Who says new movies can’t be great?


  Release date: 2021.11.5 (USA)
  Running time: 115 minutes
  watercress Rating: 8.4
  ”Vinci” by Mingle · Sapp Krajisnik directed sci-fi movie, the film starring Tom Hanks, as well as a A dog and a robot. The story takes place in an apocalyptic setting, and Finch, as one of the few who survived, struggles to survive in the rubble while guarding against other survivors with ulterior motives.
  The film is more of a fairy tale than a sci-fi movie by definition—a man talks to a robot he creates and makes the robot feel emotional. But at the end of the day, it’s still a road movie. In the film, actor Caleb Landry Jones, who voices the robot, interprets the robot’s voice very carefully, and his voice makes the robot more human and expressive. In addition, the film’s cinematographer Joe Williams’ shooting technique also amazes the audience. The images he shoots are mournful, and he’s adept at finding beauty in devastated landscapes that make brief respite seem almost miraculous.
  But the famous film critic Roger Ebert also pointed out that the level of the script of “Finch” is not high. The script itself makes the audience predictable and does not seem to be fresh. Although Hanks’ excellent performance, it still cannot make up for the problem of the script. However, in general, if you’ve been in a slump lately and have a little patience to slowly follow Finch to experience a road trip that’s not too heart-pounding, but full of fun and some thought, then you’ll especially enjoy “Finch” “this movie.
Countdown (Tick, Tick…Boom!)

  Release date: 2021.11.10 (American Film Institute Film Festival)
  Duration: 122 minutes
  Douban Score: 8.5 The
  most acclaimed new film recently is the biopic “Countdown Time” starring “The Amazing Spider-Man” Andrew Garfield. The film’s leading actor is the late musical playwright Jonathan Larson, best known for his world-renowned Rent. As soon as this work came out, it swept the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, the New York Drama Forum Award, and the most important Tony Award in the industry, and performed on Broadway for 12 consecutive years.
  Among Jonathan’s fans, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the screenwriter of the hit musical “Hamilton”, is also Lin’s directorial debut. Lin Ziyan said that such a music biopic has a strong personal nature, because it seems to tell the life of his predecessor Jonathan, but it is full of his own sincerity. Of course, that’s how every Jonathan fan feels.
The Electrical Life of Louis Wain

  Release date: 2021.10.22 (US)
  Duration: 111 minutes
  Douban score: 7.6
  The latest film “Curly” starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Netflix’s “The Crown” actress Claire Foy The Passionate Life of Louis Wayne, which focuses on British illustrator Louis Wayne. The film tells the story of Louis Wayne and his lover Emily.
  Painter Lewis Wayne is not only famous for his paintings of cats, but he also loved cats so much that he served as the chairman of the British Cat Society. The painter may have suffered from schizophrenia in his later years, which some psychologists believe can be seen in his works, although some experts have disputed this claim…