The world’s loneliest frog “off the list”

With the help of scientists, after ten years of being single, Romeo, the world’s loneliest frog, finally has a “girlfriend.”

Romeo, 11, lives in the Alcide de Obigni Natural History Museum in Bolivia, and was once considered the world’s only remaining West Winks water frog.

The museum has been working hard for Romeo to find a mate in order to continue this species. But the task is urgent: the average life span of this frog is 15 years.

Last year’s public marriage call made it widely known. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that eco-environmentalists found a spouse for it on the well-known dating website “Look for my Juliet”, and its “files” showed “unmarried”, “no child”, and “desperately want children.” “. This amphibian with big eyes is beginning to win the attention of the whole world.

Fortunately, the zoologist Teresa led a team in the deep forests of Bolivia and found two males, two females and four West Winks water frogs. Named “Juliet”.

On Valentine’s Day this year, scientists will arrange a blind date for Romeo and Juliet.

Incredible egg
Recently, an egg has spread all over the world.

This ordinary, unshelled egg first appeared on Instagram on January 4th, and it looks just like other eggs.

But judging from its release account name “world_record_egg”, it is destined to be extraordinary.

“Let’s create a world record together and make this the most liked picture on Instagram.” The account wrote. The previous record was 18 million, belonging to Kylie Jenner, the youngest daughter of the Kardashian family, the number one Internet celebrity in the United States. In the picture, Jenna held her daughter’s little hand, very warm, and at the same time, she announced her daughter’s name.

At first, many people thought that the road to transcendence of an egg would not be so easy. However, I did not expect that netizens once again bought a boring account: as of the morning of January 18, this egg had received 47.83 million likes.

Why an egg that can only be regarded as an egg will become the most popular entry ever on the human’s largest social networking site for pictures, and it took such a short time. Who is it, and for what purpose, designed this egg to break social media records? “The New York Times” said that there is no clue for the time being, and other media have not discovered it.

The post office sells wine to generate income
According to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in mid-January, Russia’s local post office has made a change for revenue generation-selling beer.

A Russian who came to the northern Murmansk post office first discovered this phenomenon. “Originally thought that the Russian Post could no longer be low, but the facts proved that they can.” He said on social networking sites. A bottle of beer is priced at 135 rubles (about 13.8 yuan).

On Russian social networking sites, many people commented in a humorous way: “At least you won’t be bored when you line up.” “How about selling condoms and cigarettes?” “Is kebabs far away?”

The Murmansk postal department bluntly responded that 40 post offices have begun selling “low-alcohol beverages” to increase revenue.

Soon, this became national news. Russia’s postal press secretary Schidan stated that there will be 3,200 post offices selling beer across the country.

But income is not the only goal. Schidan said: “It is mainly in rural areas where people can drink high-quality alcoholic beverages. This is very important-1,200 people die every year because of drinking low-quality alcohol.”

In recent years, the Russian post office has faced pressures for modernization and profitability. People often complain about inefficiency and mail stolen.

Not even breathing
“The air that Americans breathe is unequal.” In mid-March, USA Today wrote.

A new study quantifies the racial gap in breathing air for the first time: White people cause most of the air pollution, while minorities inhale most of the polluted air.

The research report shows that compared with the pollution caused, the pollution level of African Americans is 56% higher than that of Hispanics, which is 63%; at the same time, compared with the pollution caused by them, the pollution level of non-Latin Americans is higher. The pollution level of the air breathed by whites of descent is 17% lower.

“On average, whites usually consume more than minorities. This is caused by wealth differences,” said Jason Hill, one of the report’s authors. In addition, the report also warned that poor air quality poses the greatest environmental health risks to Americans. Every year, more people die from air pollution than car accidents and murders combined.