The voice behind

  Xiaohe is a voice actor who has dubbed the heroines of many popular film and television dramas. However, the income of voice actors is too low.
  On this day, Xiaohe’s cell phone rang, and he was a voice director. He wanted to ask her to voice the heroine of a costume drama.
  Xiaohe said lightly: “Sorry! I want to change my career!” After speaking, he had to hang up.
  The director quickly said: “Do you know who the starring of this show is? The famous Bei Xiaoyue! Haven’t you dubbed her before? She is very satisfied and appointed you to do it!”
  Xiaohe smiled slightly: ” Bei Xiaoyue? Is an episode of a big star with a salary of 500,000? Since she has the ability to act, she can do her own voice! I really don’t want to do it!” After speaking, she hung up the phone in a hurry. It’s no wonder that Xiaohe is mentally unbalanced. He is also an actor, and his treatment behind the reception desk is worse than 100 times.
  That day, a strange phone number dialed Xiaohe:. “? I ask Tony Satsuki, it is sister Xiao He”
  Xiao He froze: “What …… what, Tony Satsuki?”
  Phone , Bei Xiaoyue said with a smile: “Sister Xiaohe, I really like your voice too much, can you make it
  easy ?” Xiaohe was a little flattered. The tone softened: “This…this, I am also very embarrassed…”
  Bei Xiaoyue is empathetic: “You must agree! From now on, I will ask you to dub every drama, how about giving you the highest pay? ”
  Speaking of which, I have already given Zu Xiaohe face. Xiaohe’s heart moved: “Okay, I promised! But, there is something for you to help…”
  It turned out that Xiaohe knew that the actors were paid well, and he was not bad, so he hoped to be in Bei Xiaoyue’s new Play a small role in the play.
  Bei Xiaoyue promised in full mouth: “No problem! I’ll tell the director, I’ll give you an answer tomorrow!”
  Xiaohe was overjoyed when he heard this: “Great! I’ll wait for your news!”
  The next day, Bei Xiaoyue called and said that he had secured the role of a maid for Xiaohe. The screenwriter temporarily added drama, Xiaohe played in 3 episodes, and the pay was 8,000 yuan per episode. Xiao He was dumbfounded: I didn’t expect that a maid’s salary would be several times that of her own voice.
  After that, Xiaohe entered the crew and filmed the part of the maidservant. The play of Bei Xiaoyue has been finished, so the two still haven’t seen it.
  Finally, the TV series entered post-production, Xiaohe fulfilled his promise and dubbed the female No.1 Bei Xiaoyue. After finishing his work, the director said: “Xiaohe, you have to do the dubbing of the maid.” Xiaohe smiled: “Of course!” The
  strange thing is that after Xiaohe sat down, he faced himself on the monitor. The picture of the movie is always unable to enter the state, either the wrong line is said, or the emotional expression is not in place.
  Later, even the director became anxious: “Xiaohe, what’s wrong with you? Dubbing is your strong point? On weekdays, can’t you change different voices? This time, just use your own voice. It’s
  okay !” Xiaohe looked helpless: “Director, I…I don’t know what’s wrong? Suddenly I can’t find my voice! When I see my acting scene, I feel awkward!”
  After that, Xiaohe tried. Many times, I just couldn’t get into the state and had to give up. She made an appointment with the director to record again in two days.
  After returning home, Xiao He closed his eyes and lay quietly on the bed. In my mind, every picture I took came up again and again.
  The strange thing is that these pictures are silent, like a pantomime performed by Chaplin. However, when switching to the picture of Bei Xiaoyue, Xiaohe’s lines immediately blurted out, and the expression of emotion was appropriate.
  Early the next morning, Xiaohe called the director: “I’m sorry! I still can’t dub!” The
  director thought for a while and said, “It’s okay, I’ll find someone else to match it.”
  Xiaohe shook his head and said, “I.” I’m a professional voice actor, looking for someone else’s voice? Isn’t this a big joke? I can’t be looked down upon. Director, I’m not suitable to be an actor, please delete all my scenes…”
  Putting down the phone, Xiaohe looked relaxed. Perhaps, being a voice actor, giving second life to the character in front of the camera, is what I really like to do. Although earning a small amount, it is more important to feel at ease than anything else.