Homecoming on a snowy night

Thirty years ago, his father was working thirty miles away from home, and he rode a bicycle to and fro every day.

In winter, like a cold-faced man with an expressionless face. There was a burst of cold, and the sky was unpredictable. The father looked up at the sky several times and said: “It has been cloudy for several days, and the snow hasn’t fallen. I’ll go.” The mother said, “What if it snows, or don’t go.” The father hesitated. At once, he pushed the car out of the house.

After a while, the sky became darker. Before long, the snow began to fall. The snow was very heavy that time, and the snow flakes danced in the wind like feathers. My mother sighed and said, “Tell your dad to stop going to work. He doesn’t listen. How can I go home when it snows!” My father would not take a break from work easily, and the money he earned had to pay for our family’s expenses.

In the afternoon, a thick layer of snow had accumulated. Mother was walking around inside and outside the house, leaving her messy footprints on the snow. “The snow is getting bigger and bigger, how can your father come back!” There was obvious worry and anxiety in the mother’s tone. “My dad may not be back today. I heard him say that there is a place to live there.” I comforted my mother.

At dusk, the snow was getting smaller, but the snow on the ground became thicker, and when the foot stepped on it, it immediately sank into a deep nest. Every step was very difficult. I asked my mother: “My dad won’t be back today?” My mother said with great certainty: “Come back! He must be back!” The night came over, and my mother stood at the door looking forward, but she couldn’t even see a person on the road. In the ice and snow, I shrank in the howling wind, feeling like I was going to be frozen into a popsicle. “Mom, let’s go home and wait!” My teeth fought when I spoke. But her mother looked at the entrance of the village intently, without saying a word. She maintained the same posture and expression amidst the snow flying, the posture and expression as solemn as a statue. Suddenly, my mother said: “Go! Go home and cook, your dad will have to eat warm food when he comes back!”

The mother believed that the father would definitely come back. I followed my mother to get busy in the house. In the small room, the fire was burning and the warmth permeated, forming a strong contrast with the world outside. At this time, I really feel that the word “home” is so amiable. Mother started the stove and was busy making sweet potato porridge. She asked me to boil water on the fire: “Boil more water. Your dad must wash it in hot water as soon as he gets home. It will be warm.” As sweet potato porridge was boiled on the fire, my mother began to cut cabbage, cut tofu, and washed vermicelli , She will be father’s favorite big stew.

The scent of the food in the room filled the room, and my sister cried out from hunger, “Mom, I want to eat, and Dad will definitely not be back today.” Mother’s attitude is still firm: “Your dad will definitely come back, wait a while!” My sister and I surrounded the fire and waited quietly. Mother ran outside, her expression on her face became more and more anxious.

The mother didn’t go out anymore, but her anxiety was escalating, her brows furrowed. Just when we were all upset when we waited, the door of the house opened with a creak. “Dad is back!” my sister called, and my mother and I jumped up. The father in front of us has become a snowman! There is snow on his clothes, snow on his eyebrows and beard, and the whole person is white. “Thirty miles, I walked back step by step!” Father said, his mouth stiffened. The mother’s tears came out all of a sudden, she sucked her nose vigorously, slapping the snow all over her father. I hurriedly shut the door tightly to let the warmth in the house melt my father’s cold a little bit. There are ice and frost in this world, but fortunately there is home; there is wind and snow in this world, but fortunately there is love. Yeguiren, as long as someone is waiting for him in the wind and snow, he will definitely be able to return home.

Father sat down at the dining table, saw the steaming meal, opened his mouth to say something, then paused, and finally said: “It’s so warm at home!”