Unspeakable “pain”

  The 54-year-old Sister Zhang has a sad face, and colleagues say that she has changed like a person in the past two years. Sister Zhang’s life is also very stable. Her son has left home to work in Shanghai. She and her husband have a very comfortable life.
  A few years ago, Sister Zhang began to enter menopause. After consulting a doctor, the doctor said: It is normal to enter menopause at this age. However, Sister Zhang has always had an unspeakable but unsurpassable hurdle.
Pain, the pain is too painful

  In the past two years, Sister Zhang has always felt dry in her lower body and felt pain from time to time. She can tolerate it at ordinary times, but once she has sex with her husband, the pain is unbearable.
  Not only the lower body pain, Sister Zhang often urinates frequently, urgency, and constantly goes to the toilet. At the same time, she suffers from low back pain and stomach ache. I went to the urology department for examination and was diagnosed with a serious urinary tract infection, which slowly improved after treatment.
  Sister Zhang originally thought that the pain in her lower body was a short-term phenomenon, but after one or two years passed, she has not been relieved, and her cheerful personality has also become depressed.
Half of menopausal women will have pain

  Sister Zhang finally came to the Sandun District of Zhejiang Hospital at the suggestion of a friend. In the office of the deputy chief physician Zhou Jinhong of the Department of Gynecology, Sister Zhang was very embarrassed. Feeling uncomfortable.” Director Zhou understood when he heard these simple words from Sister Zhang. She comforted Sister Zhang: “You are a typical menopausal symptom. This feeling is very uncomfortable. It is not you alone. Half of menopausal women will have similar pain. Don’t worry, don’t be embarrassed. “Eldest Sister Zhang relieved her whole heart when she heard these few words.
  Zhou Jinhong said that menopause is the natural physiological process of every woman. As the level of estrogen decreases, vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse among menopausal women, causing unpleasant intercourse, are common symptoms in menopausal women. If this situation is serious, Some, the pain is more severe. It is estimated that about half of menopausal women suffer from pain during intercourse. In fact, for this situation, timely treatment can improve the quality of life of women and their sexual partners.
  ”Many menopausal women don’t have enough awareness on the one hand, and on the other hand they find it difficult to speak up. They don’t take the initiative to seek medical treatment, but they suffer a lot.” Director Zhou said. She carried out systemic treatment for Sister Zhang, and soon, the symptoms of Sister Zhang’s pain were relieved. “Look, if you have symptoms, come to see a doctor earlier, so you don’t have to suffer from these things. If you have any problems next time, see a doctor in time.” Director Zhou explained to Sister Zhang.
Repeated urinary tract infections

  In addition to the unspeakable aspects of sexual life, urinary tract infections are also a “big problem” for many menopausal women. According to statistics, the average age of Chinese women at menopause is 49.5 years old. After a long period of time after menopause, most women will experience some symptoms caused by the lack of estrogen caused by the decline of ovarian function.
  Director Zhou said that in addition to reproductive organs such as the uterus and vagina, estrogen receptors are also distributed in the bladder and urethra. The estrogen secreted by the ovaries can maintain the acidic environment of women’s vaginas and make it difficult for bacteria to multiply. However, with the advent of menopause, especially after menopause, the level of estrogen drops off a cliff, dropping to 5% of the normal level. The urogenital epithelial cells that have lost their nutrition shrink, and the vagina will pull the urethral orifice inward, which can easily cause inflammation. At the same time, the reduction of estrogen will make the pH value of the vagina and surrounding area more alkaline, and it is easy to breed bacteria. Various reasons make menopausal women more prone to urinary tract infections.
  When a urinary tract infection occurs, many women will choose to go to the urology department for treatment. Generally, doctors will give antibiotics, but antibiotics can not cure the symptoms and can not solve the fundamental problem of low estrogen. If you are in menopause and have repeated urinary tract infections, you can seek help from a gynecologist.
Scientifically supplement estrogen

  Hormones play an important role in different stages of a woman’s life. In particular, the supplementation of exogenous hormones can not only improve various diseases caused by lack of hormones, but also can be used to treat diseases caused by hormone imbalances. For example, it can be used to regulate menstruation and infertility treatment during the reproductive period; it can be used to improve various menopausal symptoms and prevent long-term harm at the beginning of menopause; in addition, it can be used to treat gynecological endocrine diseases at all stages of a woman’s life.
  Women generally enter early menopause at the age of 45. With the improvement of modern living standards, women can live to an average life expectancy of 80 years. If 45 years old enter menopause and 50 years old menopause, women will spend about 1/3 of their time in menopause and menopause. However, 25-30 years of life and life are affected by menopausal-related symptoms. Therefore, menopausal health care and hormone therapy are particularly important for women.
  ”Decreased or fluctuating hormone levels are the culprit of various symptoms of menopause. Therefore, the most effective and comprehensive way to solve various symptoms of menopause is to supplement estrogen.” Director Zhou especially emphasized that menopausal hormone therapy is a medical measure. It must be carried out under the guidance of professional doctors, and long-term follow-up is required. If there is discomfort during menopause, go to the gynecology department as soon as possible for standardized treatment.