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“That’s a strange event!” the commercial counselor [1] Bolnau said to a well-known, whom he met on the broad street in B . “Confirm yourself that we live in bad time.”

“Do you think of the thing in the north?”, The well-known responded. “Have you received business information? Did the foreign affairs minister for old friendship tell you details?”

“Oh, let me be calm about politics and statebuilder, it’s no interest in me. No, I’m looking for Bianetti .”

“About the singer? Has she been hired again again?” It was said that there was a disagreement between her and the orchestra ”

“But for God,” the business adviser exclaimed and stared at amazement; “In which beacons do you stay so that you do not know what’s going on in the city? So do not you know what happened to Bianetti?”

“No word, with my honor: what happened to her about that?”

“Well, nothing else happened to her, than she was dead at night tonight.”

The commercial adviser among his acquaintances was considered a jungle, who, in the morning from eleventh until noon doing his strolls on the Wide street, liked to stop the people and improvisly believe something to them. Therefore the well-known was not very affected by this terrible news, 6 but said, “Anything else you do today do not know, Bolnau? You presumably are completely exhausted your wit, that you paint with such sharp colors. Besides, if again you again will stop me on the Wide Street, then think something wiser, otherwise I will be forced, go straight, home by going to the Chancellor. ”

“He does not believe it again!”, The promenade exclaimed, “See, he does not believe it again! If I had said that the emperor of Morocco was put to death, you would have been thankfully accepted and disseminated by the news, because there were similar issues But, if a singer here in B is a deadline, no one wants to believe, until the mourning is seen. But, dear, this time it is true, as true as I am an honest man. ”

“Man, think what you say!”, The friend with terror exclaimed. “Dead, did you say? Bianetti was stuck?”

“She was not yet dead for an hour ago, but she was dying, that at least is sure.”

“But talk finally, for God! How can one kill a singer? Do we live in Italy? Why is the praised police there? How did that matter become?

“But do not cry so softly,” Bolnau quieted responding. “The people are already throwing their heads out of all the windows to see where the strata is in the street. You can complain with a loud voice [2] , as much as you want. As the matter has been done, do you ask? question; it until now no one knows. Last night the beautiful creature was still at the masquerade, so lovely, so lovely as always, and tonight at twelve medical adviser [3] Lange is vekata; they say that signora [4 ] Bianetti is dying that she has a stomach in her heart. The whole city has already spoken 7about that, but of course completely extravaganza. There are, in fact, fatal circumstances, so that one can not get a clear; for example, no one except the doctors and the people who serve her are in the house. Also at the court you are already aware of the matter, and there was a command that the guardian should not pass the house; the whole battalion had to go the narrow path across the farmhouse. ”

“What do you say, but do not you know exactly how it happened? Do not you have any posts?”

“It is difficult, through the various rumors to penetrate to the truth. Bianetti, of course, is a very good person who can not speak badly in any way. But you know the habit of people and especially women, when someone is talking about The right way of life of the poor girl, the shoulders are raised and pretended, about her previous behavior to know it and that. About her previous behavior! She is just seventeen years old and here is one year and a half. What is the previous behavior that is? ”

“Do not waste so much time about the introduction,” the well-known interrupted him, “but talk about the subject. Do not you know who killed her?”

“Well, that’s what I say, right now, it is a matter of fact that it was a reluctant or jealous lover who killed her. Strangers are the circumstances.” It was said yesterday, at the time the mask was talking a little while with a mask that nobody knew. Then he left, and some people claim that they saw the same mask entering the carriage to her. No matter what nobody knows, but I’ll soon know how to do it. ”

“I know that you have your own acquaintances, and surely at Bianetti you have a service worker. It’s people who call you the chronicle.”

“Too much honor, too much honor,” the consultant laughed and apparently felt a little flattened. “But this time I have no other spy than the medical adviser itself. You supposedly realized that I did not walk on the whole street from one end to the other, but still remains between the Charles and the Frederic streets . ”

“Surely I had noticed it, but I thought you were doing a window stroll before the wife of State Baruch [5] .”

“Let me be calm about her! We have broken one with the other three days ago, my wife did not like the relationship, because that lady plays so differently. No, medical counselor Lange every day at the twelfth passes through the Wide Street, going to the castle, and I am waiting here waiting for him to go straight to him when he comes from the street post. ”

“Then I’ll be left with you,” the friend said, “I have to hear more about Bianetti’s issue. Do you really do that, Bolnau?”

“Dear sir, do not let yourself worry,” the other answered. I know you’re eating at the twelfth; So take care that your soup does not cooled. In addition to your presence, maybe hesitating about the story; Preferably after eating, come into the cafeteria, there you will hear everything. -But further go away, there he is coming from the post of the street.

“I do not consider the injury necessarily deadly,” medical adviser Lange said after the first greetings; “The tip seems not to be firmly directed. She has fully recovered consciousness, and if the weakness, caused by the great blood loss, is considered at this moment, at least there is no danger.”

“That makes me happy”, the consultant responded and intimately embraced himself with the doctor. “I will still accompany you a few steps to the castle, but, for God, tell me details of this matter, it can not be explained to himself, as everything has been done.”

“I can swear to you,” the other replied, “terrible darkness covers the matter. I hardly fell asleep when my John woke me up with the news that they were called to someone very dangerously ill. I quickly dressed and ran out In the lobby there is a girl, pale and tremble, and whispered so softly that I had hardly heard that I took my pansilary. It’s already hitting me, I quickly jump into the carriage, turn the pale mistress to sit down on the carrier beside John, so that she can show the way, and then on. I leave a little house and ask the maid, who is the sick person so? ”

“I can imagine how you were amazed …”

“As I was amazed, hearing that Bianetti was a signman, I knew her only from the theater, otherwise he had seen her two or three times, but the mysterious way I had been brought to her was the pansilary I had to take, “I confess to you that I was very curious about what happened to the singer.” We went up a few steps, passed through a narrow corridor. The girl went on for a few minutes waiting for me in the dark and after that bleaking and still paler Oh, I’ve got a doctor, “she said,” oh! you probably come too late, and she will not survive it. “I went in, it was a terrible sight.”

The medical counselor was silent, meditating and lightweight; It seemed that his soul had an image that he was trying to ban in vain. “Well, what did you see?”, His companion 10 exclaimed, impatient for this interruption. “Do you, hopefully, do not want me to stay between a hammer and an ambush?”

“I have encountered a lot of things in my life,” when the doctor recovers his thoughts, “many things that terrified me, who were shocked by me, but nothing that broke my heart like that. In a lightly lightened room, a pale young woman lay on The sofa was in front of her kneeling an old servant and pressed a cloth on her heart. I approached me, white and stiff like a bust, the head of the dead was bowed back, the black, lowered hair, the dark eyebrows and the eyelids of the closed eyes were terribly opposed with the shining neck of his forehead, from the face, from the pretty neck. The white flask clothes that seemed to belong to her mask were covered with blood, blood was on the floor, and from the heart apparently the red radio- . All this came to me for a moment; it was Bianetti,the singer. ”

“Oh, God, how does it affect me!” Said the consultant, excitedly, removing a long silk cloth to rub his eyes. “Just like this last Sunday she was lying in the opera” Otelo “, playing Desdemono’s role. The effect was so cruel, truly and really horrible, that it was thought that the black man had actually killed her, and now it really hit her, how does that affect me! ”

“Did I not forbid you any surpassing emotion?” the doctor interrupted him. “Do you really want your attacks to come back?”

“You are right,” Bolkons’s commercial adviser said and quickly put the cloth in place: “You are right, an affection for my constitution is not appropriate. But continue, I’m going to call the glasses at the military ministry, which keeps such attacks.”

“Well, name, and if that does not work, you can still add the upper floor of the palace.” The old maid took away the cloth, and, in astonishment, I saw a wound like a cutlery, close to my heart. In a while, I asked the wound and put on the bandage, and I was investigating the wound, and the wounded during the whole operation showed no signs of life, only when I scammed the wound, she started to get rid of her pain. kept her sleep. ”

“But the girl and the old servant, did not you then ask them about the origin of the wound?”

“So I want to confess it to you, a business adviser, because you are my old friend, yes, when there was nothing else to be done for the patient, I decided to make sure that I would no longer take care of the lady, it will not all confess to me. ”

“And what did they say? Continue on!”

“After the eleventh singer, the singer had come back, accompanied by a large male mask.” At this news, I could have looked at the two women with a bit of bitterness, since they began to weep again, and with the most strong oaths they made sure I did not need to think badly about their mistress , that for a long time since they were serving her, after the fourth night no man had crossed the threshold; the smaller girl, probably read novels, even claimed that a signor is an angel of purity. ”

“That’s what I’m saying,” said the consultant, moving to the window in the window to which they approached: “I also say that Bianetti can not speak badly, she is a lovely, pious creature, and is she her Is it blamed that she is beautiful and has to earn her livelihood with singing? ”

he supposedly dropped down. From below, there is swelling and grievance, like that of a dead person; but she feels sorry, she does not dare to go even one step. She goes back to the door-the singer lies in her blood and closes her eyes a few moments. The girl does not know how to help herself, she wakes up the old maid, so she can help her mistress at an interim, and hurry to me, perhaps to bring salvation to a maker. ”

“And Bianetti has not yet said anything? Did not you ask her?”

“We went straight to the police station and woke up the director: he was still midnight in the middle of all the hotels and street bars, all the corner of the city, and no one passed the gate in that hour, and from now on everything is severely explored. A floor discovered the whole thing no sooner than when police had searched the house, it was not, as it were, the murderer 13could run away, although he was supposedly injured by his fall; because there was a lot of blood below the stairs, and it is not unlikely for me that he fell hurting himself with his own stomach. It is the more incomprehensible, as he escaped, because the house was closed. Bianetti himself woke up at the tenth and stated to call the police chief to her that she did not know her in the most rigorous sense, he did not even suspect what could be the mask. All doctors and surgeons received the compulsory instruction, if they are called to a patient injured by a fall or a knife injury, to announce this, as it might be possible in this way to find a signature of the murderer. That’s how the matter is. But I am incredibly convinced that there is a deep secret that the singer does not want to know; because Bianetti is not such, that she would let herself go home with a man not known to her at all. This seems to be guessing her maid, who had been present during the interrogation. Because when she saw that a signman did not want to tell something, she did not mention the controversy she had heard; but she looked at her for a petition that I should not betray her. “It’s a terrifying thing,” she said, after I went to the stairs, “but nothing would urge me to betray something that a signer does not want to make known.” She still confessed something to me, which might have illuminated the whole thing. ” but nothing would urge me to betray something that a signer does not want to make known. ‘ She still confessed something to me, which might have illuminated the whole thing. ” but nothing would urge me to betray something that a signer does not want to make known. ‘ She still confessed something to me, which might have illuminated the whole thing. ”

“Well, and can not I also know that circumstance?”, The consultant asked. “You see, how tired is my curiosity; relax, relax, for God, otherwise I could easily get my attacks.”

“Listen, Bolnau, think if there’s another Bolnau except you live in this city? Is there any other one else in the world and where, say where?”

“Besides me, nobody in this city,” Bolnau replied. “When eight years ago I moved here, I 14 was glad that my name is not Schwarz , Weiss or Braun , not Meier , Müller or Bauer [6] , because these names happen very unpleasant intermiksoj. In Kassel I was the only A man in my family, and elsewhere in the world there is no Bolnau, except my son, the unfortunate musician, of whom he has never heard since he sailed to America. But why do you ask about my name, Doctor? ”

“Well, it can not be you, a commercial counselor, and your son is in America. But it is a quarter past twelve, princess Sofia is sick, I just too long chatting with you, goodbye, au revoir [7] .”

“Stay,” Bolnau exclaimed and held him back at his arm, “tell me what the girl has said yet.”

“Well, then, but crap your tongue in the mouth, Bolnau! Her last word, before she was caught by that deep fate , was Bolnau .”

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