Street Corner Losers League

  I am a person who likes to read market news. There is also a noisy vitality in the trivial things. Most of the protagonists are frustrated in life. I sometimes think: in the last ten or twenty years, will they live better than before?
  Recently, Hong Kong TVB (Wireless Television Station) launched a news documentary “Tracking People”. Each episode revisits a little person in the news in the 1980s and 1990s. I haven’t seen many old news, but it does not affect me. orbit.
  The first person I remember is the single father Huang Guoqiang. His news point at the time was very “loud”: the father who lost both his job and the marriage.
  In 2003, “SARS” swept Hong Kong, causing economic turmoil. Huang Guoqiang lost his job, his wife left a pair of children and ran away, and he almost committed suicide by jumping off the flyover. The responsibility of being a father kept him alive. He moved his children to the suburbs and lived on government aid. Every day he was busy sending his children to school, grocery shopping, cooking, looking for a job, and further education.
  Nineteen years later, has the life of “double-lost fathers” gotten better?
  When the host found Huang Guoqiang, he already had a new family, his children also had jobs, and his life was much easier. It turned out that after the news program at that time was broadcast, a well-meaning person gave him a job of self-reliance. Later, he met many volunteers and gradually got out of the low point of his life. “I want to tell everyone that (difficulties) are just a part of life, and if you go through it, you will be on the road to prosperity.” Huang Guoqiang couldn’t help choking when recalling the past, but still encouraged the audience.
  I guess that when the program team asked “Double Lost Father” for a return visit, it must be considering that Hong Kong is now in a slump due to the new crown epidemic, and it needs a “come here” to cheer everyone. Huang Guoqiang lived up to expectations. “, lit a beacon for many troubled souls in front of the TV.
  There is also a person in the program, Joseph Weiss, a student who failed the high school entrance examination 36 years ago. Hong Kong’s educational resources are tight, and if they fail, there will be no further opportunities for further education. Joseph Werther and his two good brothers fell out of the list. The failed teenager is confused and disappointed, but he has the juvenile loyalty of “ten yuan should be spent by three people together”.
  When Joseph Wether was on TV again, he was an uncle. Entering the society with a middle school education, he has shot advertisements, worked as a flight attendant, and is now a small businessman. With more than 30 years of ups and downs, he has practiced the rhetoric of his youth: “That piece of paper (education) cannot reflect my feelings. Ability to work.” And
  what about the other two teenagers? Joseph Weiss took out the photo of the three of them and said sadly, “The three of them, only me is left, and the other two are not alive.” Years took away his friends, but also enlightened him. Joseph Weiser did not have a high degree, but he contributed the wonderful golden sentence of the program: “Always ‘take it easy’, it is enough to have a roof over your head, a meal, a good friend, and a good partner in your life… …doing ordinary things well is extraordinary.”
  ”Tracking People” aired for two seasons, and the episodes were touching. The boy who shied away from eating cup noodles on the street in the cold night was accepted by the teacher of the welfare institute after he was on the news. Now he cooks noodles in a small shop by himself, after all, he did not fail in his studies; because his parents were busy with work, the burdened little girl who brought her younger brothers and sisters by herself has now become a She became a full-time housewife, happily accompanied her children, and made up for her childhood regrets…
  The crew handed over the camera to the frustrated people in the corner of the city. They fell into a low ebb, were seen, helped, struggled, and spent several years or even After more than ten years of climbing out of the trough, he is still a mortal. But this kind of story moved me very much. Life doesn’t have to be great, and it is also a hero to live hard at low times. When you are in trouble, be self-reliant, be cheeky and make a living, and you will definitely be able to wait for the rain to pass.
  As the host of the show said: life is, to be born, to live. The mortals who work hard to live have completed the test given by fate, and they are also heroes worthy of applause.