The “unsocial” in the workplace is not so scary

  The troubles that work brings us are often outside the work content. For example, when you go to the pantry during a break, a few colleagues of Tan Xing Zhengnong collectively silenced as soon as they saw you come in; at departmental dinners, you eat quietly without toasting everywhere, and the boss slapped the shoulders earnestly and said, “You are not like this. It’s not okay to be in a group, you have to integrate into the group to make progress”…
  Whether or not to force yourself to integrate into the team or the group in the workplace is a question of different opinions.
  Some people have long sleeves and are good at dancing, and socializing is where their value and sense of accomplishment lies; some people love to get together, integrate into the group, and be consistent with most people, which can bring him a sense of security. But there are also such people in the workplace. They like simplicity and just want to focus on doing things. They don’t want to spend their time and energy on complicated interpersonal relationships; they may be “workplace students” who are skilled in technology and interact with people. Just nervous.
  Why are some people afraid of being “unsocial”? Because in a traditional society with low productivity, Baotuan can survive better. Compared to highlighting the individual, our society itself pays more attention to grouping. In such a large environment, it is easier for individuals to unconsciously move closer to the collective.
  Does integration into the collective mean safety? In fact, not all. For people who are not good at socializing, “striving to be part of the group” not only makes him nervous and anxious, but it may also bring him a lot of trouble and right and wrong, and even lose himself for this.
  There is an animated short film “You who are not in the same group, the way you try to blend in is distressing”, which tells a small triangle that in order to integrate into different groups, it constantly changes its shape, and each change superimposes a new look. After many changes, it became a spliced ​​four different images, but was rejected by various groups. After that, it collapsed beyond recognition and broke into many small pieces. Although in the end every new small piece was accepted by similar groups, it might be a question mark if it is still not it.
  With the growth of my workplace experience, and after seeing all kinds of people and things, I streamlined most of my social interactions and focused my energy on the improvement of professional skills. The first party I had cooperated with mentioned my team, only four Words: Reliable and easy to use. As for personal personalities, personal hobbies, and whether or not things will come, these are not important. After all, in the modern workplace, simple and efficient, just talk about work results, performance is the last word.
  The best social networking in the workplace is that the friendship between gentlemen is as watery as water, and they can collaborate with others to complete the work normally, and do not hinder the team. All other things are the icing on the cake. Respect the true will of your heart, find your own rhythm, establish your inner order, focus your time and energy on important things, keep learning and growing, and improve yourself. You will gradually find that you don’t join meaningless meals, plastic tea parties, The gossip afternoon tea has no impact on life, and the refreshing and refreshing interpersonal relationship is really full and joyful.
  Even if you still can’t enjoy walking alone, you don’t have to be afraid of being out of group. It doesn’t matter if you don’t integrate. The world is so big, there are always some people who don’t exist to integrate into the collective.