The longest wooden chair in the world

  The British Studio Weave architectural firm took a different approach and designed and built a 324-meter-long bench (The Longest Bench) on the seafront of Littlehampton, England, which can accommodate 300 people at the same time, which can be called a design miracle in the world. The benches are made from very eco-friendly materials, made from recycled tropical hardwoods sourced from landfills or salvaged from the old seaside breakwaters. The bench has a wavy design, giving it a bold and unrestrained feel. It blends neatly with the surrounding scenery and has a lot of character. The winding direction of the entire bench is controlled by colored stainless steel strips, and the most crazily meandering structure is covered with two copper covers.
  Littlehampton is located in West Sussex and has many tourist attractions. The urban area is 11.35 square kilometers and the population is 25,593. It is a seaside resort city and part of the Brighton/Worthing/Little metropolitan area. Littlehampton’s port was originally a fishing port, and later developed into a prosperous yacht port and a commercial port. There are many theater groups in the city, and a charity music festival is held every year.
  Studio Weave was founded in 2006 by architects Je Ahn and Maria Smith and is a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Their creative scope is quite extensive, involving architecture, products, exhibitions, urban landscapes and urban planning, etc., and their designs often have a strong narrative.
  Interestingly, the bench that Je Ahn and Maria Smith envisioned at the beginning of the design was a bespoke auspicious bracelet for Littlehampton, full of strings of mascots from friends and family. The resulting benches, however, consist of thousands of slates and recycled tropical hardwoods, with strips of different colors connected one after another, like jumping notes. The wooden slats in the center of the shed are tossing up and down, looking like a long dragon dancing from a distance. People can also engrave stories related to the beach on the wood as a permanent souvenir.
  Along Littlehampton’s promenade, the benches form a smooth curve, zigzagging between streetlights, bypassing street trash cans, and connecting the walkway and green space. In order to ensure the convenience of the seaside and green space, part of it is connected underground. This row of benches is like a beautiful bracelet, linking the walkway as a whole and harmonizing with the surrounding landscape. The closer the benches are to the coiled ring structure, the more coiled they become, but the wider the view in all directions. Since the construction of the longest wooden chair in the world, Littlehampton Waterfront has become famous for being full of tourists and bustling all day long. Tourists all want to sit on a bench full of magical colors to experience it, enjoy the beauty of the sea and spend a happy time.
  According to the plans of Studio Weave Architects, the benches will continue to extend, eventually reaching 621 meters, and will become even more magnificent by then.