What to do in the Metaverse

Reuters said that the metaverse is a very broad concept. It generally refers to the common virtual world entered through the network, and also refers to the real digital space felt by virtual reality or augmented reality technology. Some people also say that it is a game space, where players have an image and move in it. Another is to use blockchain technology, players can use cryptocurrencies to buy digital assets such as virtual land.

The metaverse can simulate the environment, in which it feels that the environment is three-dimensional, as if being in it. Most people will have a 3D avatar representing themselves in the metaverse. Through this incarnation, they can engage in various activities in the metaverse and can work, Gathering with friends, watching concerts and ball games, sports, you can also try on virtual clothes, not only to see if they fit, but also to feel the texture of the clothes and the feeling of the upper body. Or maybe you walked into a virtual hat store, customized a hat, you could sell it to someone, and it stayed in the virtual world.

“Time” reported that the metaverse makes our online and real wealth, social networking, work, shopping, entertainment more overlapping. In fact, even without a helmet, the two worlds are already intertwined. When you take a taxi, the app will display the car’s location and travel. LiDAR scanning on the iPhone can scan the environment around you in three dimensions. Ten years from now, all you need to do is put on a pair of sunglasses and you’ll be able to enter the metaverse experience. Passing a restaurant, it pops up with its menu, reviews from your friends.

For ordinary people, the most useful things in the metaverse are virtual viewing attractions, museums, showrooms. In the future, automakers will be able to test drive their new cars in a virtual world. Many skills do not need to be learned, you can also experience them safely. There’s also virtual love… never have to show up, it’s already a reality in the metaverse, and we can start married life together. In Second Life, you can go to virtual nightclubs and spend virtual money, the BBC says.

The concept of the Metaverse first appeared in the 1992 American writer Neil Stephenson’s science fiction novel “Avalanche”, in which people spend a lot of time in a virtual environment. Facebook changed the company’s name to Meta, which comes from the Greek word meaning after, beyond.

Facebook, which sees itself as a precursor to the metaverse, is already testing a virtual reality meeting program called Workplace and a social space called Horizons, where users use a virtual avatar system. When we have online classes, students and teachers can only see each other’s avatars. Maybe the metaverse technology can give the feeling of class in the classroom, the teacher walks around, and the students are divided into front and rear rows. Mike Young said that when the metaverse truly grows, our lives will further migrate to online, virtual spaces, until our digital lives are more valuable than our physical presence.

Now it seems that the Metaverse will continue to impact the real economy. You don’t have to buy tickets for scenic spots, concerts and ball games? Some ordinary people doubt this, we still need real experience, smell the smell of flowers, the feeling of walking on the road, the feeling of the wind blowing, the feeling of chatting with friends, dancing. Technology can imitate and simulate, but it is still different from reality.

The metaverse also brings many security concerns. If the metaverse is an extension of the current network, many problems with the current network have not been solved. Matthew? Ball, about to publish “The Metaverse: How It Will Revolutionize Everything,” says there are five unresolved issues with mobile networks: data rights, data security, extremism, counterfeiting and platform power. If the premise of the metaverse is that more of our time, work, leisure, wealth, and life take place in virtual worlds, all five of these problems will become even more acute. “The Story of Your Life” author Ted Jiang said that the Metaverse cannot solve inequality, and the Metaverse cannot provide food, daily necessities and medical care.