“It’s in my nature”

  American military-themed film and television works are known for their effective construction and dissemination of the image of U.S. military personnel in video dissemination. Works such as “General Patton”, “Band of Brothers”, “Saving Private Ryan” and “Black Hawk Down” have left a deep impression. The Secret Ops is an elaborate Hollywood counter-terrorism TV series that tells the story of the Special Forces, “In 1979, Congress authorized the formation of an elite force. We are directly under the command of the President of the United States, our mission, and even our existence. , are classified, and even our wives have no way of knowing the truth about our mission.” This force is sent around the world to carry out the secret mission of the US government to maintain the status and security of the United States in the world. Covert Ops is based on the book “Working for Delta Force” by a veteran U.S. Delta Force member. The original author has served in the US Delta Force for 8 years and has personally participated in some anti-terrorist operations. The Delta Force was established in November 1977. It is an all-round anti-terrorist field force. Its members are the elites of the US special forces elite and are selected from various special forces in the United States (Airborne, Special Police, Marine Corps). The careers of special forces have always been associated with “disaster, danger, death, crime…”. Every time they perform a mission, they may fall into “dilemma”. “Dilemma” is an unavoidable life experience for them. What do they rely on to get rid of? To defeat? This work tells the vivid stories of the military operations and life of the US military from the perspective of special forces, and artistically shapes the spiritual and emotional world of an ideal soldier.
  Fragment 1 The
  presidential candidate’s motorcade was attacked, and the action team went to the rescue:
  Mr. President, someone in your motorcade betrayed you, and we are here to rescue you.
  Are you loyal to America?
  Sir, it’s in my nature, and I’m proud of it.
  The phrase “loyal to America” ​​is like the code of life. The two sides immediately establish a life-and-death trust. This trust comes from the loyalty of the soldiers to the country. “Country” is the most sacred word in the military dictionary. Soldiers regard safeguarding the interests of the country as their life goal, and regard allegiance to the country as their duty. The 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, said: “I would like to see a man live in the pride of his country, and I would like to see him live in a way that makes his country proud of him.”
  Like many American military-themed TV series, “Secret Action Group” shows a strong hawkish ideology. The military is always vigilant about possible incidents that threaten national security, and will not let go of any clues. There are dangers everywhere, and it even tries to amplify the possible threats. Unbelievable: The White House is being attacked by aliens and terrorists are doing whatever they want in the Pentagon. Any country can be the mastermind of the attack on the United States, and any country needs the protection of the United States… This TV series was first broadcast on March 7, 2006, and was filmed and broadcasted continuously for several years. These kinds of terrorist events are almost synchronized. On the one hand, this shows the sensitivity of the screenwriter to capture hot issues. On the other hand, the ubiquitous, invincible and invincible military operations are an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the U.S. military’s high mobility, advanced weapons and equipment, and its combat effectiveness. The glory and dream of professional soldiers are also among them.
  Fragment 2 General
  MacArthur said in his twilight years that “soldiers are different from ordinary people, and they need to have a lofty realm of dedication.” The members of the action team received extremely cruel and challenging physical limits “survival, avoidance, resistance, escape” training. They are physically and mentally tortured. Bob, who is sick and feverish, is almost exhausted. He can “surrender” or withdraw from training, but he said firmly: “I am an American soldier,” insisting and Everyone suffers. In the end, the members of the action team cooperated closely and successfully escaped from the prison, and all of them passed the training subjects with excellent results. In the loud and fast bugle, the exhausted and exhausted saluted the national flag, and the American flag was solemnly raised in front of them. This is the highest praise for loyal soldiers, and it is also a symbol of the country’s full trust and reliance on soldiers.
  Fragment 3
  At the wedding of Colonel Tom, the commander of the secret force, Jonas, the head of the operation group, proposed a little game to bet that he could unlock the door with a fork before everyone had recited the “Ranger Oath” (because the British Army It was the first to use the English vocabulary of “commando”, and to distinguish it from the British special forces, the US military used “rangers” as the synonym for the first field special forces).
  How long does it take to recite the Ranger Oath?
  28 seconds.
  Everyone stood up and recited enthusiastically, and the vow blurted out: “I volunteer to be a Ranger, I fully understand the dangers of work, and I will always strive to defend the prestige, honor and noble soul of the Ranger.” Having a Ranger badge is a soldier. of honor, a proud smile floated on his handsome and resolute face, “A Ranger is an elite soldier, ready to fight at any time. From land, sea, or air, I accept the fact of being a commando…” The door lock opened abruptly , everyone cheered, Jonas was as skilled at unlocking as the players recited their oath.
  This section is very touching. The “oath” appears in the form of a game, carefully outlines the spiritual world of the special forces, and skillfully shows that the oath has been integrated into the life and behavior of the team members. “Secret Action Group” is dozens of episodes long, and never sits uprightly from concept to concept to express loyalty to the country and the army, nor does it impassively teach soldiers how to build and maintain faith. firm commitment is fully expressed. This can be seen as the art of storytelling: or, it reveals how beliefs are instilled and nurtured in an unremarkable and unpretentious look, day by day.
  Fragment 4
  ”Honor is an important military ethics category with special meaning to the military.” Here’s another Jonas story: On the
  Day of the Dead (an annual festival for military widows), widows bring The child listens to his father’s comrades telling stories of the battle. This is a positive instillation of values. Children who listen to the story again and again will always be proud of their father who died for the country in the process of growing up.
  There are also different situations. In the process of writing his father’s biography, Keyes, who grew up, had doubts about his father’s death, “I want to know how my father died.” Years ago, the troops told Sotu’s family that Sotu died while training foreign troops, and Keyes did an investigation, and the time and place of the sacrifice didn’t match.
  ”You lied to me, lied to my mother, you said that you were my father’s close comrade-in-arms.” Case was very angry, and wanted to stab the inside story of this secret force to the media.
  Jonas took pains to explain the doubts, describing Sotu’s love and expectations for his family, and covering up Sotu’s disdain for betraying the army and the country, “I kicked that door and found your father, he looked very bad, and the bandits didn’t feed him. Yes, he was weak, he insisted on walking by himself, and I gave him a gun to cover him as much as possible. He was going to die standing up…he died bravely.”
  Jonas tried to protect young Keyes’ heart The memory of his father’s loyalty and valor, this effort is touching, and there is such a soft corner in the heart of the battle-hardened Jonas. Case got the “truth” he wanted, and also got the warmth and comfort behind the “truth”. The painstaking “protection” also reflects the importance Jonas and his comrades place on “braveness”, which is the most important quality of a soldier. I believe that when Jonas described Sotu’s sacrifice, he wasn’t making up his mind, he was seeing what he expected – Sotu, who was once a brother, was a true hero.
  Fragment 5
  Jonas ‘ wife Molly joins forces with the families of other members of the action group to invest in real estate, but encounters a fraudster and loses $40,000. Molly’s original intention was to relieve everyone’s financial pressure. As a decision maker, she decided to take the loss alone and not let Jonas know: “I chose not to tell Jonas, because a distraught soldier is a soldier close to death. .” But Jonas soon found the family financial problems, a little exasperated. Molly, a good wife who is very protective of her husband, is distraught and offers Jonas to retire and work for a private security company. In the U.S., private security companies outsource much of the war reserve, and “people with experience in the military get paid six figures for private work” (several times the salary of Sergeant Major Jonas). A private security company offered Jonas an even more attractive price: as an assistant supervisor, in charge of affairs in the Middle East, no more fighting, and after five years, he could get 8% of the company’s shares.

He reiterated his belief: “I’m not doing small business to make money, I make money at the cost of my life.”
  There is no fierce physical conflict in this scene, no dazzling The scene switching is just a slightly excited emotional exchange between the husband and wife, but it clearly and accurately expresses the life creed of Jonas’ professional soldier. What kind of work is really worth the cost of life? That is serving the country and the nation. A person who always weighs the gains and losses does not have the courage to charge into battle.
  Fragment 6 The wives living
  in the base have different personalities and distinctive characteristics. They comfort and support each other. In addition to bearing everything that the family members of soldiers must bear, they also bear the pressure of a secret life.
  Women are fighting on another battlefield, and men who love “fighting” need courage and lasting perseverance. Pretty Tiffy is a middle school teacher, and her marriage to action team member Mike is red: “I want to know where my husband is at any time and know if he can have another Christmas c” This is very real, military A wife should have her own life, she should stay with her husband, and she should not be anxious all day long. These are understandable and reasonable, and Mike is also troubled by it.
  But it was this Tiffie, who was wearing a shirt stained with her husband’s blood when the senator inspected the special forces, eager to get training equipment for the troops: “My husband was shot today, a small training accident, to him Say nothing, that’s what the men in this team do every day. They practice every minute when they don’t have a mission. They can’t make mistakes, their training has to be relentless… Invest every penny in the men’s Let them perform at their best and go home alive!”
  ”Go home alive!” All the wives hold this belief, they are not only worried about the safety of their husbands, they are the strongest backing for their husbands in the fierce battle.
  Fragment 7
  ”Secret Action Group” aims to create a group hero with team spirit. The role of the role is divided into how many, but everyone is the protagonist, abide by the common belief, and establish a common respect and follow the value orientation in the experience of fighting side by side . The story of Colonel Tom is intriguing.
  The battle-hardened Tom faces a promotion, and his boss talks to him, but he is confused:
  Your promotion has been approved, if you can accept it.
  But that means I have to leave my unit.
  Your unit is just a job for a colonel.
  The boss is a little puzzled, how many soldiers dream to become a general. Tom put away the general star badge, “It’s really an attractive thing.” But, “I grew up here, and I have no reason to leave.”
  Tom fell into contemplation, and the past is vivid in his mind – the young Tom’s face has a face that was beaten by his stepfather. Ziyu walks into the draft, and the veteran who receives him guesses that he wants to escape from his family and tells him what his future in the military will be like: “You will become a real man. You will learn how to use weapons, and in your During your military career, you will meet a lot of women, and you know what it means.” The veteran assured Tom that no one would dare to bully you in the future, and the important premise was “you will serve your country”. The veteran also predicted: “Maybe one day, if you didn’t die at the hands of your enemy, if you didn’t unfortunately get killed by friendly fire, or at the hands of some bitch, you’d be a general.”
  This is a fragment full of complex meanings. The performance techniques such as shot scheduling, color alternation, and montage assembly provided by imaging technology seamlessly connect memories and reality, and convincingly give an American answer to why a teenager joins the army: joining the army, to escape domestic violence; joining the army , In order to grow rapidly, the army provides shelter for the young man, and at the same time provides him with all the training he needs for growth: physical, will, and emotion, giving him the powerful ability to conquer enemies and opponents: join the army, get life and death together partners, get the opportunity and honor to serve the country without hesitation in the face of danger.
  If I accept the promotion…
  if you accept it, you have to leave home…a
  promotion is a reward for serving the country and a reflection of personal value. But in Tom’s mind none of this compares to the sense of belonging his team gives. The team is his true “home” and the eternal destination of his body and mind.
  Film and television characters are the product of fiction and imagination. The creators break up, crush, eliminate, refine, and reorganize real characters, events, scenes, and environments to create images full of life. Identifying the outlook on life and values ​​expressed by film and television characters is a complex proposition, and it is impossible to simply equate the image of soldiers in film and television with soldiers in reality. However, with the support of real and solid details, the art of film and television vividly shows with its unique visual impact that, in addition to the cold appearance, strong physical fitness, and outstanding martial arts, the soldiers also have a strong inner world, which is their ability to transcend the “dilemma”. where the power lies.