The “unemployed” husband

Xia July is an executive in the private sector, her husband Wu Dong is working in the state-owned enterprises, the two usually work very busy.

Recently, Xia July found that her husband had a problem: Udon often couldn’t sleep at night, like he had something on his mind, and whenever it came to spending money, he had always been generous and became stingy …… Udon still left early and returned late every day, but all the signs made Xia July more and more worried: her husband was likely to lose his job!

Early this morning, Xia July saw Wudong out the door, knowing that he was going to the underground garage to pick up the car, so he grabbed the time to slip outside the neighborhood and get into a cab. As soon as Wudong’s car left the neighborhood, the cab quietly followed it.

Xia July secretly observed that Wu Dong was really not driving to the unit, but chose an unfamiliar route, it seems he really has a problem. At this time, a fashionable cafe appeared on the roadside ahead, Wudong parked his car outside, got out and walked straight in. Xia July froze, got out of the cab, and quietly rushed over.

Xia July hid outside the window and looked inside, only to see Wudong sitting alone, with a coffee cup and a cell phone on the small table, he was drinking coffee and playing with his cell phone, looking bored. Xia July suddenly realized: it is often said on the Internet that when someone loses his job and is afraid of worrying about his family, he pretends to continue working, but in fact he goes to the cafe to mix time.

Thinking of this, Xia July’s nose got a little sour. To confirm this suspicion, she took a few steps away and dialed Udon’s cell phone and asked, “Honey, I have something to do and want to go to your unit to look for you.” As expected, Wu Dong immediately made an excuse, saying that he was out talking to a client today and would wait until he got home.

Xia July shook her head with a bitter smile and hung up the phone. She saw a shopping mall next to the cafe, so she planned to go shopping first. When Xia July came out of the mall and looked inside the cafe, she was shocked: Udon was still sitting in the same place, but there was a beautiful lady sitting across from her, and they were talking, and the intimate look was not at all like a first meeting! Xia July stood still for a long time, did this guy not only lost his job, but also had someone outside?

Xia July redialed the phone and asked coldly, “Who are you talking to, it’s not a beautiful woman, right?” She didn’t want to hear any more and hung up the phone.

She didn’t want to hear anymore and hung up. Her husband lied one after another, Xia July felt her brain was blank, and she wanted to take a taxi to leave with tears streaming down her face. The cafe he mentioned was this one, and Xia July thought, “That’s good, let’s talk about it face to face.

Xia July waited around for a while and walked into the cafe as if she had just arrived. Udon ordered two simple meals, but Xia July had no appetite and was about to question him, when the pretty lady from before came towards her with a smile on her face and a plate in her hand. The two of them were acting in front of themselves. These two are still acting in front of themselves? When the lady came over and put down the dinner plate, Xia July smiled coldly and said, “Or, let you two eat this meal!” The lady was stunned, and Wu Dong was even more surprised, he thought about it and slapped the table, “I said what the hell is going on, can’t you be stalking me?” The three people were frozen in place.

The lady looked at the two people in front of her and seemed to understand, she smiled and explained, “My name is Julie, I am the manager of this cafe, you must not misunderstand.” Udon said with good humor and amusement: “I’m really waiting for a customer here, but people can’t come temporarily, the boss lady came over to talk to me and ask for advice, can’t you?”

So, Udon is neither unemployed nor looking for a new lover? But why didn’t he explain clearly on the phone? Xia July is still half-hearted: “I don’t believe it, you two are obviously talking so happily ……” Who knows Udon smiled wryly: “That’s because there are beautiful women to see later.” As he was talking, he saw several beautiful young girls come over and sit at the adjacent table.

What is this? Xia July was just about to have a fit when she heard Julie say, “The pretty girls are invited to watch together – I’m asking a favor of you.” It turned out that the coffee shop wanted to promote its new products through live webcast, and Julie was preparing to interview the anchors, and just now Udon had made a lot of good suggestions, so Julie invited him to join her as a gatekeeper.

Here, the anchors have set up their phones and started a round of simulated live broadcast. After watching, Udon exclaimed, “The anchors are young and pretty, they’re all pretty good!” I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but when Xia July heard it, she was stimulated again, she stood up and said, “Let me try!” Xia July usually also loves to watch live, although age is not advantageous, but she has the experience in charge of sales in the company, still can not kill these rash young ah?

Julie was surprised and happy, and immediately encouraged her to have a segment. Xia July sat down, quickly browsed through the information, remembered the selling points of the new coffee, thought about it for a while, and then started to simulate a live broadcast to the camera. As expected, Xia July was calm and knowledgeable, and her words were relevant, and she seemed to have captured the characteristics and needs of the cafe’s customers. Her improvisation was so good that Julie and Udon were both amazed.

Julie was very satisfied and said to Xia July, “Let’s do it together, I think highly of you!” Zhu Li said that the cafe was not long established and live broadcast would be the most important promotion tool in the future, so Xia July could not only sign a long-term contract, but also become a shareholder and start a business together.

Xia July was a little surprised and a little hesitant: “But, I ……”

When Udon saw this, he said he still had to rush back to his unit, and the two of them would discuss it at home, so he pulled up Xia July and left.

In the evening, when Udon returned home from work, Xia July had already set up a table of dishes, she first apologized for today’s tracking, and then raised her glass of red wine: “Honey, I want to announce a decision.” She confessed that she had actually lost her job a long time ago, the company was forced to lay off staff due to market reasons, and she, a senior executive, bore the brunt of it. Previously, Xia July did not want to worry Udon and tried to disguise herself every day, but today Julie’s invitation moved her and she decided to accept it. Udon pretended to be surprised, but in his heart, he was already happy.

It turns out that it was Udon who first saw that there was something wrong with the other side. Udon noticed that Xia July has changed recently. She used to be a workaholic, but recently she has been taking time off from work from time to time, her home has become more and more tidy, and she has even fallen in love with raising flowers and baking …… Udon realizes that his wife is probably unemployed. The two also plan to have a child, so the economic pressure can not be small, so Udon began to save money, worrying about sleep at night, but did not expect to create the illusion that Xia July also lost his job.

Udon knows that Xia July has a strong character, so he can’t say anything about it for the time being. It so happened that one day, Wudong saw a message from her high school friend, Julie, who was preparing to open a cafe and wanted to find a partner to start a business together. Udon’s heart moved, this may be a good opportunity to help Xia July career transformation, so after a detailed discussion with Julie, he decided to also take out savings into the shares, the cafe operation is mainly responsible for Julie.

This matter Udon has not yet told Xia July, he wants to find the right time. Today Wudong went to the cafe without waiting for customers, and then discussed with Julie about the recruitment of anchors, who found that Xia July was following him, Wudong had a bright idea, right now is a good opportunity? He was so excited that she volunteered to try her hand at live broadcasting, and Julie was very happy with her.

At this time, Xia July suddenly changed his tone and asked: “Tell me honestly, what is your relationship with the owner of the cafe? Was this matter premeditated?”

Udon was surprised: “How did you see that?” Xia July smiled and said, “Still want to hide it from me? From the time you entered the cafe to the time we left together, I didn’t see you pay the bill!”

Udon wiped his sweat, it seems that he also has to confess properly.