Supermarket shopping

  One of Australia’s largest supermarket chains has recently started playing music in its supermarkets, desperately praising itself as “the people who bring fresh food to the world” at such a rate that rats are getting epilepsy. Sometimes, the fruit and vegetable section in the supermarket is like the famous “The Scream” by the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch, where I see someone froze there holding a banana, overwhelmed. It’s the 14th time I’ve listened to “Fresh Food People” since entering this supermarket, and I know they’re teetering on the edge of the abyss of madness.
  Of course, none of us are really crazy, and I think the supermarket would have hired a team of psychologists to work on them, and their job would be to study “to what extent does this kind of music play to make everyone Customers are going crazy, they’ll want to saw off their ears with a credit card, and when they don’t have ears, they’ll cut down on the frequency of playing music once an hour.”
  I think a lot of supermarkets and big shopping malls are doing this, and they seem to have researched and figured out what destroys people’s spirits, and then they just cut the dose a little bit to save you a breath.
  A big shopping mall in Boyd, Sydney, it’s literally designed according to Dante’s “Inferno”, we can argue whether it was designed according to the sixth or seventh hell, but there is no doubt that the design The teacher must be a descendant of Dante. The first 30 minutes of walking into this large shopping mall are safe and sound, but after half an hour, your desire to live has vanished, and you might find yourself wandering outside a store that sells storage supplies, Wondering if this store sells coffins?
  Macquarie Mall is even worse, the designers of this mega-mall are very cunning to use all kinds of up and down slopes, so that you can Never know which floor of the mall you are on? Also don’t know which direction you should go?
  This reinforces that dazed state, where you seem like a cursed person, doomed to wander around without any hope. I have to admit that I have a deep aversion to going to the store and have long been an active advocate of the “Grand Men’s Supermarket,” a shopping mall that only sells 3 basic products. The basic products are: lamb chops, beer and toilet paper. That way, you’ll be out in less than 3 minutes after you go in, and you won’t have to queue at all.
  As for vegetables, it doesn’t matter, we can eat grass on the roadside, milk can be bought at the gas station, canned tomatoes can be bought from a friend’s house, anyway, as long as we don’t have to go to the store to buy things, I can do whatever it takes.
  clothes Send you a thick jumper, in the spring, add two pairs of slacks, and every other year, they’ll spare you a jacket.
  Not only will it save you from the pain of shopping at the store, but more importantly, it will save a lot of obesity in the world, because you have to force yourself to stay in shape and waistline, otherwise the clothes you send will not fit. From now on, you no longer have to stand in the fitting room of the department store on Saturdays, looking at your image in the mirror in agony, and every time you try on a pair of pants, your image becomes more and more unsightly. , one is not as good as one. At this moment, your wife or girlfriend is still beside you, saying sarcastically: “I think the crotch of these pants is a little tight!”
  Of all the shopping stores, which one is the most hated? ?
  Is it a newsstand? Because you can’t buy any newspapers in the newsstand now. There are more people buying lottery tickets than newspapers. .
  Is it that department store chain called “Target”? This department store is clearly understaffed, and they pile everything on the floor of the store, like a rescue center after the Haiti earthquake, customers Feeling in front of piles of clothes, with a fluke mentality, maybe you can touch a piece of clothing that fits?
  Is that the supermarket called “Aodi”? This supermarket keeps saying that it is the best and cheapest supermarket in the world, but sometimes shopping in this supermarket is very expensive. Why do you say that? Because in this world Who can refuse to buy that 22.95 battery-capable electric guitar they show in the center of the store? Or that 16.75 microwave oven? Or that 3.98 turkish wire sunlamp?
  Of course. , We ordinary people simply can not refuse these temptations, the supermarket is the final winner. I especially hate the parents who are in the supermarket. I don’t know why, but they are usually kind-hearted witches who are screaming and screaming. They often threaten their children with force, so there is no supermarket. In the empty music, you will often hear this kind of shouting: “Are you in need of a beating?”
  But, I understand the feelings of these parents, it can’t be blamed on them, it’s all the supermarket’s fault.
  Look how they designed the supermarket! If nothing else, first you have to line up to get the supermarket trolley. In this way, you decide to buy fewer things altogether, so you have lamb chops under your arm, a bag of bread on your little finger, and the ice cream in your hand is almost freezing your fingers, and your legs are frozen. Can you still be in a good mood when you stagger around in the supermarket with pasta in between?
  Even if you wait in line for a cart, they always put vegetables and fruits on the It is near the entrance of the supermarket, so that your vegetables and fruits are placed at the bottom of the cart. After you buy other things, the fresh vegetables and fruits have been pressed to the point of lethargy.
  Don’t tell me about the long team that paid the money! That team was too long, and it made people feel hopeless at first sight. There was no way. After a fierce psychological struggle, you still gave in and had to pick it up. A gossip magazine that has never been dismissive flipped through it.
  Do you think this is the lowest point in your life? No, my dear friends, you are not at the end, and the end is a few minutes later, when you are divided by gossip magazine gossip At the moment of God’s mouth, he hummed along with the music in the supermarket unconsciously.
  Oh yes, “We are, we are, people who serve fresh food!”