Love through glass

  According to the doctor, the son has been in a coma for seven days and seven nights in the isolation room of the hospital.
  I don’t know how long I’ve been in the hospital, and I don’t know what the exact date is today. My conception of time was the same as that of my son, and I fell asleep quietly.
  The doctor said that his son’s illness is very serious, his limbs are almost paralyzed, and his brain is between awake and fuzzy. In fact, he just didn’t say it directly, his son has almost become a vegetative state, and the chance of recovery is very small, almost zero.
  In order to save every penny for my son’s treatment, I was reluctant to go to the hospital room specially provided for the patient’s family, but I wanted to accompany my son all the time. After careful observation, I took a good look at the wooden chair in the hospital corridor. I don’t need to spend any money. The key is that every night, I can see my son lying quietly on the hospital bed through the dim light. As soon as I saw my son, I felt that he was walking towards me with a smile, and I believed that he would definitely walk towards me with a smile.
  I sat on the wooden chair and kept looking at my son who was lying quietly in the ward. when! The wall clock in the corridor rang hoarsely. At 10:30, I have to go to bed, and I have to get up early tomorrow! So, I took another deep look at my son, turned around and lay on the wooden chair, and fell asleep.
  DONG-DONG-DONG, the sound from the distance was very weak, but it woke me up. I looked at the wall clock, it was 12:20. DONG-DONG-DONG, the sound was not only weak, but also at long intervals, like a failing heart beating. I heard clearly, the voice was not far away, it was coming from the back of my head. I seemed to be greatly stimulated, my body suddenly bounced off the wooden chair, and I looked back suddenly.
  Under the dim light, there was a white shadow on the glass of the door of the son’s ward. I hurriedly jumped out of the wooden chair and rushed to the door of my son’s ward.
  That’s the son!
  The son pressed his forehead against the door glass, and the weight of his entire body was concentrated on the thin head. He was quietly propped on the door glass, like a slanted telephone pole. His eyes were closed, his chapped lips were bruised and bruised as if painted with blue-black ink, and his arms were beating on the door glass like two pendulums about to stop.
  Dong-dong-dong, another sound that was weaker than a second. That’s right, it was my son who knocked it! I saw that his legs were like two springs, trembling, trembling, like a tracker struggling to pull a boat. Unable to support it any longer, his son’s legs were shaking more and more. Finally, his forehead slid down against the glass and knelt on the ground with a plop, but his forehead was still pressed against the glass, his head was lowered, his eyes were closed, like a sacred statue.
  My son finally woke up, and I burst into ecstasy. Although my whole body was shaking like leaves in late autumn, I told myself to be strong. I touched the glass with trembling hands, and touched my son’s face. I really wanted to hold up his face and take a good look at him. I really want my son to open his mouth and say a few words to me. I want to tell him that the big black cow in the family has given birth, and Uncle Sifang’s son has promised to lend us books from junior high school. However, I couldn’t touch my son’s face, let alone hold his face. My trembling hand touched my son’s forehead against the glass – a piece of paper, a piece of paper on my son’s forehead, a piece of paper with writing on it!
  I leaned over, lying on the glass, the words were written crookedly and torn apart. It wasn’t written by hand, and my son’s hand couldn’t write. I suddenly remembered my son’s blue-black lips, and my heart shuddered, and I quickly pressed my eyes to the glass.
  ”Mother, happy birthday!”
  While reading the five words softly, the tears could no longer be held, and they fell on the back of my feet.