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A few weeks had passed, and at last Piet had obtained the necessary permission from his parents and also received an answer from Jacob, in which he was full of joy that the house of Mr. Wortelman was open to him.

Two of the five weekly papers, which Piet had offered his work, accepted his offer and each signed a contract with him.

Since his first visit to the Voorschoten family, Pietje had been there twice more, but he had not seen or heard anything from the black eyes and the “Millions d’Arlequin” at both visitors, but he thought it was obvious, departure to visit the family again.

He did this one evening, that his friend Flip was not at home anyway.

And this time he found the family complete again.

Bella was not out, and even there was someone else … a shy young lady … white-haired and frightened-fine, with smelling hair and pink fingers … This picture was presented to Piet as … the upcoming of Bella.

Piet pressed the new knowledge firmly, on which it almost fainted. And from that moment on Piet did not like the black eyes so much anymore.

After they had sat together quietly for a while, Pietje came up with the great news.

“The reason why I actually am here tonight,” he began, “is to say goodbye to you.”

“Farewell?” Bella exclaimed in an astonished tone.

“Farewell?” Repeated her father.

“I’m going to America,” Piet said.

“What … you too?” Asked Mr. Voorschoten.

“Do I also? … Who else?”

“Well, Dad is going too,” Bella said laughing.

“Yes,” said the jeweler, “once a year I go to New York for business and then usually return after a few weeks. And what is the reason for your journey, Piet? ”

Piet laughed once and said:

“I work for the magazines … have a few good contracts … I like working, but I want to be free.”

“You have a good position here, Piet,” Mrs put in the middle.

“Oh yes, ma’am, very well … but, you see … I can do much more, much better …. I love to tell … and I like to tell you that with my pen. But to tell something, you have to experience something … and here I do not experience anything … here I always see the same city with the same faces … the same things happen every day … and the world is so big, madam, so rich in dust for telling … and now I’m going to make it my job … to tell people about everything that happens in that big world. And then also I will be free, really free to go to every city … every country … every continent … “[203]

“It was risky …” Ms said.

“Piet’s life is quite a venture,” laughed Mr. Voorschoten, “but I have faith in his company.”

“Piet is an idealist,” Bella said, turning to the young lady at her side, she asked, “Would not you also like it, Teddy?”

“I … oh no …” the plaque licked, “I’ll stay with mom.”

“Piet,” said the jeweler, “come to my room, I will show you some diamonds.”

Piet followed him and, in the room, Mr Voorschoten said:

“Listen, Piet, that of those diamonds was just a pretext. I wanted to ask you to go with me to New York. We can take a cabin together, and … ”

“But, sir, you are probably traveling first class, while for me the second is good enough … you understand … that I … not yet …”

“Ssssst … you go with me as my friend … if necessary as my private investigator … I have a diamond with me. Of course I will pay for your crossing, that is my interest, and also, because I believe, have some obligation to you. Now let me settle an old account with you, dear friend. Keep the money that you had before the trip together and add it to the fee that I will give you on arrival in New York. ”

“But …”

“Piet, now no bulls or objections. Your refusal would cost you my friendship. So it is decided! ”

Piet had, with pure joy, wanted to fly Mr. Voorschoten around his neck, but determined himself to press him very hard, on which the jeweler looked at his fingers with a painful look. [204]

That evening it was agreed that they would leave in fourteen days with the “New Amsterdam” and after having greeted all of them, Piet went back to his room, as happy as a boy, who will only enter his life path and his ideal. when a golden sun rises before them.

Father and Mother Bell had come over from Hilversum to have their boy taken out and the Merry Gang was complete. Those who did not have free had asked for leave and that was how it was a lot of pressure on Piet’s room.

Piet had already sent his bags and only took a small city bag with him.

It was Saturday morning and a bright Julizon cheered the city.

The whole company took the tram to the Boompjes and for the last time Piet drove through the streets of Rotterdam, where as usual the barrel organs were heard. And involuntarily Pietje thought of his childhood in this city, of the time, when he wanted to help everyone, which always ended in a rattle. He saw the old Breestraat again in his mind and the modest shoemaking of his father, he heard him chatter the leather, while Father always sang a clean song, for example: “Pull the string” or “O Susanna!”

Father and Mother were a little quiet, but the club made all the more noise in the open tram.

Old memories of the Merry Gang were again collected, again there was laughter for the precious adventures of the wonderful time they had behind them.

A steamboat brought them from the Westerkade to the American boat.

It was a little windy on the water, that was nice and frisch. [205]

But a steadier breeze grabbed Eduard Pijpers’ hat, and rrrrt … it went overboard.

“Ooo … my hat … I’m wearing my hat in the weather, zég !!” he screamed.

De Bende screamed and the hat drifted quickly on the Maasgolven.

… and the hat quickly drifted away on the Maasgolven.
“Hey, képtein! képtein !!! “Eetje screamed. “Will you please have my hat.”

“Get it yourself!” The man muttered and sent undisturbed to the other side.

The Nieuw-Amsterdam, colossal sea castle of the Holland-America Line, was steamed on the quay.

“I would like to help, Piet,” said Mien Kuijer.

“And I,” Flip thought. [206]

Yes, they really liked it all, but what they thought was the most amazing of the whole thing was that they were going to lose Piet, the soul of the Merry Gang. Jacob, who had always been in charge, they had already lost, and now Piet again. That way, nothing remained of the club.

“Listen, loudly,” said Piet. “My departure can not disintegrate the club. Remains with each other, boys, stays together. Always look at things from the best side and do not become indifferent and let go of each other. The club has to stay and new members have to come again. If you feel pressured, try sing or sing a tune, what do you say, father? ”

“Sure, boy, always cheerful,” Father said, tearing a tear from his eye.

Then they entered the site of the boats and were allowed after permission.

There Piet met Mr. Voorschoten, who was busy arranging his luggage.

All were allowed to come on the boat, and when they saw the sumptuous decoration of the first class, they shouted in admiration:

“But Piet, you’re going on a journey like a king!”

In the salon they continued to talk for a moment … father and mother Piet pushed aside.

“Boy,” said Mother, “do you really have everything? And your money, is that safe? And do you have a handkerchief … and your soap … and … and … will you come over soon, boy, and write a lot, a lot? ”

The heavy steam whistle droned …

“Off board !!”

Piet embraced his parents who had tears in their eyes.

Then it was the turn of the club.

All friends pressed Piet warmly and was the appointment or coincidence-first Marie van Zanten, [207] when Alida Specht, then Jannetje de Boog and finally Mien Kuijer (who did the longest) who all gave Piet a sounding kisses on both cheeks.

Mr. Voorschoten promised Father and Mother to keep an eye on Piet and then they left the boat with the young friends.

For the second time, the steam whistle drew … the bridges were pulled in … the cables thrown loose.

And slowly the colossal steamer drifted up the river.

Piet and his guide stood on the deck, waved to the shore.

De Vroolijke Bende waved back and Piet heard them calling from afar:

“Day Piet !!!”

Three tow boats pulled the violent zeekolos to the middle of the river, there they let him go and with their own strength the New Amsterdam began to move on.

barbituricos y benzodiacepinas,barbituric acid structure,barbiturici farmaci

The figures became smaller and smaller.

And all waved, waving only with hats and handkerchiefs.

Piet felt a gag in the throat when he saw all those who were so dear and dear to him.

What had they all gone through a good time?

And what would the future bring?

But Piet swallowed the chunk, straightened up, and took a deep breath.

Underneath him, the machines stomped, which would take him to the new world … to the land of his dreams and ideals.

He had just chosen his way, straight ahead was the goal …

He had finished the feast years, and now he would have to show that he was serious about life … that he was going to become a man …

But in that he felt strong … he knew what he wanted … and wanted what he could …

So he had to come!

The last houses of Rotterdam disappeared on the horizon and Piet’s lips smiled with a last greeting to the city, where many friends and acquaintances still often remember in their merry conversations the youth and

The Vlegeljaren of Pietje Bell.