Winner’s “Mind Method”

  Recently, the price of electricity in the United Kingdom has risen 10 times year-on-year, and the news of Li Ka-shing’s “100 million yuan daily” has attracted public attention.
  Because of the continuing energy crisis in Europe, the prices of electricity and natural gas in the United Kingdom and other countries have risen continuously. As early as ten years ago, Li Ka-shing invested heavily in the deployment of water, electricity, natural gas and other public utility assets in the United Kingdom and Europe. Now it is the “harvest season.”
  This is foresight, but also investment and cultivation. Investment does not have to be divided into old and new economies, it mainly depends on which areas can make money.
  Because the world is not organized according to an interdisciplinary approach, the capital market is even more so. For example, due to the shortage of electricity, the price of traditional energy sources such as coal and electricity has risen, and this has brought substantial investment returns to investors. At the same time, the new energy economy that “replaces” traditional energy sources has also received more attention, and the market has been repeatedly deduced.
  For another example, China’s real estate industry is going through a period of adjustment pains, and everyone avoids it for fear. In the U.S. real estate market in 2008, there were large-scale defaults and large-scale bad debts. Real estate companies were basically unable to make a profit. However, in the past ten years, some real estate companies have remained the big bull stocks in the U.S. stock market.
  Therefore, successful investors will not only understand finance and financial knowledge, but also understand politics, social sciences, history, and different disciplines, so that they can have a good understanding of the entire environment and make rational choices. This week, overseas investors interviewed by this journal call this “situational awareness”, which is a comprehensive and dynamic insight into things, that is, to grasp the overall situation.
  This means that investment is not easy.
  Just as the investment master Mr. Munger said, investors must pay attention to interdisciplinary and master the ability to see problems from a multi-disciplinary perspective in order to become a winner in investment.