Sneak at the moon

   Standing on the earth and looking at the moon, the moon is like an ancient, luminous porcelain plate, not afraid of coldness, and always hangs in such a big and so cold sky. Sometimes, the moon hides, hides in the shadow of the clouds, and hides behind the mountains; sometimes, when a breeze blows, the moon becomes more distant and lonely.
   The moon is beautiful, cold, and lonely. People who look at it are almost like water, and they won’t have such a lively and enthusiastic state of mind.
   Tuck your knees to look at the moon, on a summer night, on the ridge of your childhood or on the roof of your hometown. A full moon rose in the faint blue sky, and the cold, faint, and soft brilliance fell on the body, in the night, and in the heart. In an instant, there were endless reveries, starlight looming in front of and behind him. The quietly flowing moonlight is so peaceful, soft, and cool, in the innocent atmosphere, without a trace, dyeing the bright childlike innocence one by one, one by one.
   Open the window to look at the moon, the moon is faint and quiet, and the years are like water, pulling the secrets deep in my heart. Those years of love, beauty and loneliness are always prominent in the thoughts of two people. Missing is always long, often, without paying attention, the moon has long disappeared from the cramped vision, it is difficult to find a trace.
   Leaning against the door to see the moon, placing the numerous scars from life behind his head, removing the burden of life, returning to the moonlight, returning to innocence, accepting the cleansing of brilliance, and making the soul peaceful and quiet. Under the faint moonlight, smell the fragrance, listen to the autumn chrysanthemum in full bloom, brush away the dust in the heart, and look for the authentic leisure and poetry of life.
   There are always exceptions to life, so why not look at the moon? In Lijiang, in the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Xueguangli, during the day, you can often see the scene of the sun and the moon, and that scene is always so refreshing. At this time, the warm sunshine and the quiet moonlight are twisted together, in a rare atmosphere, each other is interesting, and the harmonious scene enters the mind and heart, and teaches people not to forget, unforgettable.
   People with a heart look at the moon, at different stages of life, there will always be unique poetry. That’s why it is said that “young people reading poems are like looking at the moon in a gap, middle-aged people reading poems like watching the moon in a garden, and old people reading poems like watching the moon on stage”.
   The ancients also looked at the moon, and today’s people also look at the moon. Regardless of the ancients and moderns, looking at the moon in a leisurely manner will give birth to a feeling of yearning for their homeland. Who can not know? The completeness and incompleteness of the moon in the cycle of ups and downs are just like the reunion and separation of family members year after year.