Good times and bad times

Reading the fairy tale “Rabbit Slope”, the house on the hillside is about to move into a new house, and countless pairs of eyes are watching, hoping for unpredictable beauty or sorrow. This is the life of Rabbit Poe. Just like Uncle Adanas told Georgie: “George, there are good times and bad times.” Whether it is the peaceful rabbit slope in the novel or our real life, it is the same. There are good times and bad times. Time. And there are always some expectant eyes, naively staring at the unpredictable future.

“Did you know, Georgie? New residents will always come, and new times will always come.” Uncle Adanas’ words, inadvertently revealed the essence of life: waiting. Waiting is not only the tranquility of “not happy with things, not sad with oneself”, but also the courage to move on after seeing a ray of light in the dark after being disappointed in life. Life needs to wait, because there is never a lack of hope in life. There are good times and bad times, which is inevitable in life.

For the animals of Poe Rabbit, the anxiety and concern caused by Willie’s disappearance after investigating the news, and the anxiety and concern brought by the new family after Joey the rabbit was injured, the endless pain is bad time. But the return of Willie and Georgie is undoubtedly a good time. Life may not be smooth sailing, and it will never be sad forever.

There is only one wait for the good times and the bad times, and the good times and bad times will pass. Even if the beauty of the past is broken into thousands of pieces, even if facing the ruined wall, it will be shocked and cry bitterly. We should only calmly say goodbye to the past. Then, wait quietly, waiting for the power of time.

In “Paradise Cinema”, Shavatore’s love with Miss Elena ended in failure. That period of love stabbed him and made him no longer believe in love. That period was Shavatore’s bad time. But when he finally had the courage to return to his hometown and accepted the gift left to him by Efedo, the roll of Elena’s film that had made him heartbreaking, when he tremblingly turned on the projector in the ruined wall, he understood again. what is love. He looked back suddenly, and suddenly realized that it was a good time.

This is what Xi Murong wrote, “This half-life bumpy/in the twilight/turned into sweet tears”. This is the power of waiting, waiting time to dilute everything, waiting for the growth of the soul. Think about it, waiting is a kind of hope that “the sea will be born and the night will last, and Jiang Chun will enter the old year”. There will always be new times, as “Forrest Gump” said: “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what the next piece will taste.” Life is unpredictable, and sometimes it gives people joy. , And sometimes give people sorrow. The outline of life is like a cloud, and it suddenly changes.

Whether facing encouragement or setbacks, we should calm down. The journey is far, and Japan will be long, and life will continue to move forward. Because of this kind of waiting, it brings us expectation, so that we have the courage to move forward, so that we will not be stuck in the present and stop moving forward. “There is no bridge on the river and you can wait for it to freeze. After a long night, it is dawn.” Wang Guozhen said. Only when you are willing to wait, you can see hope and light. There are good times and bad times, waiting for us to live better.