Walking through the cornfield of puppy love

  A few days ago, the school held a parent meeting, and the teacher focused on the problem of puppy love in the class. This made me very uneasy. First, I was afraid of being named, and second, I was afraid of not being named. The reason why I am afraid of being named is that puppy love will affect learning more or less; I am afraid of not being named, which means that the child has no personal charm. If we trace the source of his lack of personal charm, he will always come to me. It shows that great heredity plays a decisive role. Because when I was in school, no girl ever liked me. At the most brilliant time, he served as a light bulb for two classmates. They took girls to swim and called me to be a lifeguard because my water was not good. But all afternoon they were lying on the wall of the swimming pool talking and laughing, and I had to swim around in the pool alone, like a lonely whale. Whales can also play with water jets.
  At the parent-teacher meeting, the teacher said that the wildfire of puppy love in the class was in full swing, and there were many pairs in the class. These pairs of students and parents, I have looked for them individually. Hearing this, my dangling heart was relieved, and I thought that when this idiot in the family became an adult, I must go to the park to pull a small advertisement to help him get married.
  ”Puppy love! I can understand this matter. High school life is boring, and I really don’t know how to handle it without falling in love. Every day I get up when the chicken doesn’t bark and the dog doesn’t bite, I don’t study day and night, and I brush questions every day. I can’t stand it. But when you think that there is a sweetheart in the school who is also there to suffer with you, do you feel a little empathetic? Do you feel refreshed?” Several parents listened and laughed softly.
  The teacher went on to say, “I’m not against puppy love, because I know that against it is invalid. Your opposition will only add fuel to the fire.” Early love, these can be regarded as the most destructive things in the world. If you don’t believe it, you can try to keep the volcano from erupting, or avoid earthquakes. Humans are sometimes stupid! I know that earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are uncontrollable, but I just want to Interfering with young people’s puppy love. It’s stupid! Then, should you give up your management of them and let them go? No, I have no such intention. We can use the energy of puppy love and transform it into learning! There is an example of ‘one gang, one pair of red’. The girl wanted to be admitted to a university in Beijing. The boy had average grades, but he studied hard so as not to be separated from her, and finally he was admitted to Beijing Institute of Technology. Like this There are many other cases in our school, so I won’t list them all. In short, I say these, so that everyone should not be afraid of puppy love. Volcano eruptions and volcanic ash can bring a year’s good harvest to the fields below the mountain. Divide it into two.”
  Now the class teachers in high school are very young, only in their early thirties. Because students arrive at school from 6:30 in the morning, the head teacher must accompany them all the way, until 9:00 in the evening, when the evening self-study ends. Older people can’t do it.
  The teacher’s attitude towards puppy love now is very different from when I was in school. At that time, the policy adopted by our teacher was: “It is better to make a thousand mistakes than to let one go.” When there is a sign, it must be smothered in the bud.
  Zhou Da nose in our class, he has such a big nose, Yang Yumin fell in love with him out of nowhere. Once Yang Yumin couldn’t help herself, she wrote a love letter to Zhou Da nose. But this fellow was puzzled, holding the letter and asking people everywhere, his hands were shaking. He said, “What should I do? What should I do?” Later, a classmate suggested that he give the letter to the teacher. The teacher had a gloomy face during the class. Yang Yumin was the representative of the physics class at the time. Our head teacher was the physics teacher, and Zhou Da nose was the scumbag in the class and belonged to the class’s “help object”. Even the teacher wondered how a top student like Yang Yumin would look at Zhou Zhou’s big nose. After class, the teacher asked Yang Yumin to collect the class workbook and send it to the office. After Yang Yumin came back, she threw her head on the table and cried. The English teacher couldn’t understand the situation, so she ordered her: “Why are you crying in class? Raise your head, don’t cry!” Yang Yumin still cried. Finally, the teacher asked her to go outside to cry, so she stood up and walked outside the classroom.
  After she left, she never returned to class. After a while, Yang Yumin’s mother led her to the school to go through the withdrawal procedures. After she went back, she took up her mother’s job and sold tickets on the bus. Later I saw her on the bus, and she tapped the ticket holder and shouted, “Buy a ticket! Buy a ticket! I also need to buy a ticket for large luggage.” She walked over to me, gave me a look, and lowered her head gone. Our head teacher felt very sorry for her. He said, “If Yang Yumin hadn’t been for that incident, he would have been admitted to the university. What a pity! I just said a few words to her, and she couldn’t hold her face anymore. Thinking that she can’t even go to school…” A
  teenage child’s self-esteem is so sensitive that an adult can’t imagine it. I think if the teacher’s way of handling it at that time was to call Zhou Da nose to give a lecture, not allow him to talk nonsense, and then make the matter bigger and smaller, it is estimated that Yang Yumin would later get his wish and become a doctor. . Her ideal at that time was to go to medical school and become a doctor. In short, the teachers at that time were quite rude in dealing with the problem of puppy love. Such beautiful things, when they came to them, turned into ill-behaved thoughts or problems of moral character.
  Once I picked up my son at the school gate for self-study at night, and saw a pair of good-looking boys and girls walking out of the school gate. The boy was about 1.8 meters tall, with bright eyebrows. He pointed to the bicycle and said, “Come on! I’ll give you a section.” The girl jumped lightly, sat on the rear rack, and then swayed a few times on purpose. The boy said, “Don’t make trouble! Don’t make trouble! The car is going to back up.” Then the two laughed happily. I stared at my son for a long time. I turned my head and said to my son, “How wonderful! I met the best person at the best age.” My son asked me, “Did you meet the best person when you were in school?” I shook my head: “No!” He said, “Alas! Poor. You are just as miserable as I am.”
  We chatted as we walked. I said, “No girl likes you, is there something wrong with your usual speech? You have to examine yourself.” He rolled his eyes at me and said, “I like to hate people, and this is also an ancestral tradition.” I said, “Don’t do that. Keep a low profile! The Hokkaido chocolate that your aunt brought me a few days ago disappeared without a bite. Did a burglar break into the house? Brother Bao in “A Dream of Red Mansions” hurriedly put it away when he heard what Sister Lin said he liked to eat. , give it to Sister Lin to eat. And the perfume that your Uncle Shen brought back from Paris, I don’t see anything like it, you are also filial to others, right?”
  He bowed his head and said after a while: “You are just here. It’s not good! People say ‘you can’t say it’, how have you been in the world for so many years? I want to say that you should be sad that I don’t have a girlfriend, but if you say yes, it doesn’t seem to be the case. Tell me Look, I go to so many cram schools, do you think I can persevere if there is no one to accompany me? That’s why we are sympathetic to each other. As for the kind of boyfriend and girlfriend you mentioned, I don’t think we are. She graduated from the class, and I went to the science department. There will be fewer opportunities to meet in the future, and the classmates will just send small gifts to each other.”
  I said, “It’s good if that’s the case. This love is like walking through a field of wheat. , you see you just landed, you can’t see one ear of wheat and think it is the best in the world, you have to go forward. There are many ears of wheat in front…” He said: “Go closer and look, They are all ears of wheat that have the owner. When you go back, the ear of wheat is gone, and it was cut into the basket by others. Besides, they are also in the wheat field! Do you see me like a full ear of wheat? “