Have a nice dinner with you

Since the 18-year-old son disappeared from the aisle of an international flight wearing an N95 mask and goggles, dragging two large suitcases, the Qu family has not officially used the dining table for a long time.

One night, Gan Chong took a look at the roast duck that Qu Zhiqiang had brought back. The fat duck soaked in the broth was condensed with a layer of white meat and oil, and he lost his appetite. At dinner, the outlook on life seems to have turned negative. Do you remember the last time you had a tablecloth for dinner?”

As soon as the words came out, Gan Chong was worried that her husband would laugh at her hypocritical. How could an engineer in charge of pipeline maintenance notice these changes? Unexpectedly, Qu Zhiqiang reported: “It was 43 days ago, the night when my son packed up and left and repeatedly weighed the boxes for his son. I still remember that the tablecloth you found with the red swan character was our honeymoon. Bought it while traveling.”

Gan Chong’s heart moved. Qu Zhiqiang was not as numb as she thought. In this case, as the only time when two busy people can talk about the world, shouldn’t it be delicious? At least, on those days when you don’t work overtime and don’t go on business, should you hurry to find the tableware and wine utensils that catch your eye, look for seasonal and charming ingredients, and where you can see the scenery, accompanied by the sunset in full swing, accompanied by the autumn wind and stars With the aroma of sweet-scented osmanthus, have a good dinner?

As soon as he said it, Gan Chong first bought a lightweight folding table and two folding round stools on the Internet, so that the two of them could have dinner in a place where they could see the burning clouds. The first good place for dinner that Gan Chong found was on the roof of their house. In the middle of the roof, there was a small open space. It was the favorite place of the old man who played Tai Chi in the early morning. Now, when Qu Zhiqiang comes back, Gan Chong had already prepared a simple meal, transported the table and stool to the roof, and laid a tablecloth where the sunset was most beautiful.

The two didn’t eat first, the salted peanuts drank wine, and let out a sigh. Gan Chong sighed when he opened his mouth: “Putting salted peanuts in a plate is like putting them in a plastic lunch box. The taste is very different! I still remember that there is such an interesting place on the roof of the medical school dormitory building.” Qu Zhiqiang Said: “The field of your doctor’s building is different from here. It is much larger than here. Before 8 o’clock, there were so many people skating on it. At that time, I was really young, and a bottle of Coke could drink Lingyun’s ambition.” Gan Chong said with a smile: “At that time, my ambition was to get rid of the simple rice bowl in the cafeteria. Every dinner must have wine, tablecloths, and clean loaves made by ourselves. At one point, we only remembered that we were someone. My parents, who are the backbone of the unit, have forgotten the original intention to live this moment well!” This dinner lasted for two hours. Halfway through the meal, the neighbor who grew vegetables came up with water scoops and buckets to water their own vegetables. When they saw such a pair of elegant people sharing the sky and clouds, they couldn’t help laughing.

In the blink of an eye, the two have had a solemn and romantic dinner for a year. This year, they had dinner in the courtyard of the Moganshan B&B; they ate dinner in the Yixing Mountains until the neighbors brought them out. Pick your own roasted wild tea and drink a pot with them. They also had dinner near the Liuhui Pavilion of the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum. It was July. The entire Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum was scorching hot in the evening, and finally an unnoticeable breeze brewed on the lawn near the water. The two deliberately used cool tones. For the small table lamp, the power of the lamp is adjusted to the lowest level, so as not to destroy the quiet atmosphere around them, and their care and quietness have also been rewarded. At 7 o’clock in the evening, not long after night fell, suddenly, countless fireflies appeared around them. The light band of the fireflies danced from the depths of the jungle to this open place, as if the Milky Way on the earth was flickering with the dim light of life.

The two of them watched silently as if they were stupid. The courtship dance of the fireflies continued around the lawn for forty to fifty minutes. At about 8 pm, almost at the same time, all the fireflies disappeared, only the lotus fragrance on the water. rippling quietly.

My grandmother was eighty-four years old when she passed away. She was exhausted and died.

When she left, my inner family was gone, and the road to my hometown was deserted.

Over the years, every time I dreamed back to my childhood, the scene was my grandmother’s old house, and I was talking to her. She is my childhood home and my inner home.

Father’s love is like a ray of light with earnest expectations. In that light, I can only be an invincible warrior, always strong and independent.

I prefer darkness to this kind of light that makes people dare not slack off and dare not breathe. Ambiguous, warm, and full of security darkness, the soil is thick and all-encompassing. Grandmother’s love is like this darkness, in which I don’t have to worry about being blamed, I can tolerate my exhaustion and laziness, and wait for the spring of life like hibernation. It can also be like a seed, sucking up enough nutrients, slowly opening its chest, sending out new buds, emerging from the ground, growing branches and leaves, blooming flowers, and turning into a towering tree… Without this dark soil, I would can only become stronger.

In this world, the so-called power is usually the golden armor and silver armor forged by loneliness.

No one is born strong, and those who seem extremely powerful are mostly because there is no way out.

Me too.