Wings are broken, heart is flying

  An accident took his father’s life, the pillar of the family was gone, and he also lost both arms. From then on, his brother’s arm became his arm. In order to take care of him, his younger brother became his shadow and followed him inseparably. In addition to learning to write with his toes, he is completely unable to take care of himself in life.
  One night, he had diarrhea and wanted to go to the toilet, so he had to wake up his brother. After the younger brother helped him into the toilet, he went back to the dormitory and waited for him. Due to being too tired, the younger brother soon fell asleep again. As a result, he waited in the toilet for two full hours before being discovered by the teacher who checked the night. As the brothers grew up, they had troubles and often argued. One day, the younger brother decided not to live with him anymore, but to have his own life like many normal people. For this, he was very sad and didn’t know what to do.
  Coincidentally, another girl had a similar experience. One night, my mother, who had been suffering from mental illness for a long time, suddenly disappeared. My father went out to find my mother, and she was the only one at home. She wanted to cook for her parents, but accidentally knocked over the kerosene lamp on the stove, and her hands were taken away by the fire.
  Although her sister who is studying abroad expressed her willingness to take care of her, she is determined to take care of herself. At school, she studied hard, and most importantly, she learned to take care of herself. She once wrote in an essay: “I am very lucky, although I have no hands, but I still have legs; I am very lucky, although my wings are broken, but my heart can still fly…”
  One day, the boy The son and the girl were invited by the TV station to do a talk show. Facing the host, the boy showed confusion about the future, while the girl was full of enthusiasm for life. The host asked them to write a sentence on a piece of white paper. The boy wrote: “My brother’s arm is my arm.” The girl wrote: “The wings are broken, and the heart is flying.”
  They both endured the same suffering, but different attitudes to life determine the essence of their life. Indeed, life is fickle, and suffering can come at any time. How to deal with misfortune is the real test of your character. If you choose to complain and escape, suffering will always follow you; but if you choose to be strong, suffering will turn into opportunity, and hope will be born.