Sweet little shop

  This small shop existed when I first got married. At that time, it was not even a shop, but a small stall with a red and blue striped canopy on the top, and two or three tables put together to make a countertop. There was an oil pan next to it, the hot oil was boiling, and the chubby boss’ daughter put corn dumplings in it.
  The raw materials of corn dumplings are fresh corn and glutinous rice flour. The boss peels off the corn kernels, puts them in the stone mill next to them, grinds them into pulp, adds a certain proportion of glutinous rice flour and white sugar, and then kneads them into oval balls—that is, the palm of the hand. Grip shape. Fry them into golden-brown balls in a frying pan, and sell them by weight.
  Even if I don’t like fried things, I like this corn cake. It has a thick and simple grain taste, sweet, a little sticky, and the skin is crispy and tough. Buy a few in the morning, and go home with milk or soy milk, a very filling meal.
  The cute thing about this small shop is that it is in season – corn cakes are sold in July and August when corn is on the market, and rice dumplings were sold in April and May. The salted eggs in the zongzi are marinated by themselves, the yellow yolk is full of oil, and the lean meat is also marinated by themselves. There are several flavors of zongzi. In addition to the most common white zongzi, there are also bean paste, ham, egg yolk, fresh meat, and my favorite fresh meat and egg yolk zongzi. Speaking of this zongzi, it is just that big. The whole salted egg yolk and a large piece of cured meat are wrapped in it. This kind of happiness is unimaginable.
  The glutinous rice is mixed with soy sauce and lard, and it is very fragrant even without the filling. Even the minimum configuration of white rice dumplings, wrapped in a layer of sugar, is supremely delicious.
  From mid-August to early September, the small shop began to sell moon cakes, which are also made at home. The most delicious is the cloud leg moon cake. , grains of lean ham meat sandwiched in the crystal white soft filling, half sweet and half salty, the taste is just right. Ham is also a good ham, you can eat that rich aroma.
  Mooncakes are not suitable for breakfast, because they are a little greasy. It is best to cut two cloud-leg mooncakes and put them on a small plate when drinking afternoon tea. Make a pot of raw, just right.
  In other seasons, the shop is not idle, they make glutinous rice cakes, bait cakes and yellow cakes for sale. The specific method of glutinous rice cake is to steam the glutinous rice, pound it with a mallet and a wooden cylinder while it is still hot into a sticky and sticky big round cake, and finally dry it for sale. When eating, cut the round cake into thick slices of about one centimeter and bake it on the stove. After a while, the glutinous rice cake will become bulging and brown on the surface. Take it out at this time and eat it with white sugar. The rice is fragrant, sweet and delicious. Soft and waxy.
  The method of bait cake is the same as that of glutinous rice cake, the only difference is the raw material. As mentioned earlier, glutinous rice is used for glutinous rice cake, and japonica rice is used for bait cake cake. Therefore, bait cake cake is not as sticky as glutinous rice cake, just like eating rice. In addition to roasting and eating bait cakes and glutinous rice cakes, you can also cook sweet wine and eat them. Sweet wine is glutinous rice grains. Eating a bowl of sweet wine cakes in the winter morning will make you feel warm and comfortable. If it is not too troublesome, it will be more perfect to crack an egg in it.
  Yellow cake is made from millet, but it is sweeter with brown sugar mixed in it.
  In addition to these, the store also sells handmade glutinous rice balls, rose, peanut, sesame and oil. The first few are fine. The stuffing with oil is fried with fat meat into oil residue, and then mixed with sugar. It sounds bland, but it is quite delicious when eaten, and it is not greasy at all.
  Now the store has added hot glutinous rice cakes – a big steaming hot glutinous rice cake. The customer came and said how much it would cost. The still chubby boss’s daughter picked up the sticky glutinous rice cake with her gloved hand. , roll a few circles in the black primer filling next to it, roll a circle in white sugar, and finally roll a few circles in the fried soybean noodles, put it in a bag and hand it over… It’s tempting to look at.
  After so many years, I rarely chat with the family of the owner of the small shop, mainly because I am quite shy. But every time I see the busy family, I feel so good-winter goes to spring, and the seasons change, which can be seen in this small shop, very fresh and lively.
  Wish they could keep going, long, long, until one day, I was eating the chiba they made and, yo, stuck my dentures down…