Malaysia’s “thumb” culture

  Today, in many public places in Malaysia, such as streets, stations, parks, etc., you can see this scene at any time: young people are walking, engrossed in their mobile phones, and constantly pressing the keyboard with their thumbs. Mobile phones have become a Malaysian favorite. According to statistics, the current ownership rate of mobile phones among young people in Malaysia is as high as 90%. Sending text messages on mobile phones has become the most popular way of communication among young people nowadays.
  However, science has always been a double-edged sword, and its advantages also have disadvantages. While enjoying the thumb culture, people are also eating its bitter fruit.
  The most fashionable way to communicate
  According to a survey, the most important media in the lives of Malaysian teenagers today are mobile phones, the Internet, TV and newspapers. The survey shows that more than two-thirds of teenagers believe that the mobile phone is the most important in life, followed by the Internet, TV and newspapers.
  In the early days of the mobile phone, it was still a common conversation tool for people. But nowadays, young people in Malaysia use it as a tool for making friends and entertainment. Especially the new mobile phone can not only talk, but also transmit text and send and receive e-mails conveniently, which can enable young Malaysians to bury their heads in mobile phones in “serious” places, including school. Of course, mobile phones have become young people’s. New favorite. During class, students often use their mobile phones to type a few words to greet each other, make a joke, or even send a love letter, which can not only pass the time, but also eliminate loneliness.
  Not only that, but SMS in Malaysia has even become a modern “cupid”!
  According to a Siemens survey of 3,000 people in Malaysia, 17% of the country’s citizens regard mobile phone text messages as a modern-day old man to meet people. This means that one out of every five Malaysian citizens uses text messages in hopes of making new friends.
  It can be said that the new type of mobile phone has changed people’s previous way of life, making information exchange and communication faster and more diversified, and thus has produced a new type of culture – the thumb culture. The so-called thumb culture refers to the content of short messages written on mobile phones and saved.
  These short messages have the characteristics of immediacy, simplicity, economy, confidentiality and randomness. Its appearance shortens the distance between people. It can be said that nothing can express people’s thoughts and feelings faster and more conveniently. Because text messages are more subtle, some words that are inconvenient to express on the phone and can’t speak face to face can be conveyed through text messages. In addition, during the festivals of different sizes, the blessings of friends can be sincerely conveyed through text messages. There are also a variety of humorous text messages, and funny pictures can be exchanged frequently among text message fans; text messages, as a medium of communication, have long been integrated into the lives of young Malaysians.
  It can be said that in today’s Malaysia, the functional advantages of SMS are becoming more and more prominent, and it has become an important way for people from all walks of life to communicate with each other. A Malaysian court has even ruled that divorce via text messages is legal.
  However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. While people fully enjoy the convenience brought by SMS, they are also disturbed by a large amount of bad information. In particular, once text messages are used by some bad people, the “thumb culture” will endanger the peace of society and become a serious social problem.
  The text message prank alerted the Ministry of Health
  , “Do you know who is blood type O? Urgent! Someone is in urgent need in the hospital. If you find a donor, please contact 012-627xxxx, and please pass the text message to others!”
  These are many people The content of the frequently received phone and text messages refers to a certain patient who urgently needs type O blood to save his life.
  In just a few days, this text message has snowballed, and many people have received this text message frequently.
  What’s more, some radio stations are also broadcasting the incident on the air, calling on the masses to play the spirit of saving lives.
  A city councillor said he contacted the health minister’s office after he received a call for help about the need for type O blood and asked for the relevant blood type for the patient. He said that the National Blood Center has made preparations to provide O-type blood for the patients concerned. In addition, he has also successfully found three enthusiastic members of the public with O-type blood and agreed to donate blood to the relevant persons.
  Everyone said that if such a patient needed assistance, they would always be there to help.
  This text message has been passed on to many people’s mobile phone SMS mailboxes. Although many people help the sender to search for blood type O everywhere with good intentions, they still suffer from being unable to contact the text message. mobile phone owner. For this reason, it is suspected that it may be a prank by an individual.
  Despite this, the blood messages were still abuzz. In this regard, the relevant departments have to stand up and appeal: if this is true, I hope the parties involved will stand up and accept everyone’s help; if this is just a prank by boring people, please stop sending this phone and text message, so as not to affect the normal life of others And play with the sincerity of enthusiasts.
  The thumb culture leads to the decline of students’ performance
  In recent years , the English test scores of Malaysian universities, middle schools and primary schools have been declining almost all the way. Some schools have a pass rate of only 30%, while others are even lower. In 2003, the English pass rate of the National Junior High School Assessment Examination in Malaysia was 68.1%, which was a drop of 1.8 percentage points compared with the pass rate of 69.9% in 2002. This phenomenon has caused concern from all walks of life in Malaysia. After all, English is the main language in the country after the mother tongue.
  Investigating the reason, Abdul Rafi Mahat, the Minister of Education of Malaysia, believes that students’ excessive sending of mobile phone text messages and online messages is the main reason for the decline of students’ English performance.
  When introducing to the news media, he said: “The English answer sheet clearly shows that some students ignore the basic grammatical rules of English. When answering the sheet, many students use irregular abbreviated forms.
  ” After the study, it was found that the reason why many students lost points was that they “cut corners” in the exam and frequently used irregular word abbreviations and sentence abbreviations. The questions answered by the sentences are often “prevaricate” by the students with one or two words. Obviously, the students put “Mobile English” (some people call it “Mobile English”) on the test paper, in order to transmit information quickly, people often use English word abbreviations and sentence abbreviations. , words become “unrecognizable” and grammar rules are “destroyed”.
  Thumb Culture Brings Incidents of Sexual Harassment and Defamation
  Some people specifically use text messages to harass women, making them physically and mentally humiliated and living in the shadow of fear all day long!
  A Malaysian psychologist pointed out that sexual harassment is a form of sexual discrimination, the abuse of power through sexual acts to bully, threaten, intimidate, control, repress or corrupt others in the workplace and other public places. This type of sexual activity includes language, physical contact, and exposure of sexual organs. Sexual harassment can cause physical, psychological and emotional harm to victims, and has a great impact on women’s physical and mental health.
  Some of the women interviewed said they had recently been receiving yellow text messages on their mobile phones, sometimes several a day, from numbers they did not recognize. When they called the phone, the other party always didn’t answer, and occasionally answered it, saying that someone else used his mobile phone to send it. Although they repeatedly warned the owner, the yellow text messages continued to flow, which made them very annoyed.
  During the parliamentary election in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, many citizens received slanderous text messages that attacked a candidate for election. The content was probably satirizing the lawmaker. After the exposure, not only did he not reflect on himself, but he blamed others.
  During the general election, these true and false text messages added a lot of gunpowder flavor to the general election.
  Actively respond to the harassment of thumb culture. While
  science can bring benefits to people, it can also bring people unexpected disasters. Faced with the many drawbacks of the thumb culture, the relevant departments of the Malaysian government and the general public are actively taking measures to deal with them.
  Recently, the Malaysian Ministry of Education has issued relevant instructions to completely ban the bringing of mobile phones into the campus, requiring the school to take further relevant disciplinary actions to put an end to this bad ethos.
  The principals of many middle schools said that if a student is caught by a teacher on campus with a mobile phone to school, the school will confiscate the mobile phone and contact the parents to come and talk.
  Some schools stipulate that students cannot use mobile phones during class time, but students are allowed to bring mobile phones to the school, and hand the mobile phones to the instructor before class for storage, and can not be picked up until after school.
  A bank employee said in an interview that she had received text messages of similar sexual harassment. At first, she didn’t take it seriously, but when she received the text message for several days in a row, she began to feel that the harasser was around her, monitoring her every move, making her feel insecure and unable to concentrate on anything. In desperation, she sent back a text message to the harasser, telling the other party that the police had been called and that the other party’s mobile phone number had been notified to the police. Since then, sexually harassing text messages have disappeared without a trace.
  She believes that when women receive sexually harassing text messages, women should not be timid and come forward, so that the harasser will not gain an inch.
  A college student revealed that whenever she was sexually harassed by text messages, she even wanted to change her phone number, but was worried that her friends would not be able to contact her, so in the face of this distress, she had no choice but to call back and warn the harasser, if Sending another yellow text message will call the police and report the phone number that harassed her. She doesn’t think any woman should be scared or panic when they receive a text like this. Instead, they should “fight back”.
  Faced with the issue of sexual harassment brought about by the thumb culture, an official from the Malaysian judiciary believes that sexual harassment to the other party, whether in terms of words or actions, is guilty. Sexual harassment is essentially a violation of personal rights, and from a constitutional point of view, it violates the constitution. He pointed out that if you receive a text message similar to sexual harassment, you can immediately call the police, and then the police will investigate the source of the call.