What can people bring to you?

  Personal statement: The third job of my career did not submit a resume at all. An old colleague went to a new company, and a project in the new company needed a person in charge. He recommended me. I had an appointment with the boss of this company for a coffee shop and talked. It was very speculative to join. Personal connections have brought me a job opportunity.
  Later, I started my own business. The two partners are my colleagues and friends for many years. They know each other and have common ideas, so they started together. Networking may become a common cause.
  Now I am recruiting people, selecting suitable resumes, and not rushing to make appointments. In my circle, I look for people from the candidate’s former company, friends or friends of friends. The circle is not big, and it is not difficult to find people. First, check the candidate’s reputation. Decide whether to face or not.
What is a network?

  Networking is to engage in relationships? I have eaten together, drank wine, and added WeChat. Is it a network? Don’t waste time on useless social networking! Social skills may be the most overestimated thing, because the nature of contacts is the exchange of resources and equivalent transactions.
  Network = ability + relationship, people who are incapable have no network!
  If you have been in an industry for five years and still mainly rely on your resume to find a job, it will be a failure! On the one hand, it shows that your personal ability is growing slowly, and you can work hard enough to become an expert in this field in five years; on the other hand, it shows that your network accumulation is very poor, the interpersonal relationship is not good, and others will not think of good things. you.
  If I mess around all day, my old colleague won’t introduce me to his new company. I went to continue messing around, and his leader looked for him, “You can’t introduce this person”, who would introduce me to his shameless person ? Never mess around with life, it’s not just days that you mess around.
  The more valuable you are, the more effective contacts you have. Society is very utilitarian and fair. Useful social interaction must be evenly matched. Only with the same rank can we have a fair dialogue.
  Instead of spending time on getting to know more people, it is better to spend time improving your personal value. The essence of networking is value exchange, and the prerequisite for realizing value exchange is: you are a useful person.
Should college students build contacts?

  After entering society, the vast majority of your contacts must be established on the premise of sufficient strength, but in school, your contacts are actually more emotional, “My brothers have a good relationship”, and the feelings of classmates are Very sincere, unlike in society, not so realistic and utilitarian. Often your college classmates, especially those in a dormitory, may be very important friends in your life, including your classmates, because in the future everyone will develop in the same industry. But these are all the same people as you, and you have to make more friends who are two or three steps faster than you, your senior brother and senior sister.
  What a person really follows is not someone who has reached the end, but someone who is only two or three steps faster than you.
  When I was in college, I participated in this official club and that club, and also joined the folk associations. Later, I became the president. Through these social activities, I met some senior brothers and sisters, both for my studies and I am very helpful in finding a job.
  Today, I will encounter some professional financial or legal issues in my work. My “personal financial advisor” is the wife of my university roommate, the financial director of a famous company, and my “personal lawyer” is The little brothers from the fellowship association of my university, I will ask them if they have something to do. I have been old friends for many years, and this is not a problem with them.
  How to make and maintain contacts?
  It’s not that if you are a Xiaodoubao, you can’t know someone better than you. For example, if you make friends with me, you may be a college student or a newcomer than you who have been working for 20 years, or you know a little bit more about the workplace and society. You can use Weibo. , Zhihu, etc. can contact me. After people do something, or when they reach a certain age, they will have a stinking problem:
  to be a good teacher, you should be polite to ask me, and then ask for a WeChat. I am generally embarrassed to refuse. After you added me, I posted your frequent likes and comments in Moments, and you would ask me for advice again. I’m really embarrassed not to help.
  After work, you can go to more trainings or meetings to get to know more people. I participated in a new media operation training many years ago, and added each teacher’s WeChat. A brother later gave me some good suggestions. Networking is the exchange of value. I am very familiar with the publishing house and helped him to get in touch. Book.
  I even participated in an online course in a copywriting training camp in order to recruit people. Before signing up, I asked the customer service about how many classmates there were. The customer service said that more than 300 people have been reported. Do I think I will join the class group? She said yes. I paid the money immediately, and then I joined an accurate group of more than 400 people. Later, a copywriter in our company was dug from this group.
How to maintain your contacts?

  First, you must first have value;
  second, be good at releasing your own value, take it in advance, you must first give it, and those who are good at helping others can receive help from more people;
  third, like to pass on friends to others The value of it plays the role of a bridge.
  The ultimate point of maintaining contacts is: to be a good person.
  When young people first came out, they felt that bravery was the most important thing. They were not afraid of heaven and earth; after a few years, they found that bravery was useless, and only if they had the strength they had the right to speak.
  A few years later , I understand that experience, experience, connections, resources, cognition, pattern, etc., these things seem to be more important;
  after mixing a little longer, I finally found out that it turns out that the final fight is character and three views, one A person’s career, the last fight is the character value;
  the development of an enterprise, the last fight is the founder’s values. After a company grows, it is the founder’s cognitive upper limit that restricts its development, and the founder’s concept of right and wrong is the problem.