Why is there no table in the British train?

It is said that Bill? Gates never flew first class. when asked why, he asked, “does first class fly faster than economy class?” As for speed, first class is not faster than economy class, but when it comes to price, first class is definitely much higher than economy class. The same is true for trains. First class cars cost much more than ordinary seats.

We know that the means of transportation are just walking. So, in the same destination, how can the wealthier passengers pay more to fly first class?

The answer is not complicated. In order to position the price effectively, the company must widen the gap between the best service and the worst service. There is no table in inside, the ordinary carriage of British trains. This is simply unreasonable, but it is the case. There is only one reason: if the ordinary car inside is comfortable, the potential customers of the first class car will choose to buy cheap tickets after seeing this situation, so the passengers of the ordinary car must suffer from this crime.

Pay a lot of money and take a sleeper. Pay small money and sit on a hard seat. If you don’t pay, you will suffer. In France, some companies do not add a roof to the third-class cars and do not install cushions for wooden seats. The reason is not that there are only a few thousand francs. The reason is that the company wants to prevent those who have money to take the second-class cars from buying tickets for the third-class cars. This has hit the poor. In fact, the company does not want to hurt them, but only to scare the rich. And for the same reason, companies that are indifferent to third-class passengers and gentle to second-class passengers are very generous in treating first-class passengers. They are flour’s refusal to provide necessary things to the poor and flour’s excessive service to the rich.

On the face of it, it seems that you spend a little money on small services and a lot of money on large services. In fact, it is the merchants who deliberately obstruct them and prevent the rich from buying cheap products. In fact, the best thing to do in first class is to spend less time in line, have more spacious seats, have a glass of red wine for meals, or enjoy a comfortable lounge for “VIP passengers” when waiting at the airport, and enjoy the preferential treatment of getting off the plane when getting off the plane. However, if it is really for the sake of comfort and dignity, special passages should be provided. Why does the VIP room become an aisle? It is for the people in economy class to see. When they pass by the VIP, they will see the temptation of spacious seats, more beautiful stewardesses and better service. In fact, VIP may not realize that when they are proud, airlines are even more proud, because VIP is their free living advertisement at the moment.

The market is not just a zero-sum game. You win and I lose, nor is it just a negative sum game. You lose and I lose, but also a positive sum game. You win and I win.