Do scientists believe aliens exist?

  Ever since human beings discovered that the earth is just an insignificant speck of dust in the universe, the debate about aliens has not ceased. Every time a UFO incident occurs, everyone has a heated debate. Of course, the key photos and videos of UFOs It’s vague every time, and without exception, can’t be hard evidence of aliens.
  One side of the argument believes that aliens exist, on the grounds that the 120,000-light-year-old Milky Way has hundreds of billions of galaxies, and among so many super-Earths, there is always one that can give birth to life, not to mention that the Milky Way is nothing but a universe in the universe. a drop in the ocean.
  The other side of the argument believes that aliens do not exist, and the reason is obvious. If human beings need to develop 1 million years to build superluminal spacecraft, then aliens only need to evolve 1 million years earlier than Earth people. The speed of light spacecraft is already, why hasn’t it visited Earth yet?
Interesting UFOs in 2021

  So let’s take a look at the interesting UFO events in 2021. Why can’t they be ironclad evidence for aliens visiting the earth?
  For example, in December 2021, some Hong Kong citizens claimed to have seen a silver-gray “UFO”, which was seen in three areas in On Tai, Kwun Tong, Victoria Harbour and Kowloon Bay over three days. According to the villagers’ description, the UFO was an irregular cuboid, pointing vertically downwards, flashing orange-yellow light, hovering for about 10 minutes and flying away. Some citizens took blurry video as evidence.

In December 2021, some Hong Kong citizens reported seeing a silver-gray “UFO”.

In January 2021, a rectangular glowing object was discovered over Honolulu Lee Oahu, Hawaii.

A U.S. military warship encounters a UFO while patrolling off the coast of San Diego on July 15, 2019

  In January 2021, someone spotted a rectangular glow over Honolulu Lee Oahu, Hawaii, but only at night. The luminous object shone with blue light, and instead of hovering like a UFO in Hong Kong, it landed vertically, and finally fell into the sea and disappeared.
  What is even more strange is a UFO incident that the U.S. official did not expose until May 2021, saying that on July 15, 2019, a U.S. military warship encountered a UFO while patrolling off the coast of San Diego, and two crew members saw it with their own eyes. Saw and took video. According to the video footage, a huge ellipsoid hovered in the sky for a long time, and then “controlled” flew into the sea, causing a splash of water several meters high. Why use the word “controlled”? Because the ellipsoid first hovered, then suddenly changed its trajectory and flew towards the sea.
  did you see it? The pictures of UFOs taken by people are getting blurry one by one. No wonder some people say that they are blurry at the critical moment. So, of course, these images cannot be conclusive evidence of the existence of aliens.
  And some “unidentified flying objects” in 2021 are actually not UFOs at all, because people with discerning eyes will know what it is at a glance, but some people still think it is alien technology.
  For example, in March 2021, a group of dazzling fireballs suddenly flashed in the sky on the west coast of the United States, moving from west to east, not as fast as meteors, and flying in the sky for dozens of seconds. Many people in the four western states of the United States witnessed it with their own eyes. It is precisely because there are no meteors that some people think that they are alien technology. In fact, these fireballs are just fragments of the American Falcon 9 rocket returning to Earth.
  It can be seen that even if there are more UFO incidents, it cannot be confirmed that aliens have visited the earth, and they are all “fake evidence” that cannot stand scientific verification.

In March 2021, a group of dazzling fireballs suddenly flashed in the sky on the west coast of the United States. In fact, these fireballs are nothing more than fragments of the US Falcon 9 rocket returning to Earth.
stars where aliens may exist

  In Liu Cixin’s science fiction novel “The Three-Body Problem”, in order to hinder the progress of human science, the three-body human beings, who surpass human civilization, continue to cause trouble in human scientific experiments, causing many scientists to commit suicide, but in the real world, “Three-Body Problem” The plot of “The Body” cannot be staged.
  But that doesn’t mean aliens don’t exist. At the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ 2022 New Year’s Eve speech, Academician Wu Xiangping also hinted at a star that may have aliens, which is Proxima Centauri, which is about 4.2 light-years away from the earth, because humans once received a radio wave with a frequency of 982 MHz, The frequency is the same as that of the mobile phone, and human interference is excluded.

Proxima Centauri is the closest star to the solar system

Super-Earth 55 Cancri e 40 light-years away

  Proxima Centauri is the closest star to the solar system. Its mass is much smaller than that of the sun, and its age is about 4.85 billion years. Due to the slow thermonuclear reaction, its life span can reach hundreds of billions of years, which is several times that of the sun.
  Of course, even if Proxima Centauri does have aliens, the aliens cannot be on the star, but on a planet revolving around the star, because Proxima Centauri has a companion star – Proxima Centauri B, Proxima Centauri B The mass is about 1.3 times that of the Earth, and it is located in the habitable zone. Perhaps the signal we received came from Proxima B.
Why didn’t aliens visit Earth?

  Since aliens may exist, why haven’t they visited Earth? Experts believe that the reasons can be roughly divided into three aspects.
  1. A few years ago, astronomers discovered that the solar system lies at the end of the cosmic web, surrounded by voids. The universe is so vast and boundless that it is not conducive for aliens to find us. It is similar to a remote small mountain village in the mountains, and it is difficult to find.
  2. Aliens are trapped on the planet and can’t get out. In 2018, astronomers said that the super-Earth 55 Cancri e, which is 40 light-years away from the earth, is 8.7 times the mass of the earth. Even if there is intelligent life, it is difficult to leave the planet. , because of the huge gravity, each launch needs to consume 400,000 tons of chemical fuel, which is not conducive to the development of spaceflight.
  3. Interstellar space is full of powerful cosmic rays, which can destroy life in any form. This is equivalent to establishing a natural cosmic barrier to separate each star system, so aliens cannot visit the earth.
  Such an analysis leads to the conclusion that the existence of aliens is extremely likely. But it is all about evidence. Whether aliens exist or not depends on the unremitting efforts of scientists to explore and discover.