharp sharp knife to Xiaoqiang.

Xiaoqiang took the fruit knife, put it in front of him and glanced at it, then wiped the blade with his finger, and asked, “Auntie, this sharp knife is very sharp, is it just sharpened?”

“Isn’t it true, a knife sharpener came from the community more than ten days ago, and shouted, ‘Sharpen scissors, cut kitchen knives…'” Aunt Wang sang the voice as a singing voice. In his voice, he couldn’t help giggling, and said, “People of your age don’t understand it. Auntie grew up listening to Beijing opera model operas when she was a child. By the way, when she was in the third grade of elementary school, she also acted in “Red Light”. As for Li Tiemei in “Record”, a senior boy played Li Yuhe, and he became my husband when he grew up. Hey, Auntie likes to talk about the past, which means that Auntie is old!”

Xiaoqiang also laughed a few times and said, “Auntie, you’re not old. Talking about the past shows that you have a good memory.”

“Yo, you really know how to talk,” Aunt Wang said happily.

“Auntie, I actually feel very kind when I see this knife.” Xiaoqiang said, touching the fruit knife a few times.

“Why, are you interested in knives?” Aunt Wang asked, putting away her smile.

“Oh, my dad is a capable man in the village. He can be an electrician, can repair tractors, and he can kill pigs. Whoever kills a young pig or something, usually asks my dad to do the knife. I also followed when I was a child. I ate a lot of pigs into the water, but they didn’t grow any longer, and they didn’t grow meat. Hehe, the pig-killing knife my dad used at that time was much bigger than this one, and the tip of the knife was sharp. He pointed the tip of the knife against the pig’s heart When the part was stabbed with force, the bright red steaming pig blood flowed into the big iron basin under the pig rack…” Xiao Qiang said while drawing.

“Hey, stop talking, Auntie is dizzy…” Aunt Wang grinned, her heart twitching.

“Auntie, I’m sorry, I said too much, but I actually miss my dad.” Xiaoqiang became a little embarrassed, lowered his head and cut the watermelon into two pieces with a knife. The melon petals are arranged in an orderly manner on the table.

Xiaoqiang first took a piece and handed it to Aunt Wang. Aunt Wang refused to answer and said: “Auntie is getting old, and it is easy to have stomach pains when eating ice. This melon is kept in the refrigerator for my son to eat at home sometimes. He likes cold drinks, and he has a whole glass of cold beer. Put it in your mouth.”

Hearing what Aunt Wang said, Xiaoqiang had no choice but to put the melon petals in his mouth, took a bite, and said, “It’s icy and sweet, so refreshing.”

Looking at Xiao Qiang, who was eating ice-cold watermelon beautifully, Aunt Wang asked again, “Xiao Qiang, you said you missed your father just now. Does he still live in your rural hometown?”

“Oh, in the city, my mother passed away a few years ago, so I asked my dad to live in the city and sometimes help me pick up my daughter who goes to elementary school. However, he is in the hospital now. The doctor said it was stomach cancer. I was too busy. I haven’t seen him in the hospital for two or three days. My daughter-in-law is with me at the hospital. I am mainly responsible for taking care of the work and picking up my daughter in the morning and afternoon.”

“Oh, is your father seriously ill?” Aunt Wang asked with wide eyes.

“It shouldn’t be a big problem, the doctor said it’s in the mid-term, and it can be cured.” Xiaoqiang replied.

“Oh, it’s a disease that burns money. Children, it’s not easy for you!” Aunt Wang said with a sigh.

“Auntie,” Xiaoqiang swallowed a mouthful of watermelon and changed the subject. “Nowadays, children have to be picked up when they read. Look at the school gate. There are grandparents, grandparents, and mothers standing in front of the school. Originally my daughter was picked up by my father. My father was ill, and my daughter-in-law used to work two jobs, so she had to give up one to pick up the children. When I was a child, I was studying in the countryside. How could an adult pick me up? We wild children would either pick up a basket of cow dung and go home after school Swimming in river ponds, fishing for fish and catching shrimps, nothing happens.”

“Isn’t that right? Auntie often goes to school to pick up her grandson after school. No, my daughter-in-law called yesterday, saying that she couldn’t come out this afternoon and asked me to pick it up at the school gate. I have to hurry up when I go to the senior university in the afternoon. Hurry up to pick up my grandson from the National University.” Aunt Wang followed Xiaoqiang’s words with deep sympathy.

Xiaoqiang swallowed the watermelon and asked, “Auntie, your grandson is also studying at the National University? In what grade?”

Aunt Wang replied, “Studying in the third grade. Xiaoqiang, your daughter is also studying at the National High School?”

Xiaoqiang said: “Yes, I am also in the third grade. It turns out that my daughter and your grandson are still in the same school. Maybe they are still in the same class. It’s a coincidence.”

Aunt Wang’s mind came to an old man in his 60s with a gully face, standing at the school gate waiting for a girl with pigtails, and asked Xiaoqiang: “Does your daughter have a pair of pigtails? Your father Slightly taller than you, with… a lot of wrinkles…”

“Yeah, my dad has a face of vicissitudes!” Xiao Qiang laughed.

“No wonder I haven’t seen the old man pick up his granddaughter in a while!” Aunt Wang said to herself. She has determined that the girl with pigtails is in the same class as her grandson, because starting from the first grade, they are in the same class after school, queuing out of the school gate at the same time, waiting for the parents to claim it. She had a conversation with the old man with a gutter face about something, and she had an impression in her mind. But Aunt Wang thought to herself, how could the daughter of a migrant worker go to a national university? So he asked tentatively: “Xiaoqiang, according to the school district regulations… You are a migrant worker, can your daughter also go to the National University?”

“Oh.” Xiaoqiang smiled and said, “I picked it up for a good deal. Three years ago, because of my courageous act, I even gave it to the newspaper and TV. The city rewarded me with 20,000 yuan, and the director of the district education bureau gave me special approval. My daughter went to the National University.”

“Oh, that’s right!” Aunt Wang tutted, “I can’t see that you are still a heroic figure who is righteous and brave…”

Xiaoqiang grinned and said: “What a hero or not a hero, I happened to meet me, so I forgot to think about it, jumped up and fought the murderer with a knife. If I don’t encounter this, I want to see justice and courage. No chance.”

Xiaoqiang ate a few pieces of watermelon for Hululu. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, carried the toolbox, bent over to Aunt Wang and said, “Auntie, I ate a whole watermelon, I have to go, thank you, and feel free to contact me if you have anything in the future. Me, I’m always on call. By the way, I can also do other jobs, such as flushing the toilet, connecting the water pipe, etc., you can call me.”

Aunt Wang gave a thumbs up and smiled and said, “It’s really capable. Auntie keeps your mobile phone number. Oh, by the way, when Auntie picks up her grandson in the afternoon, she will confirm with the adults who picked up the little girl whether it’s your daughter.”

“Okay, it’s my wife picking up my daughter in the afternoon, and the chubby, skinny one is my wife.” Xiaoqiang said and went out.

After Xiaoqiang left, Aunt Wang sent the photo of Xiaoqiang’s face on the phone to her son. The son responded in seconds on WeChat: “Mom, who is this person?”

Aunt Wang also responded in seconds: “Xiaoqiang, who came into the house to repair the air conditioner, do you think he looks like you?”

“Mom, am I so thin and ugly? Both eyes are squinted.” The son replied in seconds, with a smirking emoji.